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Mourning In Real Time: Reactions to Cancellation

There have been a diverse range of reactions to the news that the show has been cancelled and will not return four a Ninth Season.

Many of you in the comments are very disappointed, while others are obviously sad that the show is coming to an end (atleast on TV)…

I am mourning 24 in real time.” – Damon Lindelof (Co-creator of Lost)

Others are slightly more philosophical about the cancellation…

I think it’s time myself. I have loved this show for years but even I can tell its time has come.” – Melia (

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“24” Cancelled On TV But The Movie May Still Happen

Twitter continues to be the hottest tool for disseminating information these days.

Not long after Jon Cassar, Rodney Charters and Mary-Lynn Rajskub broke the news about 24’s run ending after 8 seasons (see the article below), news about the movie have been twittered.

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Breaking News : 24 Cancelled According to Jon Cassar

It’s probably rather fitting that we can pin point to the minute when news broke that 24 was cancelled. Almost exactly 25 minutes ago Jon Cassar (former Executive Producer/Director Seasons 1 – 7) posted the following on his twitter page…

News from the 24 set,the crew has been told that 24 has come to an end. There will b no season 9. Its been a great run, thanx all 4 watching

It seems highly unlikely that Jon would post such news if he wasn’t 100% sure, although it would appear that the crew was only told the news today because Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) posted the following about 8 hours ago…

we haven’t been officially told anything about the fate of 24

Previously Mary Lynn had posted that production had begun on episodes 23 & 24 of the Eighth Season.

There still remains the possibility of a film in the future i’d assume, however a Ninth Season on either Fox or NBC isn’t going to happen.

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More Casting & Other News

I’m still mulling over the results of the spoiers poll, but its hard as the results were quite spread out. Until i’ve decided upon a new spoiler policy i’m going to be careful.

So some there is new casting news which broke in the last day or two which you can read about at the link below.

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Also other news of note today came direct into my inbox. Jon Cassar has sent out the message to help promote a charity event called “Lights, Camera, Auction – Take 10!”. More details follow below.

I personally promise that this event will be the biggest 24 actor reunion ever held. We will have more items to sell than any other auction, including set visits, and walk ons. Please support us in this venture as it will be our 10th and last of its kind.

The charities need the money and this year the Stroke Association is close to our heart, Exec producer Howard Gordon being a member of their board.

MPICA® is pleased to announce that registration for “Lights, Camera,
Auction – Take 10!” October 5-7, 2007 in Los Angeles is now open.Our recipient charities will be the Actors Fund of Canada and the
Stroke Association of Southern California.

To register, please go to the LCA 10 page at
for links to the registration page and hotel reservation information.

Please check the web site for more information on the auction and
other featured weekend activities.

Our preliminary guest list is:

Jayne Atkinson “Karen Hayes” 24
Xander Berkeley – “George Mason” 24 / “Sheriff Rory Atwater” CSI
Paul Blackthorne “Stephen Saunders” 24 / “Harry Dresden” The Dresden Files
Jesse Borrego – “Gael Ortega” 24
Nancy Cartwright – “Voice of Bart Simpson” The Simpsons
Sarah Clarke – “Nina Myers” 24
David Fury – Writer/Co-Executive Producer Buffy/ Angel/ Lost/ 24
Howard Gordon, Executive Producer 24
Torri Higginson – “Dr. Elizabeth Weir” Stargate: Atlantis
Leslie Hope – “Teri Bauer” 24
Gregory Itzin – “President Charles Logan” 24
Carlo Rota “Morris O’Brian” 24

[plus more from various other shows]

Also included in the email was a link to Jon Cassar’s new personal website, which includes 24 news from inside and a very “day in a life” post.

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News From Comic Con Panel

For the first time in the shows history, they’ve had a panel at Comic Con, and more interesting opinions about series 6 from the writers themselves, and details about series 7 have emerged or been confirmed. Some none spoilery bits from the various coverage on the internet below, follow links for more spoilery info.

All four producers agreed that season 6 was a disappointment, a turnaround from the FOX executives who defended the quality of the latest season earlier this week at the Television Critics Association press tour … About Charles Logan, they reassured fans that unless you see someone die, they’re probably not dead … In regards to the idea of a 24 movie, the producers were rather candid.  They will most likely do it after the final season, otherwise there would be a compromise and they would have to outsource either the show or the film, as they couldn’t handle both.  As for the format, they said the first hour would be just like a regular movie, but that the real-time format would kick in about half-way through … The producers desperately wanted to cast Donald Sutherland as Jack’s father last season, but couldn’t get the deal to work.

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There was also a little tidbit which got some people very excited, though it wasn’t the first we’ve heard this rumour on the internet, which first emerged near the end of last season. A detailed article on it follows.

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Jon Cassar Interviewed

With almost 50 hours of 24 to his name, Jon Cassar has experienced six of the longest days of his life over the past six years. As a director and executive producer of Fox’s seminal action-adventure show, he’s guided Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) through more hair-raising adventures than most TV characters currently on the air.But Cassar wouldn’t have it any other way. 24 is an experience he notes is unlike any other and with a 24 feature film on the boards, Jack Bauer’s long days don’t appear to be ending any time soon.

Cassar, who also released a book on the series 24: BEHIND THE SCENES, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with iF Magazine to discuss Season Six, Jack’s never-ending journey and the status of the 24 movie.

Interview with Jon Cassar, covering all the obvious topics. Some of his answers have been floating around the internet for a little while, others I guess nobody has bothered to ask until now.

source : – casting spoilers and possible plot spoilers

24: The Movie

“The last I heard, the first hour will not be in real-time, but then something big will happen and real time will kick in. It still has to be worked out — it’s at a stage where they need to write it.”

That quote is from Director and Producer Jon Cassar, that appeared in the Calgary Sun Newspaper today. The article goes on to talk about the possibilities for the film and the overall success of the show. This is so far the only vaguely official word about a movie that we’ve had so it’s far from definite, but it’s highly unlikely that Jon has his wires crossed or is over emphasising the possibility, but it looks like it’s still far off if it does happen.

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