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Day One

“It never should never have worked. There was no way it could work.”

“It’s too early for a summary judgment, of course, and maybe other reviewers have just seen more of the series than I have. It certainly has its hooks in me; let’s see where we go from here.”

“The tagline for BBC America is “advanced viewers only.” The same could be said of 24, the challenging and gripping espionage series that debuted on Fox last year. Pushing the envelope of the television-series format, the show takes place in real time, with an ominous digital clock ticking down the seconds.”

“A bare package, yes, but with such a decent programme out so promptly – and at such a reasonable price, when compared to the equivalent ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ releases – it’s certainly no reason to complain.”

“Many of you out there will have heard a lot about this but baulked at the price tag. All I can say to persuade you is that this is probably the best TV show ever to come out on DVD and worth every penny – if you only watch the series once you will get value for money.”

“I’m recommending this product because 24 makes for compulsively watchable viewing even when it stinks. The red herrings make it unpredictable even if many of the twists defy logic. The editing is masterful and Stephen Hopkins, who directed most of the episodes, did an excellent job moving the story along. I’ve almost forgiven him for The Ghost and the Darkness even if I’ll never forgive him for the Lost In Space movie.”

“If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll probably want to pick this collection up. You’ll be frustrated by the lack of attention the show received during its DVD treatment, as I was, but at bottom you’ll want the set for the episodes, not the effluvia. If you haven’t seen the series, or missed episodes and stopped watching, rent or borrow it to make sure the show suits you before sinking serious green.”

Day Two

“24 can assume that most everyone knows something about its “groundbreaking” aspects, its “real-time,” hour-long episodes; split screens; restless camera angles and mobility; topical terrorist plotlines”

“it uses the story and the characters to build incredible amounts of tension and anticipation, all while telling a tight, believable story”

“On the strength of its season opener, it’s a safe bet that “24” will have a better second season than its first.”

“Ten episodes in, “24” is without question the best show on TV”

“A new style of television series was proposed a couple of years ago. It would be set over the period of a day, shown in real time and mainly following the activities of one character. Each hour of the day represented by an episode, the plan was to make a total of twenty four episodes. It didn’t sound that impressive at the time”

“24 is quite simply the most thrilling and innovative show that is on television right now”

“This smart and often gripping mix of suspense and drama immediately drew me in….I am particularly impressed by how this series is unafraid of occasionally slowing down to develop characters with a little more depth than might be expected in a typical episodic television show”

“Hopefully, we would not notice that nobody in the show ever takes a bathroom break, eats a meal, or takes more than ten minutes to drive anywhere in Los Angeles”

“Audiences and critics loved it. Season 2 is a worthy successor with another story told over the course of another VERY stressful day in the life of CTU (counter-terrorism unit) agent Jack Bauer”

“When I found out that Fox planned to use the exact same cast for the second season of 24 I was skeptical.”

Day Three

“The few weak moments may bring down “24” as a show, but it still is better than most things on television these days. Still, one can’t help but wonder if these lacking moments of “24” mean the show can only survive this format for so long.”

“Season three isn’t quite as strong as the first and second seasons of the show, but Sutherland still remains a very strong anchor. There are also other solid performances here, including Bernard and his character’s relationship with co-worker Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth). Haysbert is once again offers a marvelous performance as Palmer.”

“What I like about the show is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t. It does deal with utilitarian questions such as is it justified to murder one man if it means saving millions? It also addresses the tough choices that good men (even Presidents) have to make. But it doesn’t dwell on it too much. Just when you think it’s getting philosophical, something gets blown up and we’re back into the action again.”

“Sure there are episodes that flounder, and plotlines that disappoint, but taken in the context of what the producers put together each season—a cinematic action movie spread over 24 episodes!—these occasional flubs can be forgiven.”

“I love this season of 24 because it doesn’t flinch from putting the characters in dangerous, and sometimes deadly (as in mortal, they never come back) situations.”

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