Day Two Episode Guides

8AM – 9AM – When terrorists threaten to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles, President Palmer calls very reluctant CTU agent Jack Bauer back from inactive status

9AM – 10AM – As Palmer tries to keep rumours from spreading, Jack goes undercover with Joe Wald’s gang, Kim tries to keep Megan away from Gary, and Kate tries to get more information on Reza.

10AM – 11AM – As Jack and Wald’s gang prepare to blow up the CTU, Kim goes to CTU for help; Mason takes a dangerous detour on his way out of town; Kate’s suspicions of Reza escalate.

11AM – 12PM – Jack finds Joe Wald; Kim rushes Megan to a hospital after she suffers a seizure; Palmer learns of Rayburn’s misdeeds; and Bob casts doubt on Kate’s suspicions of Reza.

12PM – 1PM – Jack returns to the CTU and lobbies to be allowed to interrogate Nina; Palmer exchanges security information with a midder eastern Ambassador; Tohny questions Reza; and Kim tries to figure out how to save Megan.

1PM – 2PM – Jack interrogates Nina; Palmer learns someone has ordered a military evacuation without his approval; Kim steels Megan from the hospital; Reza gives Tony some surprising information.

2PM – 3PM – Jack flies with Nina to Visalia; Palmer’s staff has a hard time accepting Sherry; Kim and Miguel start their drive to northern California; Mason orders Tony to bring Reza and Bob in for questioning.

3PM – 4PM – Nina helps Jack get information from Faheen; the drivers of the bomb van run into problems; Kate searches her father’s computer files; Sherry orders to help Palmer with the reporter he’s sequestering, Kim is arrested for Carla’s murder.

4PM – 5PM – Jack and Nina’s plane crashes; Tony discovers Mason’s secret; Mason pits Reza against Bob to discover which of them has ties to the terrorist; Palmer thinks about how to deal with Welland’s news broadcast.

5PM – 6PM – Palmer helps Jack get away from Nina; Jack learns the commandos who attacked him may have been sent by the NSA; Kim and Miguel try to get away from the police; Mason sinks into nostalgia as his time grows short; Reza helps CTU agents search Bob’s computer files.

6PM – 7PM – Jack and Kate go to a mosque to look for Syed Ali; Mason and Tony learn Marie shot Reza; Kim hides from the police in the woods; Palmer arrests Stanton and brings in a torture specialist to question him.

7PM – 8PM – Jack interrogates Syed Ali; Kate learns of Marie’s involvement; Lynne learns of Sherry’s connection to Stanton; Kim is rescued by a hunter in the woods.

8PM – 9PM – Jack arrives at the airfield and locates the bomb; Kim takes refuge with a survivalist; Stanton reveals that he’s had a special operations team tracking the bomb for several weeks.

9PM – 10PM – Jack finds Marie and questions her about the bomb; Mason leaves the CTU; Palmer confronts Sherry about her involvement with Stanton’s plan; Kim realizes McCrae has tricked her.

10PM – 11PM – Jack goes on a suicide mission to detonate the bomb in a safe desert location; Palmer plots crisis management strategy; Kim hitches a ride away from McCrae’s cabin.

11PM – 12AM – Jack joins Michelle in trying to prove the authenticity of Ali’s incriminating recording before Palmer can launch World War 3; Kim is involved in a scuffle at a convenience store that signals the beginnings of mass panic at the bomb blast.

12AM – 1AM – Jack joins forces with Yusuf and turns Kate over to the missing Coral Snake commando; Kim escapes the convenience store; Palmer refuses to go ahead with his war plans until he gets Jacks ruling on whether or not evidence aginst the three Middle Eastern countries is genuine.

1AM – 2AM – Jack, Yusuf, Wallace and Kate escape the warehouse assault, Kim turns herself in to the police; Palmer deals with growing anti-Arab riots in Georgia.

2AM – 3AM – A team of commados goes after Jack to get the data chip containing evidence about the faked recordings; the plot amoung Palmer’s staff is finally revealed; Michelle reveals the source of the tensions between her and Carrie.

3AM – 4AM – Jack escapes the commandos with the help of a sympathetic doctor; Kate tries to buy the computer chip back from her assailants; Palmer becomes suspicious of vice president Prescott.

4AM – 5AM – Palmer faces a competency hearing by his vice president Prescott and the Cabinet; Jack follows a new lead on the Cyprus recording; Kim returns to the Mathesons’ house to collect her things.

5AM – 6AM – Jack questions Sherry Palmer and the man who faked the Cyprus recording; Chappelle relives Tony of his CTU duties; and Kim has another confrontation with her abusive employer.

6AM – 7AM – When Jack’s plans to return Alex Hewitt to the CTU fail, he turns to Sherry Palmer for help; Tony and Michelle are caught trying to help Jack; Palmer helps Prescott secure Turkish air-space for U.S. warplanes.

7AM – 8AM – As Jack and Sherry head to their final confrontation with Peter Kingsley, Novick receives new evidence about Kingsley and orders the CTU to aid Jack’s efforts.

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