12AM – 1AM

12:00 A.M. – Jack takes Kate to the CTU garage. She stops him to inquire about what is going on. “Do you trust me?” he asks. She does, and gets in his car. Meanwhile, Carrie finds Tony trying to lift himself from the ground where he fell and injured his ankle. He warns her to notify security. The guard doesn’t get the information in time, allowing Jack and Kate to escape from the complex. Jack explains to her that a world war may be started over phony evidence. The man who claims to have forged this evidence wants Kate for some unknown reason. Jack has no other choice but to use her because he is running out of time and options.

12:04 A.M. – Carrie lets Tony know that Jack got out. She has already notified both the LAPD and FBI. Carrie then says that she thinks Michelle was helping Jack because she distracted another agent so that he could get to Kate.

12:05 A.M. – Palmer, Lynne and Novick disembark Air Force One in Los Angeles and get into a waiting limousine. Lynne connects Palmer to Vice President Jim Prescott who is in Washington. Prescott informs the President that he will be meeting with the British ambassador and that he plans to tell him about the U.S. preparing to retaliate for the nuclear bomb. Palmer asks Prescott to refrain because there may not be an attack. Although there is possibility that the evidence might be false, Prescott thinks it is too late for them to turn back on military action. Yet Palmer is adamant about his decision. After he hangs up, both Novick and Lynne express their reservations to the President about letting the fate of the country hang on Jack Bauer.

12:07 A.M. – At the convenience store, Kim tries to stop the bleeding in Davies’ chest. She appeals to Garcia to give himself up to the police. He is terrified. Suddenly, Davies stiffens. Kim attempts CPR, but Davies dies.

12:09 A.M. – As he drives towards a warehouse in Studio City to deliver Kate, Jack notices that he is being trailed. He turns the car into an alley, and the other car follows. Jack pulls his gun on the driver. It is Yusuf. After he watched Jack take down Tony, Yusuf knew that Jack is not on board with what CTU has been doing. Yusuf states once again that his country is not responsible for the bomb. He offers to help Jack clear up the facts.

12:11 A.M. – Tony, walking on crutches, asks Michelle if she helped Jack kidnap a witness. Michelle tells him that she did not intentionally draw the agent away from Kate Warner. Michelle claims that Carrie is trying to sabotage her because they don’t get along.

12:17 A.M. – The police phone the store to urge Garcia to come out, but he refuses to exit peacefully. They put his wife on the phone, and Garcia tells her to leave the city so that she can be safe from the oncoming war. He then orders the police to take his wife to Monterey. Once she arrives there, he will release Kim.

12:19 A.M. – Jack pulls up to the warehouse where he is to meet the caller and takes out a gun. He instructs Kate to remain in the car. In case of emergency, she is to dial him on the car phone. He promises to protect her. Jack goes up to the entrance underneath a neon sign and enters the building. Inside he finds Captain Jonathan Wallace, a member of the Special Ops team from Fort Benning. He shows Jack the Coral Snake tattoo on his forearm as proof of his membership in that squad. Then Wallace sits down at a table with his hands visible to Jack. Wallace was the seventh commando who took out his own platoon so that they couldn’t prevent the bomb from detonating. Wallace admits responsibility for that, as well as for planting the Cyprus recording so that the bomb was blamed on the three countries. His goal was to start a war by forcing the United States to attack the Middle East. The people who hired Wallace control oil in the Caspian Sea, and a war in that region would quadruple their holdings’ value. However, those same people tried to kill Wallace an hour ago and he fears for his life. Because Warner Industries has a Department of Defense variance, board member Kate can authorize his departure out of the country. While he is talking to Jack, Wallace secretly taps his foot against a plug in its socket underneath the table.

12:23 A.M. – That plug causes the neon sign outside the warehouse to flicker. This signals a man with a gun to approach Kate as she waits in Jack’s car. The man orders her to get out. Suddenly, Yusuf appears and smacks the man over the head with his weapon. The man drops unconscious. Inside the warehouse, Wallace tells Jack that he holds the source recordings before they were mixed down to create the faked Cyprus tape. Suddenly, Jack’s cell phone rings and he answers it. “It’s for you,” he says calmly, handing it to Wallace. Yusuf is on the phone, and he tells Wallace that the man he sent for Kate has been knocked out. Wallace hangs up, and says to Jack that he won’t turn over the evidence unless Kate comes with him to personally authorize the charter. He admits that he will have to kill Kate once he’s reached his destination. Jack says that he won’t let that happen, and doesn’t give in to Wallace’s demands. Wallace gathers his weapons to leave. With no other choice, Jack stops him. He radios Yusuf to bring Kate in.

12:31 A.M. – Setting up at District Headquarters in Los Angeles, Novick tells Lynne that he wants to talk to Jack Bauer himself. Although Lynne disagrees with Novick going behind the President’s back, she gives him the number of CTU. Novick calls Tony asking to be connected to Jack. Tony, however, informs him that Jack illegally took a witness from the site and can not be located. Novick asks to be notified when they find him.

12:33 A.M. – Carrie briefs Tony on the hunt for Jack. He has not made contact with anyone and has not been spotted on satellite. The Warner house and office are also being watched. She asks about Michelle’s involvement, and Tony questions whether she had concocted the stories because they are not friendly. Carrie says that she saw Michelle and Jack speaking conspiratorially before he took Kate Warner. Believing her story, Tony has Carrie put a filter on all of Michelle’s communications to see if Jack tries to reach her.

12:35 A.M. – The police take Garcia’s wife away from the convenience store. Garcia blames Kim for pointing the gun at him and starting the whole ordeal. She tells Garcia that she was only afraid because her father died in the explosion that rocked the city. The police call Garcia and beg him to let Kim go because his wife has been delivered to safety. He says that he will kill Kim if they raid the store. As he talks to the policeman, Kim runs out and manages to lock herself in a back room. The police help her escape outside, and Garcia panics.

12:38 A.M. – Yusuf ties up the man who tried to kidnap Kate. The man says that there were no other accomplices, and Yusuf knocks him out cold. With Kate in tow, Yusuf sweeps the outside perimeter to make sure there are no other men. He notifies Jack of this, as Jack waits inside with Wallace. Wallace tells Jack that he was at Fort Benning when Colonel Samuels unsuccessfully tried to recruit Jack for Coral Snake. Samuels had called Jack “a born killer.”

12:44 A.M. – Working at her station, Michelle gets an error alert from the backup server on her computer. She calls Carrie to ask if she received the same alert, but Carrie says the problem must be on her end. Michelle goes off to find a solution. Carrie then walks over to Michelle’s station. She redirects Michelle’s links to outside communications so that she can track them on her computer.

12:46 A.M. – Novick tells Palmer about Jack’s improper activities. In an attempt to focus the President on the war at hand, Novick suggests that Jack may have suffered an emotional collapse from the day’s events. Palmer, however, trusts that Jack is doing what is necessary to prove that the Cyprus recordings are not authentic. He orders Novick to find Jack.

12:47 A.M. – Wallace tells Jack that, once he and Kate have escaped, he will notify him where the evidence is. Yusuf brings Kate into the warehouse. Jack reluctantly tells her that she has to go with Wallace. Kate thinks that Jack is giving her up.

12:53 A.M. – Carrie listens in when Michelle receives a phone call from a man named Danny. Danny asks Michelle if he and the children are safe from the nuclear bomb, but she can’t give him any more information. Michelle tries to calm Danny down, but he threatens to call Carrie to find out what’s going on since she won’t tell him anything. Michelle thought that he stopped speaking to Carrie. Danny concurs because he thinks Carrie is a bitch. He abruptly hangs up. Carrie deletes this call from her database file.

12:55 A.M. – The SWAT team surrounds the convenience store, and the police tell Garcia to give up his weapon. He doesn’t come out, and the cops raid the building. Kim watches in horror as gunfire ensues. A medical team is called in.

12:56 A.M. – Since Palmer is in a briefing with CTU Director Chappelle, Novick and Lynne meet with Vice President Prescott via videophone. Prescott informs them that the British ambassador is frustrated because the United States is planning an attack against the Middle East without coordinating with his country. Prescott asks Novick what is going on with the plans for war, questioning the President’s softness on the issue. Novick believes that Palmer is capable of making the right decision and is committed to the military action. Yet the President only wants to cover every base. The Vice President hangs up, and Novick tells Lynne that, with the planes in the air ready to begin the attack, it will be a disaster to turn them around based on one CTU agent’s claim of evidence. Lynne wonders what they are going to do next.

12:58 A.M. – Wallace orders Kate to get in the trunk of his car. She won’t go, but Jack urges her to do it for her own safety. She looks at Jack and obeys. Yusuf whispers to Jack that he put the tracker on the car. Suddenly, the car windshield shatters. Gunfire comes from above the warehouse. Wallace, Jack and Yusuf return fire.

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