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3:00 A.M. – While Stark shocks Jack’s chest with a defibrillator, one of his henchmen searches the clinic for epinephrine. Kingsley phones again and another henchman named O’Hara takes the call. O’Hara is forced to tell Kingsley that Jack is flatlining, and Kingsley gives him the order to fix it. The doctor is ushered in at gunpoint to administer epinephrine to Jack. He applies the defibrillator paddles and revives Jack. Stark is relieved, and inquires to O’Hara about what Kingsley wanted. “He said I just got promoted,” O’Hara says before shooting Stark point blank. The doctor is horrified. O’Hara leans over and asks Jack for the chip.

3:05 A.M. – Novick tells Vice President Prescott that Palmer is still in the dark and that he managed to get Lynne out of the way before she could warn him. Novick expresses doubt that he is doing the right thing, but Prescott assures him that history will recognize their accomplishments. When Novick hangs up, Palmer comes into his office. He asks the President if there is anything he can say to make him change his mind about delaying the war, but Palmer is sure of his stance. He thanks Novick for standing by his unpopular decision. When Palmer inquires about Lynne, Novick tells him that she wasn’t feeling well. Lynne, meanwhile, bangs on the closet door begging Isberg to let her out. She opens a storage cabinet and finds a blowtorch among the tools.

3:08 A.M. – The men who attacked Yusuf go through his pockets and steal his money and watch. They find the chip, and although they don’t know what it is, they grab it as well. Kate begs the men to give her the chip. She offers them money from her house. They pile her into their car and drive off. Yusuf uses whatever strength he has to drag his bloodied and broken body to a nearby payphone. He dials 911, but the automated voice tells him that all circuits are busy.

3:11 A.M. – O’Hara orders the doctor to give Jack an injection of Beroglide to paralyze his diaphragm. When O’Hara is distracted by a phone call from Kingsley, Jack pleads with the doctor to untie him. The doctor hesitates, fearing for his life, but starts to loosen the ropes on Jack’s wrist. O’Hara returns and makes the doctor inject the Beroglide. Jack gasps, unable to breathe.

3:18 A.M. – Michelle meets Ryan Chappelle when he arrives at CTU. Since all phone services are down, he warns her to save satellite phone usage for their highest priorities. Chappelle commends Tony for not letting Jack’s ideas about the Cyprus recordings alter their mission. Yet Tony tries to tell Chappelle that Jack may not be wrong. Chappelle threatens Tony. Either he goes against Jack, or Chappelle won’t support his permanent placement as CTU Director.

3:20 A.M. – Lynne starts a fire in a trash bin. When the smoke alarm goes off, Isberg enters the closet. Lynne smacks him with a fire extinguisher and bolts out of the room. Isberg follows her to the stairwell and grabs her, but Lynne falls over the railing. She lands a few floors down, struck unconscious.

3:21 A.M. – Palmer tries to phone the Vice President, but is told that he is unreachable. He turns to Secret Service Agent Pierce who stands guard. Since Pierce is a seasoned veteran of the White House, Palmer asks for his opinion on the situation. He wants to know if Prescott is planning something behind his back. Pierce is at first hesitant to answer the President. Yet he warns Palmer to trust his own instincts.

3:23 A.M. – Kingsley is in his office when Alexander Trepkos enters. “Max is very unhappy,” Trepkos says. Since their project depends on military action, Palmer’s withdrawing the attack is a setback. Kingsley tells him not to worry about Palmer’s response or about Jack’s delivering proof that the Cyprus recording is false.

3:25 A.M. – As Jack hyperventilates from the Beroglide, O’Hara presses him about the chip. Jack doesn’t answer, so O’Hara punches him the face. O’Hara orders the doctor to double the dosage with another injection. As he prepares the syringe, the doctor gives Jack a slight nod. “I’ll tell you where the chip is,” Jack finally says. O’Hara leans over Jack and the doctor slams the syringe into O’Hara’s back. O’Hara stumbles, giving Jack enough time to free his hands from the rope. Jack grabs O’Hara’s gun and shoots the other henchmen. Jack pulls on his pants and demands to know from the dying O’Hara who was on the other end of the phone line. O’Hara says Peter Kingsley’s name and Jack shoots him dead. Suddenly, Jack staggers. He has trouble breathing.

3:32 A.M. – Novick comes into Palmer’s office. The President asks him if Prescott is avoiding him, but Novick blames his unavailability on the events of the past eighteen hours. Palmer wants Lynne to go over his statement, and Novick says that he will deliver it to her. He exits and goes into another office.

3:33 A.M. – Novick dials Prescott from a satcom phone and asks if he is still moving forward. Novick warns him that Palmer is becoming suspicious because the Vice President hasn’t returned his calls. Prescott says that he will call Palmer. He tells the anxious Novick to keep things together on his side.

3:35 A.M. – Jack takes O’Hara’s phone and walks through the clinic. He dials CTU and gets Michelle. Although Jack tries to tell her about the chip, Michelle only hears static. Michelle notifies Tony that Jack called but that the signal was lost. He instructs her to trace the source of the call. Tony gives Chappelle the news, but Chappelle does not want Jack distracting their resources. Tony, however, is siding with Jack.

3:36 A.M. – Novick listens as Palmer speaks to Vice President Prescott over speakerphone. The President offers Prescott the chance to personally address the military attack with him. Prescott acknowledges that, if he had something to say, he would come to the President first. After he hangs up, Palmer admits to Novick that he doesn’t trust Prescott. Agent Pierce comes in to notify Palmer that Lynne is in critical condition after falling down stairs. He takes the President to her. A look of panic washes over Novick’s face.

3:42 A.M. – Michelle tells Tony that Jack called from a cell phone somewhere between Studio City and Encino. They check a map to see where he might be headed. Tony does not want Michelle to use the satellite for fear of raising flags with Chappelle. He has her monitor police channels instead. Carrie secretly watches them speak.

3:43 A.M. – Jack takes O’Hara’s car and drives to where he was supposed to meet Yusuf and Kate. He spots Yusuf near the payphone. Although he is bloodied and battered, Yusuf manages to tell Jack that someone took the chip with Kate to her house. Yusuf dies before Jack can rescue him.

3:45 A.M. – Kate leads the men with the chip to her house. They open the door and the security alarm rings. They order her to shut it off, and she gives them the code. The men demand the money she promised.

3:46 A.M. – Palmer and Novick run outside the federal building where Lynne is being taken away on a gurney. She has suffered a concussion. Lynne tries to form a word but nothing coherent comes out. She raises a weak hand and points toward Novick. Novick steps forward and takes her hand, pretending to comfort her. The EMTs whisk her into the ambulance.

3:52 A.M. – Carrie warns Tony that Chappelle will find out that he and Michelle are wasting time looking for Jack. She says that she won’t tell Chappelle if Tony gives her Michelle’s job. Tony calls Chappelle over and announces that Carrie is trying to use extortion to get a promotion. She argues that Tony and Michelle are still searching for Jack Bauer against orders. Chappelle dismisses Carrie, then admonishes Tony. Tony makes it clear that, as acting CTU Director, he is trying to garner all the facts. He gives Chappelle the opportunity to relieve him of his duties if he does not agree with his decisions. Chappelle says that there is no one else to fill in at the moment. “I don’t like insubordination,” he tells Tony.

3:55 A.M. – Kate opens the safe in her closet, and the men pull out some cash and a diamond bracelet. Kate asks for the chip as promised, but they are reluctant to let her go. Kate runs off as they fire at her. The men catch up to her and throw her to the ground. Jack appears and shoots one of the fleeing guys. She tells him that they have the chip, and Jack pursues the other two through the house. He calls out to them through a bathroom door asking for the chip. The men are afraid, but refuse to hand it over. One of them says that if Jack comes in he will smash the chip.

3:59 A.M. – Novick watches via videophone as Prescott gathers the Cabinet members in the White House. Prescott tells the group that the meeting will be closed from the President. The purpose of the meeting is to decide whether Palmer is unfit to continue as President of the United States based on his response to the day’s events.

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