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6:00 A.M. – With Chappelle still unconscious, Tony keeps Carrie preoccupied with other work. Brad Hammond from Division calls looking for Chappelle, and Tony tells him that Chappelle “stepped out.”

6:03 A.M. – Jack chases Hewitt through the loft’s secret tunnel, telling him that he can cut a deal once he’s brought into CTU. Jack promises him that he will be kept alive if Hewitt helps prevent the war. Hewitt breaks open a glass window and runs out onto the roof of his building.

6:05 A.M. – From his office, Kingsley speaks to someone named Max and assures him that the war will increase their oil holdings dramatically. A woman named Eve informs Kingsley that Hewitt was not found when his people went to the loft to pick up all the recordings and data. Kingsley is worried that Hewitt could blow their whole operation.

6:06 A.M. – Hewitt climbs to a raised level of the roof and pulls up the ladder so that Jack can not reach him. Jack, clutching his aching chest, manages to shimmy up the drainpipe and chase Hewitt to a ledge. When Hewitt pulls out a gun, Jack draws his in return. Jack pleads with him to drop the weapon, but Hewitt raises it instead. Jack fires, wounding Hewitt in the leg. Hewitt is startled and falls over the ledge onto another landing. Jack checks the leg wound and assures him that he will be fine once the helicopter arrives. Jack then realizes that blood is pouring out from Hewitt’s head.

6:14 A.M. – Jack phones Tony, who warns him that he may be unreachable because he had to remove Chappelle from becoming an obstacle. He tells Jack to contact Michelle in the field on a remote access.

6:15 A.M. – As Michelle walks toward the exit, Tony hands her an access card. Carrie stops Michelle and asks about Chappelle’s whereabouts. She accuses Michelle of doing something underhanded, but Michelle lies her way out of the situation. Michelle leaves the CTU building.

6:16 A.M. – Counselor Brian Jacobs arrives to see Palmer. Jacobs explains he can appeal the cabinet’s decision but that it will take time. Palmer gives him Kingsley’s name as the one who manipulated the evidence. Jacobs agrees to vigorously pursue this lead regardless of how much Novick is impeding the investigation.

6:17 A.M. – Michelle calls Tony from a CTU van and warns him that Carrie is onto them. He tells her to contact Jack herself because Hammond has arrived from Division with a phalanx of agents.

6:18 A.M. – Hammond questions Tony about Chappelle’s disappearance. Hammond locks down CTU based on a report by one of Tony’s own staff members accusing him of supporting a rogue agent against Division’s orders. Tony spots Carrie glaring at him.

6:19 A.M. – Jacobs informs Novick that Palmer will oppose his removal from office by proving that Peter Kingsley falsified the Cyprus recordings. Jacobs requests access to intelligence databases in order to make the connection to Kingsley. At first Novick resists, but Jacobs appeals to Novick’s history with Palmer. Novick finally agrees to set up a computer station for him to use.

6:20 A.M. – Carrie leads a pair of Division agents through CTU and they come upon a holding room where the lock has been reconfigured. They kick the door in and find a weakened Chappelle struggling to stand.

6:21 A.M. – Jack waits for the helicopter on the roof as he tries to keep Hewitt lucid. Jack spots the CTU helicopter and waves at it. Meanwhile, Carrie briefs Chappelle on what she has found — the helicopter that Tony requested for Jack. Chappelle orders her to bring the chopper back to CTU. As Jack flags down the helicopter, the pilot reverses direction and flies off. Jack calls Michelle, and she tells him that Hammond recalled it because he put the office in lockdown. Jack then runs over to Hewitt, but Hewitt is already dead.

6:28 A.M. – Jack asks Michelle to set up an interface with Hewitt’s computer, and he heads back to the loft.

Novick comes into Palmer’s holding room to solicit a favor. U.S. stealth bombers have been spotted over Turkey’s airspace, but that country’s Prime Minister will not grant a flyover for the planes unless he receives a personal request from the President. The Prime Minister has not been told that Palmer was discharged from office. If Palmer speaks to the Prime Minister under the pretense that he is still President, the planes will not be attacked.

6:30 A.M – When Jack returns to the loft, Sherry yells at him for leaving her after she was stabbed. Her checks her minor wound and treats her. Since Hewitt is dead, Jack will need her to get him closer to Kingsley. Sherry will tell Kingsley that she can deliver Hewitt because he still does not know that Hewitt is dead. Suddenly, Jack falls back in pain, placing his hand to his chest. Sherry asks him what is wrong. Jack admits that Kingsley’s men stopped his heart when they interrogated him. She encourages him to see a doctor, but Jack insists that she help him get to Kingsley. Sherry is to offer to trade Hewitt to Kingsley in exchange for the evidence that implicates her. Knowing that Kingsley will require proof, Jack tells Sherry that Hewitt will do the talking.

6:32 A.M. – Kingsley speaks to Max again, and assures him that the American government most likely does not have the source files for the Cyprus recordings because the bombers are still on course for the Middle East. Kingsley guarantees that Hewitt will be found and eliminated.

6:33 A.M. – Chappelle has Tony placed under arrest. He inquires about Michelle’s participation, and Carrie offers her services to find her.

6:34 A.M. – Michelle calls Jack when she is connected to Hewitt’s computer. He tells her that Hewitt described his program as one that can recreate any voice. However, Hewitt’s database has samples of thousands of voices. To save time in finding which one is Hewitt’s, Jack asks Sherry when she last spoke to him. Michelle retrieves a taped phone call between Hewitt and Sherry from the pervious night. The recording is of Sherry asking Hewitt about his relationship with Kingsley. Michelle gets a sample for the integrator to recreate Hewitt’s sound, and she need only to type phrases in a separate file to be spoken in Hewitt’s voice. Michelle sees CTU agents outside her van, and quickly leads Jack through the process. The agents raid her van just as Jack sees the program he’s looking for on Hewitt’s monitor. As Jack calls out for her over the phone line, Michelle is carted away in handcuffs.

6:41 A.M. – Palmer is lead down the federal building hallway by Novick to a conference room. From a monitor in the White House bunker, Prescott thanks Palmer for his help. Palmer tells him that he is only doing this to save the military men flying in the planes over Turkey. Palmer is then connected over the phone to the Turkish Prime Minister to grant his personal request.

6:43 A.M. – Kate enters the Matheson house looking for Kim, who raises her gun in fear. “Who are you?” she asks suspiciously. Kate explains that Jack sent her, and she proves it by describing the events that happened to Kim. Kim is wary to believe this stranger, but Kate assures her that Jack trusted her enough to send her for his daughter. As Kim lowers the gun, Kate approaches her cautiously.

6:45 A.M. – Michelle and Tony sit imprisoned in a CTU holding room. Tony insists on taking all the blame by saying that she was only following his orders. Michelle won’t let him lie for her because she did what she thought was right. She tenderly takes his hand.

6:47 A.M. – Novick ushers Palmer back into his confinement room, and tells him that Prescott will keep him there until he makes his formal announcement at a press conference. Novick awkwardly mentions to his former boss that he granted Jacobs’ request for low security access on Palmer’s behalf. Novick slinks out of the room as Palmer stands stoically.

6:52 A.M. – As Kate drives to CTU, Kim asks her what her relationship is with her father since she only just met him the previous day. Kate has no clear answer. Kim says that she wants him to be happy since her mother died. Kate tells her that she also lost her mother.

6:54 A.M. – Although Sherry is hesitant, Jack makes her call Kingsley with a prepared script. Sherry demands from Kingsley the tapes that he made of their conversations, and she offers up Hewitt in return. Kingsley requests that he speak with Hewitt directly, and Sherry feigns going to another room where her bodyguards have him held. She holds the receiver to a computer speaker and Jack plays back the generator of Hewitt’s voice insisting to Kingsley that he didn’t say anything. Kingsley asks to speak with Hewitt again, but on Jack’s orders, Sherry refuses. Kingsley finally relents, and gives Sherry a neutral meeting place on Figueroa Street to meet. Jack hangs up the phone and he and Sherry head for the location.

6:56 A.M. – Kingsley tells his confidante Eve that Sherry has Hewitt. Although he suspects that he is being set up, he has no other choice but to meet her. He will set up shooters at the place, knowing that Sherry and whomever else she is working with won’t leave there alive. Kingsley tells Eve that he will see her in another country the following week, and when Eve leans in to hug him, Kingsley grabs a knife off the desk to kill her.

6:59 A.M. – As they drive, Sherry chides Jack for not having a CTU backup at the Figueroa Street meeting place. He is forced to take down Kingsley himself. Sherry notices that Jack has trouble focusing on the road, and she demands that he pull over. Jack rebuffs her because there is no time. Suddenly, Jack winces and the car swerves. His body contorts in pain and Jack loses control of the car. Sherry grabs the steering wheel as they veer off to miss an oncoming van. Jack’s body goes limp and the car careens off the road into an embankment in the riverbed basin.

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