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7:00 P.M. – As the CTU SWAT team surrounds the building to hunt for Syed Ali, Jack asks the imam of the mosque if he is hiding the terrorist. The imam assures Jack that he will be cooperative in finding Ali. One of the agents leads Jack to a trap door on the floor that was not in the schematics of the mosque. Knowing that Ali is prepared to kill himself in lieu of being captured, Jack goes down into the basement first.

7:04 P.M. – From the basement beneath the mosque, Syed Ali places a cell phone call and reaches Marie, who is driving in a car. He instructs her to go to their set rendezvous point, saying that if he does not arrive, she will know what to do. Jack comes upon Ali and apprehends him with the help of the SWAT team. After Kate identifies him, Jack removes the cyanide capsule from Ali’s teeth.

7:06 P.M. – At CTU, Mason gives Bob Warner confirmation that his daughter is indeed involved with Syed Ali. Bob explains that when Marie was studying in London, she ran away after her mother died. The police could not find her, but Marie regained contact with her family after a few weeks. Mason suggests that it was at that time when she was converted to the terrorists’ cause. Michelle interrupts to tell Mason about Ali’s capture. A burned paper fragment with writing on it was also found in Ali’s clothes on the dead man. Michelle had brought in a computer-imaging expert named Murdoch to analyze what was on the paper.

7:09 P.M. – Mike Novick brings news to the President that Jack Bauer captured Syed Ali and is interrogating him. Novick sees Palmer watching the feed of Agent Simmons enacting his interrogation on Roger Stanton. Simmons had informed the President that Stanton’s military background taught him to resist this kind of torture. “But everyone breaks eventually,” Palmer says calmly.

7:14 P.M. – Tony directs a rescue team searching for Kimberly Bauer in the forest, and Mason becomes angry with him for diverting resources away from finding the bomb. He orders Tony to stay focused on their immediate mission, but Tony says that he is only keeping his promise to Jack. Tony then returns to his efforts when Mason is out of earshot.

7:15 P.M. – As Kim tries to free her foot from the trap, she hears leaves rustling in the distance. The forest, however, is blanketed in darkness and she can’t see anything. A man with a rifle comes upon her and asks how she got there. The man, whose name is McRae, helps release her foot from the snare.

7:17 P.M. – Jack interrogates Ali in the basement of the mosque, striking the man when he won’t divulge any information about the bomb. Ali, however, is more than ready to die for his cause.

In the forest, McRae wraps up Kim’s ankle and tells her that he will try to get her to the ranger’s station. Yet Kim doesn’t want to go back there, and McRae begins to suspect that she is running from something. Since the forest is dangerous at night, he offers to let her stay at his nearby house.

7:20 P.M. – Jack allows the mosque’s imam to try to question the captive. The imam tells Ali that the Koran strictly forbids the killing of innocents and non-combatants, and that the death of one of those people will not permit him into paradise. Yet Ali is steadfast in his commitment. The imam reports back to Jack, who warns that the imam may not like what they may do to Ali. They pull the last number dialed on Ali’s cell phone, and Kate immediately recognizes the number as her sister’s. Jack is forced to tell her about Reza’s murder and the fact that Marie is the suspected killer. Kate does not believe this, and questions whether Marie’s cell phone had been stolen. Jack tells her to call the number to see if Marie answers, and they will trace the call.

7:28 P.M. – While the techs set up the phone, Jack instructs Kate on how to keep Marie on the line. They rig it so that Kate’s number will appear on the caller ID. Marie picks up as she is driving, and Kate casually asks about where she is. Marie realizes that Reza’s body has been found, telling her sister that “People have to die for things to change.” The techs are able to trace the call to an area in Sylmar, but they lose connection when Marie hangs up and throws the phone out the window. Kate becomes upset, and wonders whether Marie had been forced to say that under threat.

7:31 P.M. – At CTU, Murdoch recovers the phrase “N34” written by hand on the charred paper, and he sends it to Jack at the mosque. Tony has Michelle look up any possible links connected to this code.

7:32 P.M. – Jack gets a printout of Murdoch’s results, and he questions Ali about what “N34” means. When Ali is still unhelpful, Jack then turns on a bank of video monitors. Ali is horrified to see his wife and children via satellite from his home country. Masked soldiers are tying them up. Jack once again asks where the bomb is.

7:39 P.M. – Palmer becomes concerned when Novick informs him that Jack is holding the lives of Syed Ali’s family. The President is disturbed that they have resorted to killing innocent people, but Novick argues that the bomb is an act of war that may cause civilian casualties.

Ali continues to watch the monitors. Jack threatens to kill his family unless he gets the information he needs to stop the bomb. Ali still holds to his position of silence, saying he is doing Allah’s work. Jack is interrupted by a call from the President, who forbids him from killing these people. Palmer hangs up, but Jack continues talking on the phone so that Ali can hear him. He pretends to get the full support of the President for his actions against Ali’s family. Listening, Ali winces.

7:43 P.M. – Lynne approaches Novick to say that she does not believe Sherry Palmer should be there because she is untrustworthy. Although Novick at first brushes this off as turf war, Lynne explains that Sherry has been communicating with Stanton for the last six months even though Stanton claimed to have only met the former First Lady that morning. Lynne says that she finally has a face-to-face meeting with her unknown source in ten minutes. Novick decides not to immediately tell the President about this, and he instructs Lynne to apprise him after her meeting.

7:45 P.M. – Over a satellite phone, Jack instructs someone to begin with Ali’s first born son. Jack then goes into the room where Ali is being held, and he tells him that he has run out of time. When Ali still does not answer, Jack gives an order to kill over the satellite phone. One of the masked soldiers pushes the boy’s chair over and shoots him. Ali reacts in horror at watching his own son’s murder. Jack again demands to know where the bomb is, but Ali will not talk.

7:51 P.M. – Lynne pulls up to a highway rest stop outside of the perimeter of the O.C. She is surprised to see Sherry waiting for her. Sherry says that the people Stanton is conspiring with wanted Lynne to connect the situation to her. The conspiracy’s true goal is to take control of the Presidency, and they have been feeding misinformation about Sherry because they are afraid of her. She did not reveal any of this to Palmer until she was sure she had concrete evidence. Yet Lynne does not listen, and is convinced that Sherry still only has her own interest at heart. She vows to fight her to save Palmer and his Administration.

Jack is about to give the order to shoot Ali’s next son when Ali finally gives in. He says that the plan is to detonate the bomb from a plane over downtown. Jack phones CTU with news that the bomb is at Norton Airfield. Michelle quickly finds out that the planes there have tail numbers that begin with the letter “N.” Mason dispatches teams to Norton and has the FAA ground the site’s aircraft.

7:57 P.M. – As Ali is carried out of the mosque, he curses at Jack for killing his son. Kate hears this and questions why Jack would do such a thing. Jack radios over the satellite phone for the real feed to be rerouted back to him for confirmation. Kate sees on the monitors that the boy is really alive. The whole shooting had been staged. Jack then asks Kate to accompany him to Norton Airfield because he believes that Marie will be there. They get into a car and drive off.

7:59 P.M. – Marie arrives at an airplane hangar where Omar the van driver is waiting with the bomb. She takes out the trigger that she retrieved from Marko’s locker. He connects the trigger to the bomb.

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