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9:00 A.M. – Lynne Kresge updates the President in the O.C. that the CIA is proceeding on its potential response to a nuclear threat. Palmer, however, wants assurances that they will not leak the information because he fears mass hysteria. Meanwhile, at the industrial complex, Marko and his crew load the completed bomb into a van.

At the Matheson home, Gary finishes his call in Kim’s room. Kim motions to the still-crying Megan, and the girls make a break for it while Gary is on the phone. As they run down the stairs, Carla hands Kim her car keys and tells her to take Megan away. Kim loads Megan into the Carla’s car and pulls out. Although Gary threatens Kim, she escapes. Gary then phones his security company to track the location of his vehicle.

9:05 A.M. – Jack is transported by helicopter to a waiting car. Michelle briefs him en route with photos of Joseph Wald’s crew, and Jack recognizes one of the guys as Eddie Grant, a guy that he befriended while undercover. Jack orders that no other agents get near his operation.

The press begin to suspect something because the President cut short his fishing trip. Although Eric Rayburn doesn’t agree, Palmer wants to deal with the media immediately.

As the helicopter touches down, Jack checks in with Mason about Kim. When Agent Grothy went to pick her up, she was gone. Jack calls Kim’s cell phone, but he doesn’t realize that her phone is still sitting in the Matheson house. He leaves a message warning her to leave Los Angeles.

At CTU, Tony assures the frightened Paula that the nuclear bomb may only be a false alarm. When Mason learns that forged Middle Eastern passports found in a car crossing the border match those of the suspects, he sends the closest agent to investigate. Unfortunately, that agent is Grothy, who is waiting for Kim at the Matheson’s.

9:09 A.M. – Jack goes into a salvage garage and asks for Joe Wald. He is met by Eddie Grant. Eddie knows him as Jack Roush. Eddie accuses Jack of putting Joe in jail, but Jack tries to square himself and tells Eddie that he has news about Marshall Goren turning state’s evidence to convict Joe. Jack gives Eddie his bag, and Goren’s decapitated head rolls out. “I don’t think you gotta worry about Goren testifying anymore,” Jack says. Eddie smiles, and brings Jack into the back room.

9:16 A.M. – Palmer conducts an informal press briefing outside his residential retreat. He brushes off their questions about his shortened fishing trip with a joke. Press Secretary Jenny Dodge lets the President know that a reporter named Ron Wieland still suspects something is wrong.

9:17 A.M. – Kim drives Megan toward a police station, but they are detoured by a construction crew. She heads down an alley, but is cut off at the end by Gary’s car. A truck behind her has blocked her in. She tries to lock the doors, but Gary unlocks them with his own key. Kim and Megan get out of the car and make a run for it. They hide behind a dumpster as Gary calls out for Megan.

9:20 A.M. – At the garage, Eddie brings Jack to see Dave, who is suspicious of Jack’s showing up on the day of an important job. Jack tells them that he just served five years for Joe, and he wants to see him. As Dave checks out Jack’s record online, Paula sees them making the trace on her computer screen at CTU. Yet Michelle and Tony have yet to download Jack’s information, and Paula scrambles to fill something in. When no record of a prison release shows up, Eddie pulls out his gun ready to kill Jack. Suddenly, after Paula makes the file transfers, Jack’s record pops up on Dave’s screen.

9:28 A.M. – Rayburn tries again to persuade the President to come up with a military plan of action in case of a nuclear detonation. Lynne comes in to tell Palmer that Wieland heard a rumor that the Alert Condition has been changed due to a threatening situation. Wieland is going live with a report at noon. Palmer has her secretly set up a private interview with Wieland. He also orders her to bring in Richard Armus. Lynne shudders at the name.

9:31 A.M. – As Dave works with some kind of explosive, Jack asks again to see Joe. Eddie says that Joe is busy and to come back tomorrow. They have something going on today. Jack gets in his car and calls Mason to warn him about what he has found. Fearing he has no other choice, Jack floods his car so that it won’t start. He gets out to open up the hood, and watches the crew pack duffel bags into a van.

9:33 A.M. – Back at CTU, Mason checks a confidential report that says the probability of attack is about 89-93%. He quietly packs his briefcase and heads out. Tony stops him, and Mason says that he is going to follow up a lead in Bakersfield. Tony questions his motives as merely trying to get outside the blast range.

9:40 A.M. – As they hide in an alley, Megan complains that her head hurts from when her dad pushed her. She doesn’t want to follow Kim to go make a phone call. She promises that she will hide behind some boxes to wait for Kim.

9:41 A.M. – Kate Warner calls her private investigator Ralph Burton to tell him that she could not ascertain Reza’s wallet. Burton asks her to look for Reza’s passport to find out what countries have been stamped. While Reza tends to wedding detials, Kate runs out to his car and finds the passport in the glove compartment. As she quickly writes down the entries, Reza approaches. Kate tells him that the workers needed the space and she was looking for the key. Reza offers to move the car himself.

9:45 A.M. – Dave gives Jack a hard time when his car won’t start. Jack makes a comment to Eddie about Dave being an amateur because he tied the fuses too tight. Dave lunges at Jack, and Jack breaks Dave’s ankle.

9:50 A.M. – Kim finds a nearby payphone and dials 911, but Gary surprises her. He tries to appeal to Kim that he did not mean to hurt Carla and only wants to apologize to Megan. When Gary gets forceful with Kim, she knees him in the groin and runs off. Gary catches her and they fight. Kim swats him with a tire iron and he falls down.

Kate calls Burton and lists the stamped entries in Reza’a passport. Burton is going to track Reza’s travel against those of the terrorist Syed Ali to see if there is a connection. Marie interrupts Kate’s phone call to thank her for her help with the wedding. The sisters embrace.

9:54 A.M. – Palmer has a sit down meeting with the reporter. Wieland knows that the Alert Condition has been changed and is ready to report his story. Palmer says his information is wrong. Knowing that no journalist can get a private interview with the President on a few minutes notice, Wieland suspects that his assumptions are indeed correct. Palmer asks for a favor to sit on the story, and Wieland says he will think about it. When the reporter leaves, the President makes a call to Armus. “I think we’re going to have to go ahead and deal with this,” Palmer says. Armus, who is outside, stops Wieland as he leaves the retreat and introduces himself as part of the President’s Secret Service team. Armus drags Wieland away by the arm.

9:57 A.M. – As Jack fiddles with his car, Eddie approaches him about working on this job. He is one man short since Dave is now incapacitated.

Kim returns to the boxes where she hid Megan, but the little girl is gone. Kim calls out, and runs down the street to look for her.

9:59 A.M. – Jack rides in the van with Eddie and his crew, and asks about the job they are pulling. Eddie tells him that they are bringing down the CTU offices in Los Angeles.

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