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1:00 A.M. – As Jack, Yusuf and Wallace fire back at the gunmen in the buildings above, Jack pulls Kate from the trunk of Wallace’s car. He takes her into the warehouse with Wallace, while Yusuf darts off into an alley. Wallace tells Jack that the shooters must be the follow up team sent by his employers when their first attempt to kill him had failed. Stocking up on ammunition, Yusuf radios Jack from the car. He will try to get to a better vantage point to see how many men are still out there. Wallace won’t let Jack call CTU to warn them about the Cyprus recording, but when more snipers appear, Wallace gives in to Jack’s demand for help. Jack phones Michelle’s cell phone. She warns him not to phone any agency numbers because she is being monitored. He needs her to track infra-red satellite at the warehouse to find out how many men are surrounding them. Michelle gets to work.

1:05 A.M. – Outside the convenience store, Kim is forced to explain to Deputy Raynes that the gun Garcia used to accidentally shoot Davies was hers. She admits to being a murder suspect who escaped from police custody.

1:06 A.M. – At District Headquarters in Los Angeles, Palmer and his staff watch news reports about violence erupting across America after the nuclear bomb detonated. Although he is not allowed to use the Army on U.S. soil, Palmer gives the order to bring troops in to help. Lynne informs the President that their bombers will reach the Middle East in less than five hours.

1:07 A.M. – As Michelle researches Jack’s request, Carrie questions what she is doing on the satellite. Michelle switches screens on the monitor and sends Carrie away. Carrie runs up to Tony to tell him that Michelle is not only accessing a mod-sat screen, but that she received an open call that did not lock onto their log. He has Carrie find out what Michelle was looking at.

1:08 A.M. – As they wait inside the warehouse for help from Michelle, Jack assures Kate that they will get out of there. He explains that Wallace wanted her for her access to a cargo plane, but that he would not have let Wallace take her.

1:10 A.M. – From a monitor, Carrie watches Michelle as she collects satellite telemetry and images.

1:15 A.M. – As Deputy Raynes drives her from the crime scene, Kim asks about Miguel and Officer Brown who were hurt in the patrol car accident. Raynes doesn’t know anything about either of them, but tells her that she can make a phone call when they arrive at the stationhouse. Kim says that she has no one to call because her father was the one who flew the plane with the nuclear bomb.

1:16 A.M. – Carrie analyzes the data that Michelle has been tracking and informs Tony. He assumes that Jack can be found at the coordinates on the satellite. However, Michelle has been covering herself by tracking over a hundred different quadrants. There’s no way to distinguish which one she’s really studying. Tony tells Carrie that he will handle this his own way.

1:17 A.M. – Michelle goes into the restroom and phones Jack from her PDA phone. She quickly synchs him the map of the warehouse with the location of the shooters. As she leaves, Tony is waiting for her outside the restroom. He cautions her that they have been monitoring communication and asks point blank where Jack is. Michelle says that she doesn’t know, but that Tony should notify the President to not act on the Cyprus recording until Jack has finished his investigation. Tony warns her to tell him what information she knows. Michelle again denies helping Jack.

1:19 A.M. – Jack and Wallace analyze the map Michelle beamed over and figure out an escape route from the warehouse. Jack arms Kate with a gun. He then radios Yusuf with the locations of the gunmen and his plans.

1:20 A.M. – Lynne asks the President how long he plans to wait for Jack to find the evidence. The Secretary of Defense feels that he is losing flexibility to begin attack and wants to launch pre-strikes. Palmer orders that there be no pre-emptive strikes, giving Jack all the time he needs to disprove the tape. Novick then alerts the President that civil unrest is becoming alarming. Militia groups in Marietta outside Atlanta, Georgia are joining forces in racially motivated attacks against Middle-Eastern people.

Unfortunately, there is not enough police or military to cover every hot spot around the country. Palmer instructs his team to send all of the Eastern Georgia National Guard to Marietta and to inform the media about it. Palmer plans to let the public see the government’s response in protecting its citizens against racism.

1:27 A.M. – With the go-ahead from Jack, Yusuf throws smoke grenades into the alley near the warehouse and he begins firing toward the roof. Jack and Wallace come out and fire in the same direction. They now know where the shooters are located. Yusuf goes for the car. Kate gets separated from them. She spots one of the snipers coming towards her, but the man doesn’t see her. She aims her gun but is unable to shoot. The man turns around to face Kate and she kills him. Jack grabs her and makes a run for the car. Wallace follows, and as he climbs in the car, he is hit in the neck by a gunshot. Yusuf peels out and they escape. Jack checks Wallace’s wound and finds that the bullet is still inside his body. They need to get to a hospital, but Wallace insists on going directly to the airport. He asks Jack to suppress the bleeding. Kate gets the CTU first aid kit from the glove compartment and Jack applies gauze to Wallace’s wound.

1:30 A.M. – Palmer and his staff watch news reports of riots taking place in Marietta. The President enacts a curfew and orders the National Guard to start making arrests. Novick suggests that the President make a statement to the public. Palmer agrees.

1:32 A.M. – Tony, who has received word from the LAPD about gunfire in Studio City, has Carrie check the location against what Michelle pulled from the satellite. He then approaches Michelle and asks her if it’s where Jack was located. She acknowledges that it is true, and tells Tony that Jack can only get his proof if CTU stays out of the situation. Tony says that they don’t even know if Jack is still alive. Michelle picks up her phone and dials Jack, telling Tony that the number is not traceable. She hands the phone to him. Jack tells Tony that he has been ordered by the President to prove that the Cyprus recording is a fake. The man who can give him that proof won’t deal with CTU. Jack knows that the man is not using him to escape because commandos tried to kill him for making the deal. Tony insists on Jack bringing the man into CTU. Jack refuses and hangs up.

1:38 A.M. – Deputy Raynes takes Kim into the Sheriff’s station and hands her off to Sergeant Amis. Amis asks Kim about Megan Matheson’s kidnapping. Kim admits that she did this because Megan was being abused. Amis informs her that Gary Matheson confessed to killing his wife Carla. Although she and Miguel tried to escape from police custody, Kim had been truthful in telling Officer Brown about the bomb. She is free to go. Amis lets Kim call CTU so that they can clear her through legal channels.

1:40 A.M. – As they drive towards the airport, Kate phones ahead to prep a cargo transport authorization. She explains that, since she is an officer of her father’s company, she will also be on the flight. Wallace begins to seize, and Jack begs him for the evidence. Wallace loses consciousness. Jack plugs into the car’s GPS to find the nearest medical center and has Yusuf head there.

1:42 A.M. – Kim calls Tony at CTU and asks for his help in clearing her charges. She is shocked to find out that Jack is still alive. Yet when she asks to speak with him, Tony says that Jack is not reachable.

1:43 A.M. – Yusuf pulls up to a clinic, and Jack barges in past the front desk with Wallace in tow. Although the clinic is not prepared to deal with such a serious wound, Jack demands that the doctor treat Wallace.

1:45 A.M. – Kim gets the number for Miguel’s hospital room and calls him. When she tells him that they will probably be cleared of all charges, Miguel is surprisingly not excited by the news. She inquires about his health, and he says he is fine. Yet Miguel doesn’t want to see her anymore, and Kim is confused by this. He hangs up without telling her that his right leg has been amputated.

1:51 A.M. – Michelle goes to Tony expecting to be fired. He is angry with her for not doing her job. They still don’t even have Jack or the evidence to prove the recording was forged. Michelle apologizes for her actions, and Tony dismisses her from his office.

1:53 A.M. – General Bowden briefs the President on the status of the bombers as they head towards the Middle East. Palmer is reassured that the planes can be ordered back at any time. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, however, would rather have a firm decision. Lynne and Novick inform the President that the crowds in Marietta grew out of control, and that the National Guard shot rubber bullets. Two people were killed. One was a young Middle Eastern boy who was trying to flee with his family. Palmer is saddened, and asks Lynne to find out the boy’s name. He then orders Novick to tell the National Guard to not back down. They are to restore order in the Marietta neighborhood.

1:55 A.M. – The doctor examines Wallace’s x-rays, telling Jack that he is not authorized to perform surgery to remove the bullet. Jack assures him that the clinic will not be shut down because saving Wallace’s life has something to do with the nuclear bomb that went off. He also asks that Wallace not be sedated because he needs him to talk. Kate gets a departure time for their flight, and Jack guarantees that he will get on the plane with her if that’s what it takes to protect her. Suddenly, Wallace calls off the doctor’s treatment. He tells Jack that he’s not going to make it. Wallace whispers to him that the original source files to make the Cyprus recording is on a memory chip. When Jack asks where that chip is, Wallace says, “It’s inside…” Before he can finish his sentence, Wallace stops breathing. The doctor attempts to restart his heart through defibrillation, but Wallace dies. Jack doesn’t know what to do, and rests his head in his hands. When he lifts his head up, he is facing the light box holding Wallace’s x-ray. Jack notices a shadow on the x-ray at the bottom of the rib cage. He goes over to Wallace’s dead body. There is a stitched scar in the same spot. Much to the horror of the doctor, Jack grabs a scalpel and slices the skin where the scar is located. He reaches his hands into the body cavity and pulls something out. “I got it,” he says as he holds up the blood-covered microchip.

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