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7:00 A.M. – Although he is unhurt in the car crash, Jack becomes trapped when his seat belt locks up. Sherry gets out of the car without helping him, telling him that she has to take care of herself first. He pleads with her because she is the only one who can stop the war. Sherry at first refuses because Palmer turned against her. Yet Jack makes an appeal to her that Palmer will learn that she was the one responsible for getting him back his presidency. Sherry gives in, and cuts Jack out of the seat belt.

7:03 A.M. – Attorney Brian Jacobs shows Novick a file on Kingsley. The information proves that he made calls within the past few hours to Coral Snake member Jonathan Wallace. Novick realizes that Wallace is the one who killed his own men in an effort to detonate the nuclear bomb.

7:04 A.M. – Prescott is briefed on the military attack. The bombers are set to reach their target within the hour. Prescott readily accepts the fact that there will be civilian casualties.

7:05 A.M. – Novick calls Chappelle, instructing him to provide assistance for Jack on finding the evidence about the Cyprus recording. Chappelle is confused because he is under the impression that the country is already at war, but Novick insists that Chappelle locate Jack as soon as possible.

7:06 A.M. – Kingsley phones Max and tells him that he is still looking for Alex Hewitt. Max is alarmed because Hewitt is the only one who could bring down their operation. Kingsley assures him that he will take care of Hewitt.

7:07 A.M. – Chappelle goes into the room where Tony and Michelle are being held. He demands that they put him in touch with Jack. They agree to help him if he drops the charges against them. Chappelle acquiesces.

7:08 A.M. – Jack and Sherry leave the scene of their car crash. He lugs the audio equipment weakly, leaning on Sherry for support. Jack tells her that they are functioning without CTU authority. A driver approaches them and offers his help. Jack pulls out his gun and steals the man’s car. He gets into the passenger seat while Sherry takes the wheel.

7:13 A.M. – Kate and Kim are ushered into CTU and met by Carrie. To Carrie’s surprise, Tony takes over. He informs Kim that Jack is not reachable. Tony then tells Kate that her father returned to CTU after he was released from custody because he wanted to see Marie.

7:14 A.M. – At a holding cell, Bob Warner speaks to his daughter Marie through a plexiglass wall. She looks back at him coldly and does not speak. He tries to get an answer from her about why she threatened their family and tried to start a war, but Marie remains silent. Kate enters, and tells her father that Marie can not provide any reason that they would understand. After Bob leaves, Marie calls for Kate. “You think you’ll be safe out there?” she says. “You won’t be.”

7:17 A.M. – Tony calls Jack with news that Kim is safely at CTU. Chappelle gets on the line to tell Jack that he now operating with full support, but that he is to wait for backup before proceeding. Kingsley, however, is expecting the meeting at the Los Angeles Coliseum to go down immediately and Jack can not wait for backup. He asks Chappelle to obtain audio voiceprints of both Kingsley and Sherry to be used for authentication. Jack also wants a live audio feed with the President. Chappelle grants these requests, and sends a SWAT team to the location.

7:19 A.M. – Jack and Sherry arrive outside the Coliseum. He wires up Sherry with a transmitter.

7:24 A.M. – Novick alerts Prescott that there is a strong chance they will have evidence forcing a delay in military actions. Although the Second Wave terrorist group brought the nuclear weapon into the United States, a link has come up between the group and Peter Kingsley. This may exonerate the Middle Eastern countries that have traditionally backed Second Wave and are facing attack. This also points the finger at an oil consortium who is behind the bomb. Novick says that Jack Bauer will get a live audio confession from Kingsley.

7:26 A.M. – At CTU, Michelle matches Sherry’s voice over the live transmitter to the voiceprint they have on record for her. Although the CTU backup is minutes away, Jack needs to proceed because Kingsley is waiting. Sherry admits to Jack that she is afraid of being killed. He guarantees that Kingsley will not do anything until he gets Hewitt, and after that, Jack will watch her back. Sherry finds little comfort from this because of Jack’s health. Jack admits that there is a possibility that she may not survive. Sherry asks him to convey to Palmer that she is doing this only for her ex-husband, and makes her way toward the Coliseum complex. Still at the car, a sudden pain grips Jack in the chest.

7:28 A.M. – As Prescott is set up on a live audio feed at the White House, Novick arranges the same at the federal building in Los Angeles. Palmer is brought in to listen. Palmer is impressed that Jack found Kingsley, but he is taken aback when he learns that Sherry is the one to deal with him. Novick explains that Sherry had been recruited by Kingsley, but that she is now working with Jack at considerable risk to herself.

7:29 A.M. – Sherry walks onto the grounds of the Coliseum sports arena. She does not see a sniper in a tower above who takes aim at her.

7:34 A.M. – As Jack sets up beneath the stands, Sherry sees Kingsley approach her. A cadre of guards surrounds him. Kingsley whispers into a radio for his sharpshooter to wait until they get Hewitt. Sherry tells Kingsley that Hewitt is safely hidden. As she speaks, listening in is CTU, the White House and Palmer. Kingsley admits that he used her to ignite the nuclear bomb. She demands that she receive safe haven in return for handing over Hewitt. Michelle, meanwhile, confirms that Kingsley’s voice matches up. Sherry gives Kingsley a cell phone, telling him that she will call him with Hewitt’s location once she is free. Kingsley gives her the recordings of their phone conversations. She then asks for the Cyprus recording as insurance. Kingsley doesn’t understand why she would want that tape since Hewitt is the only person who can indict them. Kingsley states that Hewitt was the one who forged the recording. Hearing this, Tony asks the White House for confirmation to move on Kingsley. Prescott hesitates.

7:37 A.M. – Back at the Coliseum, Sherry again tells Kingsley that she will call him when she lands at a secret location. Kingsley doesn’t believe that she really has Hewitt, and he instructs his sniper to fire. Nothing happens. Kingsley looks up to the tower, but his sharpshooter is gone. Just as Kingsley’s other guard draws his gun on Sherry, Jack appears in the above tower with the sniper rifle. He shoots at the guard and kills him. Jack yells for Sherry to run. She takes off, and Jack aims at the other guards. Kingsley ducks behind a wall and fires at Jack. Palmer is horrified by the gunfire he is hearing over the live feed. From his high vantage point, Jack takes out all but one of Kingsley’s men. He leaves the tower and grabs Sherry as she waits under the bleachers in a tunnel. The last of Kingsley’s guards charges at Jack in the tunnel, and as they fight, Jack loses his weapon. Sherry runs for cover. Jack proceeds to struggle with the guard, and knocks away a gun from the man’s ankle holster. Jack snaps the guys’ neck, and the guard falls dead. Jack is jolted with another, much stronger pain in his chest. He stumbles to the ground as Kingsley slowly approaches. Jack reaches for the gun that fell from his attacker’s holster and aims weakly at Kingsley. The chambers of the gun, however, are empty of bullets. Recognizing Jack, Kingsley raises his gun. Suddenly, shots from a CTU helicopter ring out. Kingsley falls down dead. The SWAT team raids the Coliseum and attends to Jack.

7:42 A.M. – Palmer listens in as Prescott orders the attack to be aborted.

7:47 A.M. – A man named Trepkos phones Max with news that Kingsley has been killed and that the President called off the war. Max says that they will have to go another way. Trepkos is unsure about what he means. Max tells him that he will soon find out because it will start today. Max hangs up and calls someone else. He gives the unknown person the go-ahead.

7:48 A.M. – Before a video screen of the assembled Cabinet, Prescott informs Palmer that they have decided to annul the earlier action. Palmer is reinstated as President. Prescott also tenders his resignation along with the other Cabinet members who voted against Palmer. Palmer tells them that he is not accepting their resignations. Although they did not act as leaders, he knows that they will never make those same mistakes again. Palmer then orders an immediate press conference. He thanks Novick for making the call to CTU at the last possible moment. However, Palmer is disappointed that Novick did not stand by him. He relieves Novick from his post.

7:52 A.M. – Chappelle happily tells Tony that the District Director is pleased with their actions. Tony demands that Chappelle get out of his chair. Chappelle makes the gesture, giving Tony his job back. Michelle comes in, and Tony thanks her for making the right choices even if she had to go up against him. He sends her home, saying “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

7:54 A.M. – As he lies on a gurney, Jack sees Kate and Kim arrive at the Coliseum. Kate watches as Kim runs over to him, crying. Jack tells Kim that everything will be all right. Kim kisses her father’s head, and says that she will take care of him.

7:56 A.M. – At a press conference outside the federal building, Palmer pronounces to the public that the nation is safe. As he makes his way through the cheering crowd and accepts handshakes, a woman calls for the President. She reaches her hand out to him. The woman is Mandy, who was hired by Ira Gaines the previous year in the plot to assassinate Palmer. Palmer clasps Mandy’s hand in a kind shake. She leaves the crowd and walks alone into a stairwell. Using tongs, Mandy peels off a sheer layer of some substance from the palm of her right hand. She places the filmy peel into a metal container. Mandy phones Max and says, “It’s done.”

7:59 A.M. – After reaching his limo, Palmer looks down at his right hand. The flesh on it has been eaten away. His breath is shortened and he falls to the ground. The crowd panics as the Secret Service agents scan the scene with their guns. Palmer gasps for air helplessly.

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