6PM – 7PM

6:00 P.M. – Kim makes her escape into the Angeles Crest National Forest, and hides from the rescue helicopters under some brush.

As Agent Richards and Reza lie dead in the Warner offices, Marie guts the hard drive from her father’s computer. Her cell phone rings. It is Syed Ali, who informs her that the van drivers Basheer and Marko are dead. He needs her to retrieve the bomb’s trigger from Marko’s work locker in Burbank and bring it to Omar, who now has the van. Ali warns Marie to change her appearance, and she dutifully obeys his orders. Ali then enters a mosque for what he believes will be his last prayer service.

6:05 P.M. – Jack drives Kate to the closest mosque and preps her for identifying Ali. He reveals that Ali is, in fact, a suspect in a nuclear terrorist attack on the city. Mason phones Jack with news that Kim disappeared into the forest after the accident. Jack begs Mason to find her.

6:08 P.M. – Novick learns that there is not enough evidence to take action against Stanton. It will also take too long to obtain a warrant. He advises the President to immediately remove Stanton from his post, and deal with the ramifications later. Novick also intimates that he should do whatever possible to get Stanton to reveal what he knows about the bomb. Meanwhile, Sherry phones Lynne to ask what is being done about Stanton, but Lynne has not been apprised of the situation. Sherry urges Lynne to find out.

6:10 P.M. – The CTU SWAT team sets up in a parking structure near the mosque. Jack instructs the team leader to not make a move until the prayer service has ended because they need to grab Ali on his way out of the building. Yet they still do not even know if they are at the correct place. Kate offers to go into the mosque wearing a hijab over her face to see if Ali is indeed inside.

6:16 P.M. – Stanton is denied access into the government files on his computer. Colonel Lamb and a pair of MPs approach him. Lamb places Stanton under arrest on the authority of the President for conspiracy to commit treason. As he is escorted out, Stanton’s eyes meet Palmer’s. Lynne comes into the President’s office to tell him that Sherry has been trying to reach him. When he takes Sherry’s call, she asks what he will do about Stanton. Palmer informs her that he is having Stanton questioned, but Sherry says that she disagrees with his hasty decision. Despite her help in gathering information, Palmer refuses to include her in the process or let her influence him.

6:20 P.M. – At CTU, Tony admits to Michelle that he is happy about her opening up to the possibility of a relationship. Although he has been reluctant to start another office romance, he is willing to see what happens. They are interrupted by an alert about Bob Warner becoming violent in the interrogation room. Bob demands to be freed because he believes that Reza is lying about his involvement with the terrorists. Tony orders him to stay calm. When Bob asks about his daughters, Tony tells him that Kate is with one of their agents but he does not reveal what is happening.

As Kate puts on the traditional Muslim dress, Jack briefs her on what to do inside the mosque. Once she spots Ali, she is to leave the building. Jack hands Kate a device to trigger the SWAT team should she feel she is any danger.

6:24 P.M. – Kate enters the mosque and, as she makes her way to the women’s section, scans the room full of men praying. She spots Ali, and hurriedly makes her way out of the building as he looks up at her. Jack stops Kate as she exits, and she tells him that Ali is inside.

6:30 P.M. – At the O.C., Novick briefs Palmer about the last phone call Stanton made — it was to Colonel Sanders at the CIA headquarters. Palmer enters the holding room where Stanton is being kept and informs him that he has been connected to the nuclear threat. The President offers Stanton a deal to reveal what he knows in return for immunity. Stanton claims to have done nothing wrong, and says he does not know about the bomb.

6:33 P.M. – Jack gives the CTU agents Kate’s description of Ali, and deters the team not to move until Kate picks out the terrorist from the men leaving the mosque. The agents ready themselves at all points surrounding the building. As they wait across the street and focus their binoculars on the entrance, Jack thanks Kate for her courage in assisting the investigation.

6:35 P.M. – Kim makes her way through the forest, but stops when she hears the sound of an animal. She flees when she sees a cougar in the distance, but her ankle gets caught in an animal snare. The cougar follows her, and it stands on a rock above and stares at her. Kim is silently trembling as the animal watches her.

6:41 P.M. – Palmer returns to his retreat and speaks with one of the Secret Service agents named Simmons who had once served in a special unit out of Fort Myerson performing covert ops for the CIA. Palmer asks Simmons to act outside of his duties of the Secret Service under his direct orders. He is to use any means necessary to extract information from NSA Director Stanton.

Michelle gets word that Reza and the agents guarding him were murdered. The last time the agents communicated with CTU, Marie Warner had just arrived. Tony phones Jack with the news, and suggests that they treat Kate as a possible suspect. Jack, however, is sure that Kate knows nothing about her sister’s terrorism activities.

6:46 P.M. – Marie enters a lumber mill wearing a short brunette wig. She approaches the foreman about obtaining something from her boyfriend Marko’s locker. The foreman is reluctant to open it, but Marie seductively offers to show him her appreciation for his help. They go into the man’s office, close the blinds and lock the door.

6:53 P.M. – Roger Stanton is restrained in a chair with his bare feet submerged in a tub of water. Holding defibrillator paddles, Secret Service Agent Simmons questions him about his involvement with the nuclear bomb. Stanton calmly denies any knowledge, and Simmons zaps him on the temples. Palmer watches unflinchingly from a monitor in his office.

6:54 P.M. – Tony informs Bob Warner about Reza’s murder and the suspicion of Marie as the killer. Bob doesn’t believe this story, and accuses Tony of trying to trick him.

6:56 P.M. – As the worshipers file out of the mosque into the night, Jack readies his team. Kate watches the entrance through binoculars, but does not spot Ali among the men. Jack becomes alarmed when the mosque is emptied, and he questions Kate. She assures him that she did not see Ali, and Jack wonders if she might have been spotted when she went inside. He orders his team to raid the mosque, and he brings Kate with him. A glow of light flares from an adjoining room, and the agents find a man engulfed in flames. Jack extinguishes the fire as another agent covers the body with a blanket.

The foreman in the mill allows Marie to access Marko’s locker. She retrieves the trigger and leaves.

6:59 P.M. – The dead man in the mosque is wearing the clothes that match Ali’s description, and the agents believe that Ali has committed suicide. Yet Jack notices that the pants on the corpse are too short, and he realizes that this is not Ali. He alerts the agents surrounding the building that Ali is still on the scene.

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