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2:00 A.M. – As a general briefs the war room on the military plan, Vice President Prescott questions whether Palmer is indeed behind the air strikes. Palmer informs the Joint Chiefs and Cabinet members that he is waiting for CTU Agent Jack Bauer to provide hard evidence to prove that the Cyprus recording was fabricated. The general advises the President that, in order to be effective, the first strike must be a surprise. Waiting any longer will only increase U.S. casualties. Palmer agrees that they must proceed with the plan.

2:03 A.M. – Yusuf examines the microchip under a magnifying glass. Jack calls the President, but his staff will not put him through until the meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff is completed. Jack then phones Tony to tell him that he is bringing into CTU a chip with the evidence. He asks Tony to notify the President. Yusuf alerts Jack that there is a transponder on the chip, which is how they must have found Wallace at the warehouse. Yusuf is familiar with this kind of tracker and attempts to dismantle it without destroying the audio files.

2:05 A.M. – Michelle gets another frustrating call from Danny, but she has no news for him. Tony comes up to tell her that Jack called and has found the evidence. She urges Tony to warn the President. He says that he is thinking about it.

2:06 A.M. – Yusuf separates the tracker from the chip just as the men looking for Wallace arrive at the urgent care center. Jack takes the tracker, and tells Yusuf and Kate to meet him a few blocks away with the chip. If he is not there in fifteen minutes, they are to deliver the chip to CTU. As Jack runs out of the clinic, the men see on the handheld GPS monitor that Wallace has moved. They head towards where Jack went. One of the men sees Wallace’s dead body in the patient room, finding the hole in Wallace’s chest. Yusuf and Kate, hiding in the room, sneak out unnoticed.

2:13 A.M. – After the meeting with the Joint Chiefs, Novick informs the President that the California governor wants National Guardsmen dispatched in the state because of erupting violence. Lynne patches Tony through to the President as she and Novick listen in on speaker. Tony tells them that Jack claims to have found the source recordings edited together to make the Cyprus tape. Although Jack says that they are authentic, Tony can not be sure. Palmer tells Novick and Lynne that he wants to call off the attack. Novick tries to convince the President that his lack of response to a nuclear weapon going off on U.S. soil may cause him to be perceived as weak. Lynne also makes note that the Pentagon’s assessment shows that stopping and then restarting the military operation will cost thousands of lives. Yet Palmer is steadfast in his decision not to attack.

2:17 A.M. – Tony tells Michelle that he informed the President about Jack’s evidence. She thanks him for doing the right thing, but Tony wants to confirm that the chip is real when Jack brings it to CTU.

2:18 A.M – As Yusuf drives towards Jack’s meeting point, Kate tries to phone CTU. All the circuits are clogged and she can’t get through. Yusuf comments that they are too busy preparing war against his country. They pull up to the location to look for Jack. Meanwhile, the henchmen follow their GPS monitor into the basement of the clinic. There is no sign of Jack, but they find the tracker that was removed from the chip. The men see Jack running outside and one of their cars catches him. One of the men named Ronnie Stark shoots Jack with a taser. He falls to the ground. On Stark’s orders, the men carry Jack’s limp body into the clinic.

2:25 A.M. – After Novick informs a general with the President’s decision not to launch the attack, Lynne asks him if he knows about a meeting that the Vice President called. She only heard about it second hand, and has not informed Palmer. Novick has no idea either, and says he will try to find out its purpose.

2:26 A.M. – The men strip Jack and search his clothes with a metal detector. They induce him to vomit, and run the metal detector over the excrement. Stark takes out a medical case full of scissors and scalpels. He receives a call from Peter Kingsley, who is flying in a helicopter over Los Angeles. Kingsley seems to already know that the man they are holding is Jack Bauer. He asks to speak to Jack, and offers Jack money for the chip. Jack will not relent. Kingsley instructs Stark to get Jack to break because they do not have much time.

2:29 A.M. – Stark dips a scalpel in ammonia and slices into Jack’s abdomen. Jack’s scream is muffled by the gag in his mouth.

2:30 A.M. – Michelle asks Carrie to unlock the software on her system to allow her to run point analysis on the chip Jack is bringing in. Carrie says she will do it herself, but Michelle insists that she just do as she is commanded. Michelle accuses her of trying to sabotage her work, and Carrie says that Michelle is doing the same. Tony witnesses this, and summons Michelle to his office. He asks what is going on between them to interfere with their work. Michelle admits that she and Carrie were friends when she worked for her at Division. Her brother Danny left his wife and children for Carrie, who then dumped him. Danny lost his job and his family, and tried to commit suicide. Tony asks Michelle to help keep the office running despite what is between them. Michelle gets a call. Danny is at CTU to see her.

2:33 A.M. – Michelle asks Danny what he is doing there. He says that he tried to call, but the phones weren’t working. He only wanted to apologize for yelling at her. Michelle wants him to leave, but Danny sees Carrie across the room. He yells at Carrie for not returning his calls. Both Michelle and Tony try to step between them, but Danny lunges for Carrie and wraps his hands around her throat. Security guards have to pull Danny off, and Michelle watches, horrified.

2:38 A.M. – Novick tells Lynne that he found out the Vice President is personally calling cabinet members. They both assume it is about the President’s decision to call off the attack. Novick says that he is secretly meeting with a Defense Department official named Jesper Isberg who has information. Although Novick tries to keep her out of it, Lynne insists on being present for the meeting. Novick tells her to go to a storage room on the fifth floor and wait.

2:39 A.M. – While a medic checks out Carrie, Tony goes to Michelle, who is crying in a corner. She is upset about her brother, and the emotions from the day’s events come flooding over her. Tony comforts her and they kiss. Carrie interrupts to tell Tony that Chappelle is looking for him.

2:42 A.M. – Stark opens another wound in Jack’s side but Jack is defiant. Stark then takes a hot cauterizer and burns Jack in the spot where he has been cut. Jack screams in pain through the gag until he loses breath. One of the other henchmen pulls Stark off to prevent him from killing Jack. Stark’s cell phone rings. It is Kingsley, checking on the status of the chip. Stark says he is still working.

2:46 A.M. – Novick enters the fifth floor corridor and meets Lynne. He asks her if she knows about Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, where the cabinet can vote to remove a President from office if they determine that he is unfit to fulfill his duties. The Vice President would then become acting President. Lynne is alarmed that Prescott would do such a thing. Jesper Isberg arrives, and Novick makes him wait outside. Novick then asks Lynne where she stands with regard to Palmer’s decision. Lynne says that, although she does not agree with the President, she is loyal to him and believes that Prescott should be charged with treason. Novick calls in Isberg and steps out of the room. Isberg blocks Lynne from the door. Lynne is shocked that Novick is aligned with Prescott. He tells her that Palmer would not listen to reason and that he can’t stand by while the President’s indecisiveness could cost American lives. Novick tries to justify to Lynne that he is doing this for the good of the country. Although she puts up a fight, Isberg locks Lynne in the room. Novick orders him to not let her out unless Isberg hears it from him directly.

2:53 A.M. – Yusuf tells Kate that they should bring the chip to CTU since Jack never showed up. As he is about to drive away, Yusuf is pulled out of the car by a group of men. They accuse him of being an Arab who bombed the United States. Yusuf grabs one of the men and trains his gun on him, warning the other men to get down on the ground. As Kate is getting back into the car, she sees another man come up to Yusuf with a brick. She tries to warn him, but the man knocks Yusuf to the ground. The men beat him mercilessly. When Kate tries to stop them, they smack her. She falls, dazed.

2:56 A.M. – Tony phones Chappelle in his car. He tells Tony that he is coming to CTU with a few key people from Division to help out. Tony then calls Michelle to see how she is doing. She apologizes for her actions, but he says he is not sorry for what they did. Michelle is concerned about what Carrie will do with the news. Tony says that it is none of her business.

2:58 A.M. – Stark orders the unconscious Jack to be woken up. He brings up Kim, suggesting that Jack wouldn’t want his daughter to be an orphan. Stark has one of his men hit Jack with the taser. Jack writhes in pain. Stark instructs the man to do it again, but the man says that Jack is no good to them if he is dead. Stark takes the taser and does it himself. Jack’s eyes roll to the back of his head and his body goes slack. Stark orders the men to wake him up, but when they snap poppers under Jack’s nose, he does not stir. One of the men says that Jack is dead. With concern rising, Stark tells the men to cut Jack’s binds and let him down. Stark frantically administers CPR on Jack, and yells for the men to find epinephrine.

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