9PM – 10PM

9:00 P.M. – As the techs scan the decoy bomb for clues, Jack tries questioning Omar. Omar, however, does not speak English. Jack puts in an urgent request for a translator.

At CTU, tufts of Mason’s hair fall out from the radiation sickness. He gets Jack on the phone and inquires about the search at the airport. Jack asks him for a reverse-time satellite to track the delivery of the decoy, but the weakening Mason seems not to have heard him. Jack implores Mason to step aside if he is not fully functioning. Right now they need someone capable in command. Mason lets Jack know that there was a seventh commando who may have escaped. The seventh member of their team must have shot the soldiers at close range, and Jack asks Mason to find the identity of that man. Omar begins to say something in Arabic, but no one can understand him because the translator has yet to arrive.

From the airport holding room, Kate calls her father. Bob Warner is still being held at CTU. They are both shocked that Marie is linked to the terrorists. Kate hangs up when Jack comes in to ask her for help in talking to Omar.

9:04 P.M. – Palmer fills in Novick on what Stanton said about Sherry’s involvement in the conspiracy. The President has Sherry summoned, and he tells her that he knows about Stanton bringing the bomb into the country. He then questions if she is working with Stanton. Sherry denies it, claiming that she only met Stanton that afternoon. Palmer knows that is not true. Since she alleges to love him, he asks her to come clean. She admits to being approached by Stanton because he wanted to know Palmer’s weaknesses. Sherry only obliged in order to gain Stanton’s confidence. She did it to protect Palmer, not hurt him. She asks her ex-husband to allow her to prove her innocence.

9:09 P.M. – Kate translates that Omar only participated in the terrorist plot because Syed Ali promised to pay his family. Kate then asks Omar about the second bomb, but he doesn’t understand her dialect. The translator arrives and asks Omar the same question. He says he doesn’t know anything.

9:10 P.M. – When Kate is leaving the hangar, she sees a group of people being shuffled into another building because of the airfield lock down. Among the crowd, Kate sees a woman with short brown hair. She recognizes the woman as her sister Marie.

9:15 P.M. – In the bomb shelter, Kim asks McRae about what he heard on the radio regarding the nuclear blast. He tells her that the transmission died before he could get any news. Kim is eager to contact her father, but McRae dissuades her from leaving the shelter. He offers to try his shortwave radio. Yet when he puts on the headphones, he can hear the Los Angeles radio stations in full force. McRae pulls out the antennae connection from the radio and it goes static. He tells Kim that he could not pick up anything because the radiation has affected the antennae. Kim sobs in fear, and McRae comforts her.

9:17 P.M. – Mason meets Carrie Turner, the new programmer brought in to replace Paula Schaeffer. He asks her to report directly to him. Carrie, who has noted Mason’s failing health, says that she heard he will not be around much longer. He smiles at her frankness, and tells her to instead report to Tony and Michelle. Carrie informs him that she used to be Michelle’s boss at District, but that this will not cause any problems. Suddenly, Mason passes out and collapses to the floor.

9:19 P.M. – Kate goes into the building where people are being checked in by security and subjected to metal detectors. She spots Marie slipping out a back door. Yet when she goes to follow her, Kate is stopped by a guard. She flashes the badge given to her by CTU, and tells the guard to radio Jack Bauer about Marie. Kate goes out the back door and is startled when Marie pulls a gun on her and demands her badge. Marie tells her sister that Syed Ali helped her see the hypocrisy of this country and of people like Bob Warner, who worked for the CIA. Kate calls her sister ungrateful for everything she and their father did. She believes that Marie has been brainwashed by lunatics. Marie slaps Kate, and again asks for her badge. This time she threatens to kill her. Suddenly, a shot rings out. Jack has hit Marie in the arm. He approaches with a team of agents and they secure Marie.

9:28 P.M. – Marie is brought to an emergency building at the airport. She screams in pain from the gunshot. Kate asks why her sister is not being treated for the pain, and Jack explains that they need her cooperation because she may be the only one who has information. After Marie is handcuffed to a chair, Jack asks where the bomb is but she is resistant. Once she reveals the information they are looking for, they will have the bullet removed from her body. Marie screams in agony, and Kate winces at the sound of her sister being tortured. Marie still will not give Jack anything, saying that she is not afraid to die. Jack doesn’t believe her, and he says that she doesn’t have the look of people willing to give up their lives for their cause.

9:31 P.M. – While McRae fiddles with his radio under headphones, Kim finds a television set on a shelf in the bunker. She turns it on and sees that all the stations are fully operational. The local news does not show anything out of the ordinary. Kim realizes that she is in danger.

9:33 P.M. – Tony pulls up a bio of a special ops soldier named Jonathan Wallace, who is believed to be the seventh commando in the Coral Snake unit. Michelle forwards the info to Jack and the White House’s O.C. Carrie comes over to greet Michelle, and there is some tension between the two. Michelle, establishing the lines of authority, hands Carrie some files to analyze.

9:34 P.M. – Mason approaches Tony about taking over command because he doesn’t feel well enough to continue. He asks Tony to say goodbye to the staff for him, and hands him access codes for CTU and Division. He has already talked to Chappelle at District. Tony has been named the new Director. Mason wishes Tony luck and leaves quietly.

9:40 P.M. – Tony settles himself into Mason’s office. He alerts the CTU staff of Mason’s situation and the new chain of command. Tony tells the crew that they can not mourn until they get through this crisis.

9:42 P.M. – Jack has Agent Goodrich give Marie something temporary for the pain because he needs her lucid for more questioning. He then asks Kate to remind Marie of the other things she used to love so that they can break through whatever brainwashing Syed Ali did to her. Although Marie is a bit groggy from the painkiller, Kate strokes her hair tenderly. She pleads with her to stop the bomb, but Marie says she can’t. The Demerol wears off, and Marie sobs when the pain returns. Jack won’t dispense more painkillers until she gives them information. Marie finally relents. She tells Jack that the bomb is in a suitcase being transported by a green van to the Arco Towers downtown. Marie knows it will detonate in three hours because she saw the timer. Jack wants her to describe the timer, and Marie hesitates. Jack knows that there would not be a visible timer on a bomb that size. Marie claims that she is not lying. Jack becomes convinced that Marie is trying to lead them astray and that the bomb is still on the site. He orders teams to initiate a grid search of all the buildings at the airport. Jack and the agents head out to search, leaving Marie alone with Kate. “They’re not going to find it in time,” Marie says. “We’re all going to die.”

9:52 P.M. – Novick sets up a video call for the President with Steve Hillenburg, a CIA operative at Langley. Sherry watches the monitor as Hillenburg confirms her story. Sherry contacted him four months ago because Stanton was trying to recruit her to undermine the Administration. Hillenburg operated without the President’s knowledge in order to protect both Palmer and Sherry. He says he has photographs, taped conversations and debriefs to corroborate her claims. Palmer asks where the meetings took place, and Sherry says that it was in a hotel room for the first month. She quickly tells Palmer that she did not sleep with Stanton. “I didn’t ask,” Palmer says, and hangs up with Hillenburg. Sherry pleads with Palmer to believe that she was not part of Stanton’s conspiracy. Palmer doesn’t know whether she’s telling the truth or not, but he knows that he can not trust her. He orders her to leave and threatens to arrest her if she resists.

9:55 P.M. – As McRae sets up a cot, Kim scans the room and spots a hunting knife. She asks McRae to get her another aspirin, and when his back is turned, she hits him in the head with a flashlight. She draws the knife on him and demands that he let her out, saying she knows that the bomb didn’t go off. McRae disarms her, and pleads that he wasn’t going to hurt her. He only wanted some company. Kim says that she does not want to stay, and McRae becomes enraged that she is rejecting him. Kim begs him to let her go. He hands her a flashlight and a gun to guard against the wilderness. He opens the door and gives her directions to the trail. Kim runs out.

9:59 P.M. – As Jack drives through the airfield, he sees signs of gunfire ahead. The CTU radio reports that one hostile is down. Jack pulls up, and Goodrich directs him to the bomb wrapped in an Army green duffel bag. The N.E.S.T. technician confirms that the bomb is nuclear and has a trigger. Jack radios for an evacuation of the site. The tech realizes that the weapon is armed, but he doesn’t know how long before it will detonate. It could be any second.

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