2PM – 3PM

2:00 P.M. – As they arrive at the airbase, Nina alerts the agents securing the area that Jack had drugged Agent Miller to get her alone. Once aboard the CTU jet, Agent Phillips tells Jack that he will make sure Nina is kept safe.

2:03 P.M. – Marie reproaches Kate for wrongfully incriminating Reza and for opening up the witch hunt on their family. Kate then turns on Reza for implicating Bob to save himself, but Reza says that Bob must be the one who is guilty. Reza only told the truth. With her sister and future husband fighting, Marie bursts into tears and runs out of the room.

Palmer’s Chief of Staff Mike Novick arrives in Oregon from Washington, and is surprised to see Sherry at the retreat. She tells him that she has learned from her past mistakes. Lynne and Palmer discuss how to handle the Ron Wieland situation. The reporter’s crew has not seen him since the Secret Service took him into custody. Novick, who has found precedent for the executive branch’s measures against the press in times of national crisis, suggests they buy time by having Richard Armus leak a story about Wieland being away on personal business.

2:08 P.M. – Michelle informs Mason that Jack drugged Miller to get Nina alone. Mason is hardly taken aback, and goes into his office. He opens his shirt to reveal a radiation rash on his chest.

Despite Sherry’s knowledge of the military evacuation, Novick is not sure that she is correct about a vast conspiracy within the government, but he promises the President that he will investigate the situation. Palmer advocates that Novick begin with NSA Director Roger Stanton, Stanton had always been close with the just-fired Eric Rayburn.

2:11 P.M. – Jack tries to physically threaten Nina to reveal where Faheen is, but Phillips intervenes. Jack orders her to get changed into civilian clothes so that she will blend in. Not trusting her, he has her strip in his presence.

2:17 P.M. – Mason calls his estranged son, John, whom he hasn’t spoken with in two years. He asks John to come to see him at CTU. John refuses.

2:19 P.M. – The CTU jet lands at the Davenport Airfield in Visalia and is met by a squadron of FBI agents. After deplaning, Nina gives up the name of Faheen’s location: a store called Crescent Collectibles. Jack wants Nina to go along with him there.

2:20 P.M. – Novick approaches Stanton, and requests an update on all the intel that Stanton has compiled. Lynne briefs the President about CTU locating weapons grade nuclear material in a warehouse. When she tells him that Jack is working directly with Nina Myers to find the terrorist, Palmer becomes alarmed.

2:22 P.M. – Jack and the FBI agents prepare for the raid on Faheen and Nina tells them what to expect. She had already given Faheen protocols from CTU, and Faheen is prepared to kill himself to protect their plan. Jack wants Nina to go in first and convince Faheen that she has gotten out of prison. Nina is worried that Faheen will be suspicious, and shoot her before turning the gun on himself. Jack says they will prevent Faheen from committing suicide. He will not be responsible for saving Nina.

2:28 P.M. – Tony calls Mason to tell him that Bob Warner is the new suspect. Bob claims not to know anything about Syed Ali. Mason wants both Bob and Reza brought to CTU for further questioning, and gives Tony authority to arrest them if necessary. Although Reza is resistant, Bob asks him to comply with Tony’s demand. Marie insists on accompanying Reza. Bob instructs Kate to notify their guests about the wedding’s postponement and to contact his lawyer.

2:33 P.M. – Lynne meets with Palmer and Novick but is hesitant to speak because Sherry is in the room. Palmer introduces the women, and explains that he has granted Sherry a provisional security clearance. He gives Lynne permission to disclose secrets in front of his ex-wife. Lynne is shocked to learn that Stanton is a suspect in a plot against the President. Sherry boldly tells Lynne that she found out Stanton and Rayburn were having secret meetings with a Senator. Lynne, however, already knows about those meetings and explains that they have nothing to do with this situation. She offers up detailed records on their context. Regardless, Palmer wants to be certain that Stanton is not working against them. Lynne and Sherry trade distrustful looks.

2:38 P.M. – Kate phones her private investigator, but gets the man’s boss instead. Paul Koplin assures her that he is familiar with her case. Kate asks Koplin for help accessing her father’s private data records.

Sherry lets Lynne know that she was one of the people who put Palmer in office, and that she is important enough to provide help. Overhearing this, Palmer warns Sherry about trying to compete with Lynne. He tells her that he is keeping her around despite advice on the contrary from others in his Administration.

2:42 P.M. – As Nina enters Crescent Collectibles, Jack waits outside the store. A wire attached to her necklace transmits both voice and picture to him. Michelle is watching and listening from CTU as well. A woman working in the store tells Faheen over an intercom that Nina is out of prison and is there to see him. When she brings Nina into a back room, the reception on Jack’s monitor goes out. Michelle describes for him what she is viewing and the translator relays what they are saying. Nina lies to Faheen, saying that she had to pay someone to escape from prison and that she needs his help to flee the country. Since Michelle can not confirm that it is indeed Faheen, Jack holds the FBI SWAT team from raiding the building. Yet when Faheen hugs Nina the audio goes dead. Jack orders the raid, and agents shoot their way into every entrance. Jack finds Faheen unconscious and Nina gone. He enters the basement of the building to look for her.

2:51 P.M. – Nina runs to a gated door from the basement, but it is locked. As she pulls a gun to blow off the padlock, Jack traps her. She drops her gun, turns her back to him and places her hands on her head. Jack trains his weapon on the back of her head and pauses. After debating what to do, he then slaps handcuffs on her.

2:53 P.M. – In Gary’s car, Kim calls her Aunt Carol to say that she is on her way there. Megan is asleep in the back seat. Suddenly, they are pulled over by the police for speeding. Miguel hands over the registration and the cop goes to call it in. Kim and Miguel brace themselves for the worst.

An LAPD officer leads a handcuffed John Mason into CTU. Mason uncuffs his son and apologizes for the manner in which he was brought in. Mason gives John the number of a secret bank account where he has stashed a few hundred thousand dollars, but John does not want the money. Without giving specifics, Mason tells his son that he is dying. He then asks him to leave Los Angeles because it is unsafe. John is confused, and Mason hugs him. Mason makes his son leave so he won’t see how emotionally wrought he is.

2:59 P.M. – The policeman lets Miguel off with a warning. As he walks back to his squad car, the cop notices blood dripping from the trunk and stops them. He orders Miguel to open the trunk. Miguel is stunned to see a woman’s dead body inside. The policeman pulls his gun on Miguel and forces him to the ground. He orders Kim to exit the car and calls for backup. Kim gets out and recognizes that it is Carla inside the trunk. Megan wakes up from the commotion, but Kim tells her to stay in the car. She doesn’t want Megan to see her mother’s dead body.

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