3PM – 4PM

3:00 P.M. – Kim and Miguel try to explain their story to the highway patrolman, but he doesn’t understand why they are fleeing the city instead of seeking help from the police. He places them under arrest.

Tony escorts Reza, Marie and Bob Warner into the ruins of CTU. Bob asks if he can speak to Tony privately, but Tony dismisses him. Although both Reza and Bob’s stories have contradicted each other, Tony lets Mason know that there is definitely some connection to Syed Ali. Mason gives him permission to do whatever it takes to find the answers.

3:03 P.M. – In the O.C., Stanton inquires to Lynne about Sherry’s provisional security clearance. At the retreat, Sherry finds out that the reporter Ron Wieland is missing. She presses Palmer about his being held hostage, reasoning that the man’s disappearance will only raise more questions. Sherry offers her assistance in trying to persuade Wieland to accept an exclusive on-air interview.

Before being taken away in a squad car, Kim appeals to the officer to not bring Megan back to Los Angeles. Yet, despite Miguel’s pleas, she will still not reveal why it is unsafe. She gives the cop Jack’s information and asks him to contact her father. The policeman says he will call once Kim has been processed. She fears it will be too late.

3:08 P.M. – At the Crescent Collectibles store in Visalia, Nina attempts to get information from Faheen. As she speaks to him in Arabic, Michelle’s translator deciphers the conversation for Jack over the monitor. Faheen, however, won’t disclose anything, and Jack gets impatient. He drags Nina back to the car so that they can head back to Los Angeles. The other agents won’t let Jack leave with Nina alone, and they raise their guns to make him retreat from the car.

3:14 P.M. – Paul Koplin, the boss of Kate’s private investigator Ralph Burton, comes to the Warner house to see her. He is familiar with the files that link Reza to Syed Ali, and he attaches some kind of transmitter to the back of Bob’s computer. Kate is slightly alarmed to see that Koplin is carrying a gun, but she shows him the records that she is having trouble accessing in the computer.

3:15 P.M. – Roger Stanton stops Armus as he is escorting Sherry to a restricted area in the O.C. She assures the dubious Stanton that she has been granted right of entry, and she goes into the holding room where Wieland is being kept. Sherry promises Wieland that, if he does not reveal anything about the rumors he had threatened to broadcast, he will be given permission to report from inside the O.C. No other journalist has ever been allowed to do so.

3:18 P.M. – In the van transporting the nuclear device, Basheer gets off the phone and informs Marko and Omar that “Everybody is ready” for them to deliver the bomb. The van suddenly gets a flat tire and they are forced to pull over. They realize that there is a part missing that would detract from fixing the tire. A pool man pulls over and offers them his assistance. Basheer accepts the man’s help.

3:20 P.M. – As they ride back to Los Angeles on the CTU jet, Nina tries to persuade Faheen to cooperate with Jack and about the bomb. Michelle is still having their conversation in Arabic translated into Jack’s earpiece. Faheen tells Nina he is not afraid to die for his cause, and he calls her a traitor. Yet Nina still has a piece of a gift card in her hand that she grabbed when she entered Crescent Collectibles. It is unseen by anyone else. Jack takes Nina aside. She confirms that she did not know anything about the nuclear bomb, but she has no other information about the plan.

3:27 P.M. – The pool man kindly puts a spare tire on Marko’s van, and Basheer thanks him graciously by offering to pay. The pool man doesn’t accept the money, and gives Basheer his business card instead. Marko, who is staring at a group of children playing nearby, tentatively gets back into the van.

While driving Kim to the station, the highway patrolman discusses the situation with another policeman on the phone. He then informs Kim that Miguel told another officer that they were leaving town because some kind of bomb is going off in Los Angeles. Kim pleads with the man to call her father at CTU and keep Megan away from the city. Sensing that perhaps Kim is not lying, the patrolman calls dispatch and asks to be put through to the FBI. The dispatcher says that they have been unable to contact the FBI because of jammed lines. The policeman begins to suspect that something is indeed wrong.

3:29 P.M. – Sherry returns to the retreat to report back to Palmer. Wieland will not conform to their demands. Palmer dismisses her, but Sherry asks why he won’t give her a second chance. She admits that she once got caught up in the political power, but she has now realized her limits. Sherry only wants to help him so that she can regain his confidence. Palmer accepts her help again, with the caveat that she receive nothing in return.

3:31 P.M. – As he drives, thoughts go through Marko’s head. He pulls the van off the road and Basheer reprimands him. “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to kill anyone,” Marko says. Basheer shoots him in the chest, and gets out to retrieve Marko’s body. Yet when Basheer gets to the other door, the still living Marko shoots him back. They both fall out of the van dead. Omar sees the two men’s bodies and is confused about what to do.

3:37 P.M. – In Bob’s computer, Koplin finds transaction records confirming that Reza withdrew money. There is also a consulting check made out to Syed Ali for $475,000. Koplin then uncovers government files on the database, which Kate merely attributes to Bob’s government clients. Suddenly, the files begin to auto-delete themselves, and Koplin hits some keys to freeze them. The screen becomes filled with ASCII codes, and Koplin recognizes them as encoded coordinate addresses. The only people with files such as these would have government security clearance. Kate is confused as to why this would be on her father’s machine.

3:40 P.M. – Tony comes into the CTU interrogation room where Bob Warner is being held and turns on a tape recorder. Bob admits that he is working as a consultant for the CIA, and he gives Tony the contact code of his liaison there. Because of its international investment business, Bob’s company passes information back and forth to an unknown source. Yet Bob does not know Syed Ali or how there would be any record of him doing business with him. Tony goes to verify Bob’s story and alerts Mason of the discovery.

3:43 P.M. – Michelle gets a call from the California Highway Patrol. They have Kim in custody for a charge of murder. She phones Jack on the jet and connects him on the line with Kimberly. Kim explains what happened. She is sure that Gary must have killed Carla. Although Jack vows that someone from CTU will retrieve her, Kim wants him to come himself. Jack notices that Nina and Faheen are engaged in a hushed conversation on the other side of the plane. With Kim still on the line, Michelle translates their conversation for Jack. Nina said that she has the power to save Faheen’s family from being rounded up by U.S. forces. Yet Michelle can’t pick up any more of what they are saying because they are talking too quietly. Jack asks Nina what Faheen just told her. “Everything,” she says before slitting Faheen’s throat with the shard of gift card she was palming. Jack leaps out of his seat to restrain Nina while the other agents rush to stop the bleeding in Faheen’s neck. Faheen dies. Nina, who now is the only one who knows where the bomb is, stipulates that Jack re-route the plan to San Diego so that she can flee the country. She will only tell him the information when they are on the ground. Mason, who has been listening on the phone, gives in to her demand because they are running out of time. Jack insists that they will hold her until they can confirm the validity of what she divulges.

3:51 P.M. – Michelle tells Mason that she picked up a name from the recordings of Faheen’s muted admission to Nina. Michelle connected the name Marko Khatami to Syed Ali. Mason goes over to Reza, grabs him by the neck and pins him to the wall. Reza says that he does not know Marko Khatami, and Mason calls him a liar. Tony pulls Mason off, as Marie goes to Reza’s aid.

At the highway patrol station, the officer leads Kim and Miguel out of their holding rooms and tells them that they are being transferred to someone at CTU. She asks about Megan, insisting that the little girl not be taken back to Los Angeles. The policeman once again pushes Kim to reveal what is going on, and she finally admits that there is a nuclear bomb loose in the city.

3:54 P.M. – Michelle tells Tony that she was not able to retrieve anything else from the tape. Noticing that she is rattled, he inquires about her well being. “We’re going to survive this day,” Tony says warmly.

Palmer asks Lynne what she thinks about Sherry being around. She says that she will defer to anything he wants. They are interrupted by a live news broadcast. Wieland is reporting that there is an imminent threat to national security by Middle Eastern terrorist cels working with the possible involvement of domestic terrorist groups. Wieland also confirms that the President knows about this and is not telling the American public. Palmer asks Mike Novick how Wieland got out, and he demands to see Armus, who had been overseeing Wieland’s captivity.

3:56 P.M. – As Kate walks Koplin out of the house, she wonders why her father didn’t already know about Reza’s illegal involvement if he was supposedly working with the government. Bob wouldn’t have let his daughter marry Reza if he had been under investigation, and he had always treated Reza like a son. Koplin says that he knows Tony Almeida and will call him. Suddenly, two men appear in the yard and attack Kate and Koplin. The men inject something into their necks and toss the limp bodies of Kate and Koplin into a parked truck. It pulls out of the Warner driveway.

3:59 P.M. – As a shackled Nina sits on the CTU jet, Jack recalls to Nina a fond memory of his wife Teri in the days before she was killed. “That’s what you took from this world, Nina,” he says. “That’s what you took from me and my daughter.” Suddenly, an explosion rocks the plane and an alarm sounds. The jet jostles, and bodies are tossed about the cabin.

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