1PM – 2PM

1:00 P.M. – As Nina waits in a secured CTU room, Jack is handed her case file. Yet he knows all about her and doesn’t need it to interrogate her.

At Palmer’s retreat, reporters bombard him with questions about the helicopter crash and any possible connection to the CTU bombing. The President only reveals that there will be an investigation forthcoming. Jenny Dodge promises the media that a statement will be released when credible information is confirmed. Palmer walks inside to find his ex-wife Sherry waiting for him. She asks to speak with him privately about his administration, but Palmer dismisses her. Sherry piques his interest when she mentions that she heard military personnel have been evacuated out of Los Angeles. Palmer leaves, telling her to wait. Since he specifically requested that no evacuations were to take place, Lynne is assigned the task of finding out what happened.

1:06 P.M. – Tony continues to question Reza at the Warner residence. Reza complains of racial profiling, but Tony explains why his accusations are valid and refuses Reza’s request for a lawyer.

1:08 P.M. – NSA chief Roger Stanton theorizes whether the helicopter crash was actually premeditated, because the Prime Minister was unhappy with his Ambassador doing business with America. Yet Palmer suggests that perhaps forces within his own government caused the crash. He orders Lynne to set up an independent inquiry to find out the truth.

1:09 P.M. – Jack vows to Mason that he will put aside his anger and get Nina to disclose everything. He walks into the interrogation room and slaps her Presidential pardon on the table. Nina claims that she needs to be sent to Visalia because her contact there will only tell her where the bomb is in person. Jack is reluctant to trust her, and demands her contact’s name. Nina, under the assumption that CTU will remove Jack from the case if he harms her, stands her ground. Her smugness only enrages Jack to slams her against the wall. Holding her throat, he threatens to kill her unless she tells him what he wants to know. Watching outside from a monitor, Mason immediately orders Jack removed from the room. He questions Jack’s motives, but Jack says that it is all part of his plan to convince Nina that he is putting his own revenge ahead of stopping the bomb. Mason notices that while Nina is visibly afraid, Jack is completely calm. Jack asks for another five minutes with her, and requests that the thermostat be turned up ten degrees in the interrogation room. Mason agrees to this.

1:18 P.M. – Kate tries to explain her side of the story to her crying sister. She suggests that they may have to cancel the wedding, but Marie refuses. Marie only wants Kate to stop trying to control her life.

1:19 P.M. – As they search the hospital for Megan, Kim and Miguel see Gary talking to a doctor outside of Megan’s room. The doctor warns Gary that the causes of Megan’s concussion have yet to be determined so she must be kept for observation. Panicking, Gary books two tickets to Mexico and begins to dress Megan.

1:21 P.M. – Jack returns to the interrogation room and pulls out a gun. He fires shots into the wall past Nina’s head, demanding a name from her. Jack aims at her head, and she admits that the man in Visalia is Mamud Faheen. Jack already knows that name, and he wants to know what their relationship is. Faheen had introduced Nina to Joseph Wald because Wald wanted her schematics for CTU. Yet Nina refuses to give Jack Faheen’s exact location unless she is permitted to go to Visalia. Her pardon won’t mean anything if she is killed. Jack turns to the video monitor. Watching from outside, Mason orders Michelle to notify the authorities in Visalia.

1:23 P.M. – Lynne learns that military personnel and resources began evacuating an hour ago under Roger Stanton’s orders. Palmer has her countermand the evacuation, returning the forces back to their bases. He then confronts Stanton about this, but Stanton apologizes. He was only following up on what he thought was the President’s command. Palmer asks him to make sure his orders to rescind the evacuation are executed. Knowing Sherry’s intelligence was correct, he agrees to meet with her.

As he dresses Megan, Gary apologizes for hurting her and explains that they are leaving. A nurse knocks on the door to inform Gary that he has a phone call at the nurse’s station. He tells Megan not to move and goes to take the call from someone in accounts receivable about his bill. The caller is really Miguel, who stalls Gary so that Kim can slip into Megan’s room. Kim persuades Megan that she is only trying to protect her. When Gary returns to the room, he finds Megan is missing. He angrily alerts the nurse.

1:32 P.M. – Kim, Megan and Miguel rush down the stairwell. Megan begins to cry because she thinks that her father will get mad and hurt her. Kim tries to convince her that he will continue to hurt her unless she leaves with them. Back at the room, the nurse tells Gary that no one has seen Megan, and he orders security to find her. Kim, Miguel and Megan hide in an examination room when the security guards block the entrances.

1:34 P.M. – Mason arranges for an agent named Miller to accompany Jack and Nina on their flight to Visalia. Jack again assures Mason that he won’t put the lives of millions on the line to satisfy his own revenge. Mason still wants Miller there as a precaution. Mason gets hit with a fit of coughing, and Jack encourages him to go be with his family in his last hours.

1:35 P.M. – Palmer enters his retreat where Sherry is waiting. She won’t reveal how she learned about the military evacuation, but asks to allow her to help him. Sherry tells Palmer that she still loves him, but she needs to know what he is up against so she can be of some assistance. Palmer realizes that he needs all the help he can muster, and he discloses that there is the threat of a nuclear strike in Los Angeles. Sherry is stunned, and admits that a high level staffer at the Defense Department told her about the evacuation because members of the administration are allying against Palmer for control of his presidency. She offers to aid him in weeding out these people who disagree with his policies. Palmer accepts her help on the condition that it is only in the best interest of the country. He warns her that it better not be one of her manipulations back into his personal life.

1:43 P.M. – Kate greets Reza’s parents when they arrive at the Warner house. They ask to see their son, and Kate tells them that government agents are there to question him about alleged terrorist activity. The Naiyeers are convinced that Reza is being treated unfairly only because he is Middle Eastern.

Miguel leaves the exam room, grabs a flat screen computer monitor from a desk and runs. The distracted security guard chases after him, allowing Kim and Megan to escape. Gary sees the girls from the hospital window and heads outside.

1:47 P.M. – In the transport van, Nina tries to make small talk with Agent Miller in an attempt to convey that he is only there to protect her against Jack. Yet Miller ignores her, and takes a bottle of water from Jack.

1:54 P.M. – Tony presses Reza about a money transfer to Syed Ali under his name, but Reza claims ignorance. Tony threatens to walk him out in handcuffs past his parents. Reza relents, and admits to only confirming the transfers to cover for Bob Warner — Marie’s father.

Waiting for Miguel, Kim and Megan duck behind cars in the hospital parking but are spotted by Gary. He threatens to throw Kim in jail unless she turns over his daughter. She refuses. Gary grabs Kim’s hair and is about to strike her when Miguel appears and body slams Gary. The men fight, and Miguel knocks Gary out cold with a roundhouse martial arts kick to the face. They grab Gary’s keys and run for his parked car nearby.

Reza comforts both Marie and his parents with news of his exoneration. Yet when Tony asks to speak to Bob Warner, Kate turns to Reza. Reza explains that he only told the truth to Tony.

1:59 P.M. – Miller informs Jack that their team is assembled in Visalia, but he immediately passes out. Jack eases Miller’s body down on the seat. Nina notices the water bottle that Jack gave to him, and she realizes that Miller has been drugged. Jack cocks his gun and smiles at Nina. A look of fear spreads over her face.

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