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4:00 P.M. – While reporter Ron Wieland tells the news networks about being detained by the President, Sherry works the phones in the retreat to try and find out who Wieland’s source is inside the Administration. Palmer comes in and confronts her because he believes that she had something to do with Wieland’s release. Sherry denies the accusation, and even swears on the lives of their children that she was not responsible. Mike Novick interrupts them, and shows the President a security tape from 25 minutes ago. On the video, Armus is seen releasing Wieland from the holding room.

As the CTU jet descends in flames, the pilot tells Jack that he found a safe spot by a riverbed to crash land. Jack manages to call Mason at CTU and gives him the coordinates of the site. While Mason listens in, Jack begs Nina for the location of the bomb. Regardless of her pardon, she refuses to disclose the information. Even if they survive the crash, she fears that Jack will kill her. Jack pledges that he will not harm her, but she does not believe him. Agent Phillips trains his gun on Nina and demands to know about the bomb, but Jack orders him to get away from her. The pilot says that they will not make it to the riverbed, and as Jack relays the news to Mason, the phone goes dead.

4:06 P.M. – Palmer orders Novick to find Armus. He then goes in to apologize to Sherry for doubting her. She asks how he will deal with the turn of events, and Palmer plans to go directly to the press himself to attack Wieland’s credibility. Sherry suggests that he just tell the truth because it has worked for him in the past. Novick informs the President that Jack Bauer’s plane went down.

4:08 P.M. – At the crash site in the Angeles National Forest, the still-alive Jack rolls out of the fuselage. A tree branch is lodged in his thigh. He yanks it out, and stumbles to find Agent Phillips barely alive. Jack takes Phillips’ cell phone and keys. Searching the wreckage, Jack locates Nina. She is unconscious but still strapped to her seat. He uses Phillips’ keys to unlock Nina, and performs CPR to resuscitate her.

4:16 P.M. – Michelle shows Mason satellite images from the time of the plane’s explosion. The streaks on the image prove that a ground-to-air missile shot down the jet. Mason’s nose begins to bleed, and he leaves Michelle’s workstation.

4:17 P.M. – Tony stops Mason to ask why he authorized placing Reza Naiyeer and Bob Warner in the same room. Mason argues that separating them wasn’t helping, so he tried a different tactic. Tony questions Mason’s sudden change of attitude, and Mason finally reveals that he was exposed to plutonium. Mason goes into the room where Reza and Bob are being held. He tells them that weapons-grade plutonium was found in a warehouse where it is believed a nuclear bomb was assembled. A bill for a container delivery from Warner’s company was found at the warehouse. Mason gives the men ten minutes to tell him the truth.

4:19 P.M. – The police officer tells Kim and Miguel that they are being transferred from the sheriff’s station to central booking in downtown Los Angeles. He says that his captain overruled CTU’s decision to detain them because they are suspects in a capital crime and there are no alerts about any bombs. Kim assures Miguel that her father will help them once he finds out what happened. Miguel reminds her of what she had previously said about Jack’s state of mind. Kim regrets her past statements. She was angry and had blamed Jack for her mother’s death. She knows that it wasn’t really Jack’s fault.

4:21 P.M. – Tony and Mason listen in as Reza and Bob speak to each other. Reza questions Bob’s involvement, and asks about his supposed CIA activities. Bob tells Reza to be quiet. Reza starts to doubt Bob’s innocence, and he says directly to the security camera that he can track the order to prove that Bob authorized the shipment. Bob approaches Reza threateningly, and the guards step in to break them apart. As he is being dragged out, Reza says “I’m not taking the fall for you, Bob.”

4:28 P.M. – Michelle tells Tony that she knows about Mason’s radiation poisoning. Not only was Hazmat involved with the warehouse he raided, but she saw his nose bleed. Tony reluctantly admits to Mason’s deteriorating health. He assures her that Mason is committed to doing his job, and that he will be there to watch Mason’s back.

4:30 P.M. – Sherry hands Lynne changes she made on the President’s remarks to the press corps. She had acquired a copy from press secretary Jenny Dodge even before Lynne gave it to the President. Lynne is angry, and accuses Sherry of insinuating herself where she doesn’t belong. Sherry insists that she is not trespassing on Lynne’s territory, and tells her that she needs her revisions to make Palmer’s speech perfect.

4:31 P.M. – Jack finds a flare gun, and takes the handcuffed Nina with him away from the crash site. As they begin to walk, they see camouflaged soldiers inspecting the wreckage. Jack doesn’t recognize them as a CTU Search and Rescue team. His reservations are confirmed when one of the soldiers shoots Agent Phillips. Jack pulls Nina to the ground and asks her if the soldiers are coming to claim her. Nina denies knowing them. As one approaches their direction, Jack shoots the soldier with the flare gun. The other soldiers hear the man’s cries, and turn in his direction. Jack sends Nina to the hills, and grabs the fallen soldier’s rifle. He fires at the other soldiers, then heads off to where Nina ran. They stop in a creek bed and crouch down. Jack unlocks Nina’s handcuffs and gives her the ammunition. He orders her to run reconnaissance while he continues firing at the soldiers.

4:33 P.M. – In a suburban house, Syed Ali snaps an amyl nitrate popper under the nose of an unconscious Kate Warner. She awakens groggily, and Ali greets her by name. He tells her who he is, and Kate recognizes his name. Ali asks her what she found in her father’s files, but Kate claims innocence. Ali grabs Kate and brings her to another room in the house where a naked Paul Koplin is tied up with his arms hoisted over his head. Ali’s assistant Mohsen tests a power tool to torture Koplin with. Ali, who is aware that Bob Warner worked for the CIA, demands to know what the two found in the computer. Both Kate and Koplin explain that they didn’t see anything because the files self-deleted themselves. Ali accuses Kate of lying, telling her that “Nothing can get in the way of this sacred day.” When Kate says that she is not lying, Mohsen approaches Koplin’s body with the power tool. Koplin’s screams are deafened by the soundproof insulation in the torture room.

4:40 P.M. – Jack and Nina run to another embankment in the forest, and they separate to two locations. Jack fires at the approaching enemies. She tosses him another round of ammunition and from her angle, tells him where to shoot. While Jack is firing, Nina pockets one of the rifle clips. She throws him what she refers to as the last round of bullets. Jack uses up the ammo, and puts down the rifle. He begins to shoot with his pistol at the soldiers. Suddenly, a CTU helicopter appears overhead and fires at the soldiers. The Search and Rescue team drops from the hovering chopper. Jack is scanning the perimeter when Nina lunges for the rifle and loads her hidden clip. She aims the rifle at Jack’s back and orders him to drop his gun. When he hesitates, Nina fires at the ground by his feet. Jack puts down his weapon and raises his hands to his head. A Search and Rescue agent commands Nina to drop her gun, but she tells him to stand down or else she will kill Jack. Jack orders the agents to obey her wishes because she is the only one who knows where the bomb is. Nina demands to talk to the President of the United States.

4:43 P.M. – Megan is ushered into the sheriff’s station by the policeman and she runs over to Kim. She says that she is being taken to her aunt’s house in Santa Barbara. Kim’s eyes brim with grateful tears. Megan will safely be about 100 miles outside of the city.

4:45 P.M. – As Mason and Tony escort Reza out of the holding room, Michelle informs them that Nina has taken Jack hostage. Reza goes to Marie, who has been waiting worriedly. He tells her that Bob set him up, and he was forced to give him up as the one involved with the terrorist. Marie is angry with Reza for turning in her father after all he has done for him. She leaves CTU.

4:52 P.M. – When the Search and Rescue team phones the O.C., Palmer has Mike Novick answer the call from Nina on speakerphone. Yet Nina refuses to deal with him, and demands that the President grant her full immunity for a crime she has yet to commit — the murder of Jack Bauer. Jack tells Novick that they must accept her deal. Palmer presses the mute button, and speaks to Mason, who has been listening in with Tony and Michelle. Mason confirms that Nina is their only chance of stopping the bomb. Palmer gets on the line, and tells Nina that if her information successfully intercepts the nuclear device, she will be pardoned in advance for Jack’s killing. Nina reveals that Syed Ali is in a house in Chatsworth, and Mason summons law enforcement to the location. Nina agrees to not do anything until the bomb is found, but she continues to point her rifle at Jack. Jack asks the President to make sure Kim is safe and to tell his daughter that he loves her. He reassures Palmer that this was their only choice. Palmer tears up at having to hand Jack a death sentence.

4:57 P.M. – Lynne comes in and tells the President that the press corps is waiting for him. She hands Palmer his speech, and he notices that she has made changes to the remarks. Palmer commends Lynne on improving the speech while Sherry listens to the exchange from the other room.

4:59 P.M. – Paul Koplin is being tortured at Ali’s house. Kate pleads with Ali to free him because she doesn’t know anything about what was on Bob’s computer. Ali finally believes her, and then fires three shots at Koplin. He orders Mohsen to kill Kate.

In the Angeles National Forest, Nina comments that it won’t take the government long to find Ali. She tells Jack that his end is soon near. “This isn’t over yet,” Jack says calmly.

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