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Are You Looking Forward To Day 7?

I guess this was a stupid question to ask visitors to a 24 fansite four months before the new series starts. Off course your looking forward to it, as the 94% yes vote shows.

The new poll is a little more fun, and hopefully the results will not be so straight forward. It asks which is your favourite “worst” storyline, with there being an option from each season, so Day 1 pitches in with “Teri and The Amnesia”, Day 2 with “Kim and The Cougar” and so on.

A Final word on Torture

As often happens I got sent a link to an article on ’24’. But this time around the article I got a link to I so completely disagree with that I really feel as if I should post my own honest opinion.

I don’t want to do harm to the writers views, so I won’t try and summarise the article, expect to say it’s on the subject of torture on the show, and that I disagree with his view on the matter.

link :

I know many are sick to death of torture, so I really hope that this can be a final word on the subject, but I have a feeling this may be a debate which will run as long as the show is on the air.

My opinion of torture on the show is simple, especcially the sixth series, is that it’s just a really cheap lazy way to fill air time and try and build tension that the show has done so often now that it’s actually getting stupid, even silly. I quite frankly fail to see the entertainment value, and I can’t imagine it was ever in the creators original plans for the show (“yeah, and we’ll have these heavy torture scenes every 3 or 4 episodes”). The closest thing to torture in Day One is a threat of a painful death for a suspect Jack had kidnapped in a limo, and if you look at that scene carefully, analyse why it works, why its tense, it’s because we don’t know if the suspect Jack has kidnapped has anything to do with the ongoing threat and there is the very real possibility that the emotional stress of the day so far has started to take it’s toll on Jack and his judgment – leaving us thinking is Jack about to fall off the edge and kill an innocent man?. It’s a scene which is played out the way it is for the development of character as well as story.

I’m not neccesarily against all torture on the show, but when it’s nothing more than a way to play for time then I as a viewer feel as if the writers are insulting me, and I feel like sending them home to rewatch series one to take notes about how to build tension properly.

I have personally defended the show against a lot of critism from all sides, but for me the show has crossed the line with the amount of torture in the lastest series, and if the levels had continued to increased I would have stopped watching – or atleast waiting for the DVD releases so I could fast forward the torture.

Feel free to share your views on the subject in the comments, but please keep them measured – any nasty or abusive comments will not make it on to the site.

Latest day maintains momentum

To the delight of millions of viewers, federal agent Jack Bauer … may be having the longest day of his life, [and] far from losing its momentum, the suspenseful anti-terrorism series returned to the water coolers and online discussion boards with the explosion of a nuclear device in California [and] the death of a familiar face…

Insightful overview of series six and the show as a whole.

source : – spoilers for non-US viewers

24’s Greatest Moments – Update

Fox’s 24 Greatest Moments poll has entered it’s next stage, with votes now being cast on the best moments of Day Three.

The Day Two Results were:-
1. Mason gives up his life – 22.28%
2. I need a hacksaw – 18.98%
3. Jack pretends to kill Ali’s child – 16.08%
4. Palmer collapses – 13.83%
5. Jack warns Nina – 9.51%
6. Jack turns on a terrorist – 7.81%
7. Marie shoots Reza – 7.52%
8. Nina has a demand – 3.96%

“Mason gives up his life” and “I need a hacksaw” will join “Jack finds Teri dead” and “Nina is the mole” in the final round of voting.

24’s Greatest Moments

Now here’s something, a really good reason to go to the official 24 website, but here it is, there 24’s Greatest Moments. In two week periods they are asking fans to pick the three best moments out of eight from each day. Until the 17th of May they are polling on Day Two. Once all four previous days have been polled the top two moments from each day will go into the “the grand final” to find the ultimate 24 moment.

The Day One Results were:-
1. Jack Finds Teri Dead – 33.28%
2. Nina is the Mole – 30.49%
3. Palmer can’t trust Sherry – 11.64%
4. Mandy escapes – 10.66%
5. Mason & Tony talk – 4.85%
6. Teri calls Nina Out – 4.80%
7. Mason makes fun of Nina – 4.28%

Titan acquires 24 rights

TITAN BOOKS COUNTS DOWN TO PUBLICATION OF 24 COMPANIONThe longest day of Jack Bauer’s life is good news for Titan Books! An established publisher in the categories of film, TV and popular culture, Titan Books has acquired from Fox Licensing & Merchandising, World English Language publishing rights to the first official full colour companion to 24.

For the past four years, millions of viewers have avidly followed Jack Bauer’s adventures, hour by hour, minute by minute, as the series became famous for its labyrinthine plots, thrilling action and nail-biting suspense. Now, for the first time, 24’s legions of fans can go behind the scenes of this unique show, with 24: The Official Companion Seasons 1 and 2 (Titan Books; 23 June 2006; ISBN: 1-84576-313-0). The guide will offer in-depth episode breakdowns, unseen photographs, and exclusive new interviews with the cast and crew of 24. Plans for a further volume to cover Seasons 3 and 4 are also in the works, although no publication date has been scheduled.

24, an action-filled programme that traces one day in the life of Special Agent Jack Bauer of the Los Angeles branch of CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit), was an immediate smash-hit. In its premiere season in the US, 24 ranked in the Top 5 rated television series among adults 25-54 and was the #1 rated series for Fox Broadcasting Company. Continuing its success, the series delivered its best ratings ever in Season 4, which drew 20% more viewers than the previous season. In the UK, 24 on Sky One ranks at the top of all programmes on satellite television. The series has also won multiple Emmy Awards, and Kiefer Sutherland’s portrayal of Jack Bauer won him a Golden Globe Award in 2001.

Titan Books also publishes a 24 graphic novel in the UK and Ireland (Titan Books; ISBN: 1-84576-220-7), an exciting collection that mixes photorealistic art with three all new stories ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.

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First 24 Hours

“Starting on 10 June, after Jonathan Ross, BBC One will be screening the hit series on Fridays, showiing two episodes back-to-back. See how Jack Bauer had his first worst day, in a plot involving an attempt to assassinate a Presidential candidate, comical amnesia, and Dennis Hopper escaping from prison.”

Good news for those who didn’t see the first series when it originally aired, almost four years ago now on BBC2, although it does come as a bit of a shock, since it was previously thought Sky One had all the UK rights shown up – it’s possible Sky are letting the Beeb repeat the first series to rope in more viewers for future showings on Sky.

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