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Previously all my reviews have been retrospective ones with me sitting ay my computer, trying to remember my thoughts on the episodes. This week I thought I would do it a little different, as I wrote down notes while I was watching the episode. Not a clue if it will be any good. To put my comments into context, i’ll put the time checks as they appeared during the episode.


Half decent scene with Driscoll and (second in command, name escapes me now) clashing heads over Marianne, but it loses its way with the unnesssaryily confusing dialogue about covering themselves from punishment from Division. It wasn’t until the end of this scene that I fully understood what they were talking about. From a storyline point of view, you can expect this to come back to haunt them.

I was surprised to see them have Marianne unconsious for the entirety of this episode, it smacks of bad plot planning, they either had CTU find out see was the mole sooner than they initially intended, or there not exactly sure what she’d have to tell CTU, basically they don’t want to deal with it right now.


The actor playing Behrooz really isn’t up to the emotional scenes they’ve been giving him in this episode, he’s got two expressions (and that’s being kind) a normal bored nothing is going on expression and a oh crap! one, two expressions which he jumps about between. He’s also kind of annoyying by now, we can forgive being annoyying, but only if your elisha cuthbert.

They really need some visuals of the nuclear power plants, because currently we feel disconnected and it therefore the threat doesn’t have the same immediacy of past threats, however much they remind us how devastating this threat is, so far it’s all talk, and Edgar’s mother storyline didn’t change anything about that.


The CTU command structure looks a bit top heavy with no Marianne or Sarah this episode, we’ve got lots of people issuing orders (Erin, Second in Command, Heller, The President, Audrey, Jack, Tony, Agent Lee) and not that many people visibly carrying them out.


Walking this episode, it struck me that the President has been in the air for nine hours now, and still hasn’t got to where he’s going, where ever that is, the moon hopefully. On a more serious note, it’s completely ridiculous that the President would be so hesitant to off immunity to Behrooz to save so many American lives, surely it’s a no brainer. Sure if it was Navi or someone else, maybe he might have to think twice about it, but a 17 teen year old kid who would probably be shot if he didn’t grant the immunity. It’s useless padding, nothing more.


The scene between Behrooz and Navi, where Navi is about to Kill Behrooz, is probably the best scene between them so far. The situation vaguely justified the over emotion on Behrooz’s face and Navi’s frustration and anger were very good to watch.


The final action piece as a well done, especcially after the anti-climax of the raid on Dina’s motel room, although it was slightly short, and it would have benefited from only showing the car slide from one angle, instead of cutting between alot of different angles, it really did look like they were different takes.

After a that it was a bit of non-event cliffhanger, I was expecting another action beat, not just some dialogue stating something most of us could work out ourselves and which will most likely be repeated at the beginning of next week’s episode. They would have been better to finish the episode with Navi pulling Behrooz through the door way and Dina shouting “BEHROOZ!!……3:59:58….3:59:59….4:00:00”. Or atleast I think so. On balance a good episode. although not as good as last week or the week before. It made some plot leaps I’m not entirely sure about to get to where we are now, and the stronger bits were still to spread out with senseless padding for my liking. But they have a good setup for next episode, which if dealt with properly could prove to be one of the better episodes.

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