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Previously on Nightfall … The plan is very simple, your mission is to capture Drazen and make sure Nightfall blow his compound …

… You’re to valuable an asset to there future plans …

… We’re about two hours away from the Drazen compound, once there we’ll split into two teams and undertake recon runs of the compound …

… I’ve got one of the lookouts … You let him go!? … I believe I have what is the only useful information he had, the license plate of his contact …

… Have you found out anything more about the information the police officer phoned in? …, someone called, but he didn’t leave a name, .. , He wants to meet?, … , in 45 minutes at a parking lot in Studio City…

… You’re trying to plant sleeper agents inside U.S. government agencies … central to our plan is having reliable flight information for those government agencies … I know where you can get it …

… What are you doing? … Carrying out the final part of my mission …

The Following Takes Place between 8 am and 9 am on the Day of Operation Nightfall

08:00 — (23:00)

The bullet dug into the wall, sending shards of wood flying, Townsend had been able to push Davidoff’s arm up at the last second. Townsend grabbed the now failing arm of Davidoff and swung him over onto the floor of the control tower, then he kicked the gun away forcefully – making a loud crash when it did the wall. The sound didn’t bother Townsend like it did Davidoff who looked over at the area of wall where the gun had made a large dent; looking back Davidoff saw anger in Townsend eyes – an uncontrollable, unaccountable rage. For a second Townsend stood still, weighing his options, looking at Davidoff – almost unknowing he started kicking him, each kick had more force behind it, Davidoff screamed but it fell on deaf ears as Townsend continued kicking, landing several blows to Davidoff’s head, he only stopped when all sound from Davidoff had stopped and he had gone completely limp. Slowly Townsend fell back, supported by a near by table as he surveyed the horror of what he had just done.


The Nightfall Delta team had finished their two hour march, and had finally arrived at the outskirts of the Drazen compound, and the narrow dirt road which lead to its front gate. Security around the compound was tight but discrete; measures such as continuous armed patrols were out of the question as they raised too many questions from the local population. Instead a large number of trees had been planted, which provided a thick natural cover, much denser than the Davokica Forest which the team had just spent two hours walking through. They had a lot of hard work ahead of them in the next hour, they had to complete a recon run of the entire compound without being detected by Drazen’s security, the falling hammer delta team had an even harder job ahead of them, they had to follow Nightfall’s every move without being detected by Drazen’s security or Nightfall themselves.

08:10 — (23:10)

The sheer darkness of the car park was not lost on Amy, she couldn’t quite understand why her contact had wanted to meet her here, unless it was some perverted historical reference. She’d been thinking about Bob Woodward since she mentioned him to her assistant half an hour ago, and right now she would probably have been about ready to jump out of her skin in surprise if a man with a deep voice had started speaking from some shadowy corner of the car park.

She’d been waiting in the damp uncomfortable parking lot for almost five minutes, passing the time by pacing up and down the length of her car, never straying to far from it, for the limited security it offered her and incase she needed to make a quick getaway.

Finishing a length of her car, she leaned against the bonnet and looked at her watch, she had been early, but her contact should have been here by now, she’d given him enough time, she walked to the driver’s door when a deep male voice said “Don’t go” from the shadows, Amy did her best to retain her composure but the shock still left her face pale.

08:16 — (23:16)

At the base of the ladder which lead to the airstrips control tower lay one of the three SG strike team that Rene had sent along with Townsend and Davidoff. Townsend was knelt over him, checking his pulse to ensure the team member had died from the knife wound Townsend had inflicted upon him. He had.

As Townsend was knelt of the body, he removed the former soldier’s weapon, a silenced Sig Sauer from an ankle holster and ripped the dog tags from around his neck. Once upon a time he had been in the American military.

Having gotten everything he needed Townsend stood up and made his way back towards the building he and the rest of the team had been using for cover. The two remaining members of the team had been told to stay with the two hummer’s, just round the corner of the airstrip’s out building. Arriving at the corner of the building, he stopped, raised his weapon in a two handed grip and slowly moved round the corner, stopping when he had a clear view on both team members. He aimed at the first’s head and pulled the trigger of the gun twice in close succession, killing him instantly and dropping him to the ground. Townsend moved into the plain sight of the second before he had time to react. The only remaining team member tried to summon up some words, a shout or a question, but Townsend did not give him the chance, shooting him twice in the head like he had the first.

08:24 — (23:24)

“…my boss has been planning it for months, he’s got two delta teams out in Kosovo now, the first thinks that their mission is to kill Drazen, but in fact there just there to act as cover while the second kidnaps him and takes him to a detention centre they’ve got prepared for him.” Amy had been listening to her informant talk about vast conspiracies in the government and military for almost fifteen minutes, she didn’t know if she believed him, he hadn’t given her any outright proof as of yet, which concerned her, but what he had to say definitely fit with what she had already found out.

“Do you have any proof?”, Amy said, cutting off the informant.
“What do you mean proof?” the informant returned.
“Well, despite the general trend some journalists actually try to base articles on reliable sources, not just the word of the first person to call them up.”, the informant stood opposite her, unsure of what to say. “Well, do you?”
“No, but I know where you can get it”
“The department of defense website, login name foothill, password lfn…” a bullet flew barely a inch from her ear landed square in the middle of the informants head, a second joined it an instant later after Amy had ducked for the cover of her car. She looked on as the man opposite her dropped dead to the floor, blooding pouring from the hole the bullet had made in his head. She tried to move, to get in her car and go, but shock over rid her, meaning her legs wouldn’t move. Before she could gather her thoughts, she had another distraction to deal with, two dark sedans with government plates and blacked out windows came roaring into the car park, come to an abrupt halt in front on her. She looked up as two hooded men wearing all black got out of the first sedan and walked the few short steps towards her. Still in shock she did not fight when the two men grabbed her by either arm. At the last second she was shaken out of her shock by events and began to fight and squirm in the men’s grasp, but it was too late as they opened the passenger door and forced her inside, slamming the door shut after her. Doing her best to claim down, she looked around as the sedan started up again. A tinted divider kept her seeing the driver. She tried opening the door in vain, as both doors were locked.

08:37 — (23:37)

Townsend, still controlled by the red mist which had descended upon him in the Airstrips control tower sat at the wheel of the Hummer, driving through the uncharacteristically empty L.A. streets towards the SG safe house. The phone he had taken off Davidoff now sat in a cell phone holder on the vehicle’s dash, Townsend hit speed dial one – Rene.

“Da-vid, is it done?” said the voice that picked up.
“Davidoff got a little way-layed, it’s Townsend”, there was a pause as Rene thought; it was all Townsend needed to know that Rene had ordered his death.
“What do you mean ‘way-layed’?”
“Sorry, maybe I should have been clearer about that, I mean he’s dead.”
“Dead? How?”
“I got a little annoyed when he tried to carry out ‘the final part of his mission’, maybe I overreacted.”
“’final part of his mission’? I know nothing about it.”
“Bullshit, you ordered him to kill me when I’d gotten the flight information you wanted.”
“You got the flight information?”
“Yeah, I got it, but its price just doubled,”
“You cannot seriously expect me to pay you one million dollars for it”
“You want the information, or not?”
“Come back to the safe house, you’ll get your money there.”
“Oh come on, you think I’m gonna walk into your safe house after you just tried to kill me?”
“Fine, be under the Sixth Street Bridge in twenty five minutes.”, before Townsend could warn him about coming alone Rene hung up.
“Did you get all that?”
“I got it, I’ll have my men in place.” Said the voice of the mysterious ‘Delta’ would had been listening to the call.

08:45 — (23:45)

Amy had no idea how long it had been since she had been grabbed and locked in the car, she had lost all track of time. The car had been driving since it had picked her up, but she didn’t have a clue where she was, for all she knew they were still in the car park where she had met the informant.

Slowly, Amy felt the driver ease of the accelerator, and come to a gradual stop. She tried to peer through the darkened glass, trying to find out where she was. Her attempt was broken off by the sound of the driver lowering the divider just enough to throw a cell phone through, onto the seat beside her, and raise it again. An instant later, it rang. Scared and completely confused, she picked it up and answered it. “Hel-lo?”

“Hello Ms. Turner” replied a scrambled voice.
“Who is this?”
“That doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that you back off the story.”
“Why – ?”
“Because there is no story, and I trust I don’t have to spell out what might happen if you try to prove otherwise”

With that, the line went dead.

08:51 — (23:51)

Townsend stood under the Sixth street Bridge, leaning against the Hummer as three black SUV’s turned the corner and drove towards him, stopping about 20 feet away from him, but not before the first of the three had come inside and pointed its front towards the bridge, providing protection and cover for the most central car. Townsend assumed the centre car was Rene’s, but he was surprised to see him climbing out of the first car.

Rene walked a quarter of the distance towards Townsend and stopped, he gestured towards Townsend with a silver briefcase that he was carrying.
“I’ve got your cash, where’s the flight information?”, Townsend looked around, slightly nervously, Delta should have been in with backup the second Rene showed his face.
“You’ll get it when I’m safely away.”
“That doesn’t work for me, .. , who are you looking for?, …” Townsend searching for any sign of his back-up had become all to obvious “… , you looking for your back-up?, … “ Townsend heart skipped a beat.
“Of-course not, wh-y?…”, Townsend tried to cover, Rene didn’t answer, he simply looked up to his left towards the bridge. Townsend’s confusion esculated when he saw six of Delta’s men rope down from the bridge, his confusion was replaced by sheer horror as he saw the men hit the ground, completely unanimated, they were all dead. As Townsend looked back at Rene, another man walked past him and towards Townsend dragging another limp body which was similarly clad as the other six that had roped in from the bridge, except he, or it, wore a black ski mask. Rene’s associate stopped in front of Townsend and pulled off the mask, Townsend looked away, horrified, he knew who it was. Delta.

08:59:58 … 08:59:59 … 09:00:00

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