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Howard Gordon Talks About the Final Season and the Movie Plans

In a recently published article on, Howard Gordon talks about the show’s past, present and future, the status of the big-screen edition of 24, and how he wants 24 to be remembered.

The article does not really contain spoilers, so don’t be afraid to read it.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, answers to questions you might be asking yourself.

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The Writers’ Room – Or the Beginning of the End

24Spoilers just filed this report with the Twitter Division, and I have decided to share it with all of our CTU offices…

Below is an article that appeared a couple of days ago in the New York Times. It containes no spoilers, so feel free to take a look. The writer had been invited as a “consultant” on s8 and had spent a month with HoGo and his team of writers in Hollywood.

The article takes us inside The Writers’ Room (or building), in the early stages of planning Season 8 and depicts some of the difficulties the writers have been facing every single year. First of all: the real time format. Second, the fact that everything you could possibly think of has already been done, in one way or another. Thirdly, the continuity of the story. And finally, the sheer amount of writing necessary to write a whole season.

It always starts plain and simple: with a blank page. One minute of screen time requires a bit more than a page of script. One season means 24×42 minutes of screen time. That amounts to 1’100 pages per season. A tremendous task, indeed.

Brainstorming sessions don’t always come up with solutions, and the process is tedious and exhausting. In fact, when the writer of the article leaves the writers’ room after a whole month, not one line of the season has been written.

The real-time format and the mandatory continuity of the story make things increasingly difficult year after year for the writers… The article actually confirms the feeling that some of us have been getting from Season 8: that the storyline feels somewhat contrived, the writing isn’t flowing, that it seems like the writers had to – as opposed as wanted to – come up with a story arc. Indeed, seen from this angle, it comes as no surprise that Howard and his team have come to a “creative consensus” to end 24 after the 8th season. They probably would have, even if FOX hadn’t considered the cost/benefit factor. In closing, the writer of the article tells us:

“…when Howard told me a few months ago that he couldn’t imagine coming back for Season 9, I understood.”

I guess after 9 years of repeatedly sending Jack to hell and back, the writers really did get too exhausted to go on. It’s for the best. Though TV will definitely be less exciting without 24.

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Episode Review: In Honor Of The 13

Alright, then: I’ll admit: I actually liked episode 13.

Stuff happened, y’know? Chloe  saved CTU, Renee saved Jack and heck, Jack got yet another chance at a Suicide Mission and then managed to cheat death by the skin of the teeth (or by the Bullet of Renee). Though I doubt that anyone watching truly believed that Jack would be offed by terrorists, I suppose it was nice to be reminded again of Jack’s willingness to Die For Something. Some might call it The Death Wish: one of Bauer’s character traits that have been following him since Day Two.

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More Reactions to the Cancellation of “24”

The folks on our affiliate site, AlmeidaIsGod have essentially felt the same about the show during this season. In a similar half-point season review to mine, Kasia put her thoughts down a couple of days ago, too.

I am just kind of bored with the show this season. I think that’s part of the reason why the Episode Summaries have been such a struggle, not just for me but for all of the writers… I have sort of reached the point now where I just don’t care enough anymore…

Following the news of cancellation, Kas, a true Almeidaist, tweets:

It really sucks hardcore that #24 will end its series run on network television without closure to the Tony Almeida character. … I’m not really that sad though, that’s the t hing. Maybe it is time to euthanize it? Does that sound too bitter? … Strangely I’m more sad about Lost ending than 24. Season 8 has disappointed me.

Who knows. Maybe they will bring Tony back in the movie… Hope dies last.

Mourning In Real Time: Reactions to Cancellation

There have been a diverse range of reactions to the news that the show has been cancelled and will not return four a Ninth Season.

Many of you in the comments are very disappointed, while others are obviously sad that the show is coming to an end (atleast on TV)…

I am mourning 24 in real time.” – Damon Lindelof (Co-creator of Lost)

Others are slightly more philosophical about the cancellation…

I think it’s time myself. I have loved this show for years but even I can tell its time has come.” – Melia (

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“24” Cancelled On TV But The Movie May Still Happen

Twitter continues to be the hottest tool for disseminating information these days.

Not long after Jon Cassar, Rodney Charters and Mary-Lynn Rajskub broke the news about 24’s run ending after 8 seasons (see the article below), news about the movie have been twittered.

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Breaking News : 24 Cancelled According to Jon Cassar

It’s probably rather fitting that we can pin point to the minute when news broke that 24 was cancelled. Almost exactly 25 minutes ago Jon Cassar (former Executive Producer/Director Seasons 1 – 7) posted the following on his twitter page…

News from the 24 set,the crew has been told that 24 has come to an end. There will b no season 9. Its been a great run, thanx all 4 watching

It seems highly unlikely that Jon would post such news if he wasn’t 100% sure, although it would appear that the crew was only told the news today because Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) posted the following about 8 hours ago…

we haven’t been officially told anything about the fate of 24

Previously Mary Lynn had posted that production had begun on episodes 23 & 24 of the Eighth Season.

There still remains the possibility of a film in the future i’d assume, however a Ninth Season on either Fox or NBC isn’t going to happen.

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