1AM – 2AM

1:00 A.M. – Doyle tries to get information from Audrey, but she is withdrawn. She recites the same phrase again.

1:01 A.M. – Nadia starts to feel the pressure of her new job. She tells Morris that she’s not approving his transfer out of comm even though Buchanan agreed to consider it.

1:03 A.M. – Doyle lets Nadia know that Audrey is suffering from some kind of post-traumatic reaction after the Chinese captured her. Nadia orders him to bring Audrey back to CTU. Doyle blames himself for foiling Jack’s plan and losing the Russian circuit board.

1:05 A.M. – As they head out, Jack pleads with Doyle to let him make an attempt to get through to Audrey since he was recently in the same position. Instead, Doyle follows orders and puts Jack in a waiting helicopter to head back to CTU.

1:06 A.M. – Karen urges Daniels to sign an executive order that will block borders to prevent Cheng from leaving the country with the component. They want to avoid Russia blaming the United States for losing its defense against the Chinese. Daniels confesses to Karen that he values her and appreciates the sacrifice she had to make in firing her husband.

1:07 A.M. – The Russian president calls for Daniels.

1:08 A.M. – Lisa Miller slips into the apartment of her lover, Mark Bishop. She tells him that Wayne is still in a coma and that Daniels is acting president. “Only thing he cares about is pushing his lunatic foreign agenda,” she interjects between kisses. With little time before she has to head back to the office, the two make love.

1:09 A.M. – Russian President Suvarov speaks to the White House team via teleconference. He already knows that the nuclear weapon circuit boards have fallen into the hands of the Chinese, which will expose Russian defense technology. Suvarov warns Daniels that he is prepared to initiate a military response if the Americans do not retrieve the component.

1:10 A.M. – Since the secret about the stolen circuit board was only exposed to a few select people, Lennox believes there to be a leak in either the White House or CTU. The Russian threat is suddenly very real, so Daniels authorizes CTU to utilize whatever is necessary to find Cheng.

1:11 A.M. – From his car, Cheng uploads the schematics of the component to one of his operatives, who sees that the circuit board is damaged. He cannot fix it without the security override. The will need to find someone with expertise to assist them.

1:17 A.M. – When Lisa goes into the shower, Bishop takes her PDA and downloads all of her data onto a drive. He calls his Russian contact Nikolai and tells him they are set. Bishop confirms that Lisa has no idea what he is doing.

1:18 A.M. – Chloe corners Morris, who admits that he asked for a transfer because he is uncomfortable working with her. She crossed the line when she made a joke about his arming the nuclear bomb. Morris tells her that they are over for good. Chloe breaks down in sobs.

1:20 A.M. – Karen alerts Nadia about a potential leak in CTU. Nadia pointedly asks if Karen fired Buchanan. Karen does not answer her.

1:21 A.M – Nadia greets Dr. Bradley, a specialist brought in to deal with Audrey. She orders Doyle to secure Jack and meet her in medical.
Dr. Bradley checks on Audrey, who is unresponsive. He finds numerous injection track marks on her arm.

1:22 A.M. – As they enter CTU, Jack begs Doyle to let him speak to Audrey. Yet Doyle places him in a holding cell.

1:23 A.M. – Doyle goes into medical. Dr. Bradley believes that Audrey’s catatonic state stems from the hundreds of pharmacological agents injected into her. The doctor wants to shock her with more drugs to wake her up. Doyle rejects this idea, advising them to instead utilize Jack’s relationship with Audrey and his exposure to the Chinese torture. Bradley thinks Jack could only harm Audrey. He also has the jurisdiction to overrule Doyle.

1:24 A.M. – Doyle urges Nadia to do what is right, because that’s what Buchanan would have done. Nadia is offended by the remark, and Doyle notes that an acting director can’t be afraid to step on toes. Nadia disregards his opinion.

1:30 A.M. – Daniels calls Lisa’s cell and implores her to return to the White House because there’s been a crisis. “I need you,” he says softly. Bishop asks Lisa about what’s going on, but she doesn’t know. After she leaves, Bishop calls Nikolai for further instructions.

1:31 A.M. – Lennox tells Daniels that he has identified the leak. There is a record of Lisa speaking to a lobbyist named Mark Bishop during the time they found out the circuit board went missing. Bishop had been flagged by CIA for having possible contact with Russian intelligence agents. Daniels is shocked, but Lennox doesn’t think Lisa was willingly giving out information.

1:32 A.M. – Lennox goes on to explain that he has found credit card receipts showing that Lisa and Bishop have stayed in the same hotel room several times over the last year. They were having a secret relationship. Daniels confesses that he is also sleeping with Lisa. He started the affair after his wife died. Daniels is shaken, but Lennox is confident that they can turn the situation to their advantage.

1:34 A.M. – Doyle comes to Jack’s holding cell and lets him know that the doctor tending to Audrey wants to drug her, which could be harmful. Doyle suggests that Jack do something about it and he uncuffs him. Jack gets the hint and gently makes Doyle unconscious. He takes Doyle’s keycard and escapes from the holding cell. Jack punches out the guard on duty and takes the man’s gun.

1:35 A.M. – Jack enters medical and threatens Dr. Bradley to stop whatever drug treatment he plans to use on Audrey. Jack takes Audrey from the bed. Bradley sounds the alarm.

1:36 A.M. – Nadia and Milo look up video feed from medical and see that Audrey is gone. “If you just let Jack talk to Audrey, none of this would have happened,” Milo comments. This stings Nadia.

1:41 A.M. – Morris confirms that Jack has not yet left the building. He scans the various video surveillance feeds. Nadia realizes that Chloe is gone.

1:42 A.M. – When Doyle wakes up, Nadia accuses him of allowing Jack to escape on purpose. “I did what I think is best for this operation and for Audrey Raines,” he says sharply. Morris finds Jack in the lower levels, and Nadia heads to that area.

1:43 A.M. – Jack uses Doyle’s keycard to access corridors, and he brings Audrey into a storage room where the alarm is muted and there are no cameras. Jack softly tells Audrey that he will protect her. He appeals to her memory, reminding her of her life facts.

1:44 A.M. – Nadia goes to the door of the storage room with guards but Jack has disabled the access pad.

1:45 A.M. – Jack asks Audrey if she can remember about the men who took her. He says he knows what it feels like to be tortured. Jack hugs her and tells her that he loves her.

1:46 A.M. – Nadia has her guards weld through the storage room door with an acetylene torch. As the flames make progress on the door from the inside, Jack begs Audrey for something because the agents will soon take her away.

1:47 A.M. – Jack trains his gun when Nadia and the agents enter. He demands a guarantee that Audrey will be safe. Suddenly, Audrey mumbles the word “Bloomfield.” Jack explains that she’s answering where she was held. Dr. Bradley tells Nadia that the word could mean nothing.

1:48 A.M. – Nadia radios Morris to search the name. She also tells Bradley to keep his hands off her witness, and she dismisses him. Nadia promises Jack that she won’t let the doctor touch Audrey. Jack lowers his gun and allows Doyle take her. He thanks Nadia.

1:52 A.M. – Lennox confirms that Suvarov was not bluffing. The Russian Army is moving troops into Central Asia.

1:53 A.M. – Lisa returns to the White House. Daniels tells her that someone named Mark Bishop told the Russians that the Chinese have their component. They have been monitoring Bishop’s calls, and he plays back a tape from ten minutes ago where Bishop says he will access “her” PDA.

1:54 A.M. – Lisa at first says that Bishop is merely an acquaintance, but Daniels accuses her of treason even if she didn’t know what was happening. “You didn’t just betray me, you betrayed your country,” he growls. Daniels orders her to go back to Bishop and make him believe that the U.S. has retrieved the component. He warns her that if she tries to expose their affair, then he will label her as an enemy combatant.

1:56 A.M. – James Heller is in CTU’s medical to see his daughter. He tells Audrey that he is taking her out of there, but she remains impassive.

1:57 A.M. – Heller stipulates to Nadia that he wants to see Jack before he transports Audrey out of CTU. Doyle informs Nadia that Audrey’s word might have some meaning. There is a Bloomfield Copper Company that used to have a facility in Los Angeles. Forensics found copper particles on her clothes, so this may be where Cheng was hiding her. LAPD is locking down the building but Doyle is heading there now.

1:58 A.M. – Nadia admits to Doyle that he was right. She should have stood up to Dr. Bradley. “You did, when it counted,” he assures her.

1:59 A.M. – Heller enters Jack’s holding cell. “I don’t want you to go near my daughter ever again,” he says bluntly. Heller blames Jack for what happened to Audrey. Jack swears that he can help her and get through to her again, but Heller doesn’t want him to have any part in her life. “You’re cursed, Jack,” Heller says, “Everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead.”

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