3AM – 4AM

3:00 A.M. – As Zhou sends Josh to Cheng, Marilyn becomes hysterical. Zhou is about to shoot her, but Jack tries calming her down. Zhou orders him to keep Marilyn quiet. He announces to the hostages that they are being put in a secure room.

3:02 A.M. – Josh is dragged back down the tunnel of sewers that the gunmen emerged from.

3:03 A.M. – Zhou breaks the hostages up into two groups. Jack tells Marilyn that he will attempt to go after Josh, and he needs her to get in the front of her group. She does what he asks.

3:04 A.M. – Jack whispers to Nadia that they will need to make a move before everyone is locked up in holding or else they will never retrieve the component. They both stay at the rear of the group and take out the two guards at the back. Morris, who is nearby, grabs another guy. Jack breaks Zhou’s neck.

3:05 A.M. – Suddenly, Doyle appears. He and his tac team save Jack and secure the CTU hostages.

3:06 A.M. – Jack tells Doyle that he doesn’t know why Cheng is after his nephew. He asks for a communication setup, but Nadia notes that is still technically under arrest. Jack explains that he knows this building better than anyone. She allows his release, but has him follow Doyle’s command.

3:07 A.M. – Nadia regretfully tells Doyle that Milo was killed. He asks how she’s doing, but Jack interrupts them. Nadia gives him her cell phone since their comm is down. Jack commends her for what she’s done.

A shaken Chloe tells Nadia that what she did was brave.

3:08 A.M. – Jack, Doyle and the tac team head into the sewer after the gunmen and Josh.

3:13 A.M. – The gunmen arrive in the warehouse. Josh is handed off to Cheng, who calls Phillip and hands the phone to Josh. Josh reminds his grandfather that he threatened to kill him a few hours ago. Phillip swears he would never hurt him. He intends to take him to China to protect him. He wants to give Josh a future in a country that will surpass America.

3:14 A.M. – Josh pleads with Cheng not to deliver him to Phillip. “Your grandfather is a visionary,” Cheng assures him. “You should be grateful for the opportunity.” Cheng loads Josh into a car and they start to drive off.

3:15 A.M. – As the car pulls away, Jack emerges from the hole and fires at Cheng’s vehicles. Doyle and the tac team also shoot at the Chinese gunmen who have emptied from the cars. Cheng grabs Josh like a shield and runs. Jack warns his men to cover him as he goes after them.

3:16 A.M. – Jack continues to chase Cheng, who is flanked by one of his men and pulling Josh. Jack radios to Doyle that they are headed to the roof of the building. Josh kicks Cheng and manages to break free from his grasp. When Jack takes out the guard, Cheng’s attention is diverted and he loses Josh in the darkness.

3:18 A.M. – Jack traps Cheng at gunpoint. Suddenly, Josh falls and calls out for help as he hangs by a wire over the edge. Jack looks down and Cheng escapes. With Cheng gone, Jack goes to save Josh. He pulls the boy up to safety.

3:19 A.M. – Josh tells Jack that he spoke to Phillip who wanted to take him to China because he was his legacy. Jack promises to take him back to his mother.

3:20 A.M. – When Doyle arrives on the roof, Jack has him warn CTU that his father is still involved in the situation. Doyle wonders what Phillip’s connection is to the Chinese. “I’ll ask him when I find him,” Jack says confidently.

3:25 A.M. – Karen alerts the Vice President that the Russians have moved their troops within striking distance of American bases in Central Asia. Daniels reluctantly tells her about Lennox attempting to trap Bishop, who was getting information from an unwitting Lisa. Since Karen feels like she was purposefully left out of the loop, Daniels admits that he was ashamed to tell her that he was also sleeping with Lisa too. Karen tries to assuage him, but Daniels is worried that his lapse in judgment could bring the country to war.

3:28 A.M. – From the surveillance van, Lennox and the Secret Service agents uncomfortably watch the video feed of Lisa making love to Bishop.

3:29 A.M. – When they’re finished, Bishop asks Lisa why she is distant. She claims to be tired, and she goes into the bathroom.

3:30 A.M. – Lennox and the agents see Bishop go to Lisa’s purse and take out her PDA. Yet Bishop doesn’t download the information.

3:31 A.M. – Bishop forcefully demands to know from Lisa what is going on. She smashes her glass of wine over his head and accuses him of spying on her to the Russians. Lennox and the agents quickly exit the van. Bishop smacks Lisa.

3:33 A.M. – Bishop grabs Lisa by the throat and she falls unconscious. Lennox and the agents break down the door and take him off her. Lennox explains that they have evidence of him spying for the Russians. He orders Bishop to upload the phony emails from Lisa’s PDA and call his employer to back up the story. If he doesn’t comply, Lennox assures him he will get the death penalty.

3:34 A.M. – Cheng lets Phillip know that he lost Josh. Phillip is angry, and says that he will not give Cheng the repaired circuit board. Cheng threatens him, but Phillip is not afraid and will enact even worse consequences if he is threatened again.

3:39 A.M. – Amidst the chaos of trying to get CTU back in order, a team from Division arrives to assess the security breach. The group leader, Ben Kram, informs Nadia that it is her poor leadership that cost the lives of CTU staff. She quietly succumbs to his requests.

3:40 A.M. – Morris approaches Nadia, telling her not to let the Division people get to her because she wasn’t responsible for what happened. She feels guilty and is willing to take the blame. Nadia knows that she hesitated when Milo stepped up to identify himself as the head of CTU. She was just afraid. Morris says that Milo would have wanted her to stay strong and in charge.

3:43 A.M. – Lennox alerts Daniels that the planted memo has been sent to Bishop’s Russian contact. Lennox advises the Vice President to call President Suvarov to confirm that fake information. He also says that Lisa suffered some brain damage when Bishop choked her.

3:44 A.M. – Despite Daniels’s feelings for Lisa, Karen makes the Vice President focus on the urgent matter at hand. She goes to set up a teleconference with the Russian president.

3:45 A.M. – There’s no sign of Cheng on satellite. He has escaped. Jack calls Marilyn to let her know that Phillip wanted to take Josh. He is bringing her son back to CTU.

3:46 A.M. – On teleconference, Daniels proudly informs Suvarov that they were successful in taking out the Chinese agents and that the component was destroyed. Suvarov knows that the documentation sent to one of his spies was falsified because his people were watching Bishop’s apartment and saw the raid. Suvarov threatens to attack an American military base if they do not come up with proof that the component is destroyed. He gives Daniels two hours.

3:54 A.M. – Lennox returns to the White House and is about to enter an urgent military briefing when he receives a cell phone call. Lennox interrupts the meeting and pulls Daniels and Karen aside. He hands the phone to Daniels because Phillip Bauer is calling.

3:55 A.M. – Phillip demands his grandson and clear passage to the country of his choice in return for the circuit board. He notes that the Chinese squandered their chance with him. Phillip provides the serial number as proof that he has it. “I’m offering you the opportunity of avoiding a conflict this country does not want,” he says.

3:56 A.M. – Karen questions why the Vice President would negotiate with a sociopath who is wanted for selling nuclear weapons to terrorists. Lennox agrees, but realizes they have no other choice but to take the risk.

3:57 A.M. – Lennox wonders if Suvarov is being squeezed by his military to engage in warfare. There are many anti-American generals left over from the Soviet regime who just want a reason to pull the trigger. The need to retrieve the circuit board has become even more pressing.

3:59 A.M. – As they are about to get into a car to go back to CTU, Josh asks Jack what he will do to Phillip when he finds him. “I promise you he will never threaten you or your mother again,” Jack says. Suddenly, Doyle grabs Josh and takes him onto a waiting helicopter as agents detain Jack. Doyle explains to Jack that he has orders. Jack is being held down as Josh calls out for him. The helicopter flies off with Doyle and Josh inside.

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