2AM – 3AM

2:00 A.M. – Heller leaves with Audrey, planning to file a restraining order against Jack. Even though he is under arrest, Jack begs Nadia to let him go with the field agents when they raid the Bloomfield facility because he knows how Cheng works. “I gave President Palmer my word that I would destroy that component before I let it fall into enemy hands,” he says. “Give me a chance to keep my word.” Nadia refuses him.

2:03 A.M. – Jack eyes the two guards manning his room. Nadia warns him that she will have him put in restraints if he tries to escape. Resigned to his fate, Jack offers to help run tactical from CTU. Nadia promises to take it up with the new division chief who will be replacing her.

2:05 A.M. – Milo notices that Chloe’s eyes are red from crying. Morris announces that they have split up, but they are still being professional.

2:06 A.M. – Doyle prepares his tac team to move out to the Bloomfield facility. Nadia gives them marching orders and stresses the severity of their mission.

2:07 A.M. – Doyle is impressed with Nadia’s command of the moment, and tells her that she is doing a good job. When she advises him to be careful, they trade a prolonged look. This is not lost on Milo, who watches from the main floor. Nadia avoids making eye contact with Milo.

2:08 A.M. – Cheng assembles an outside team that resembles a Chinese street gang. His operative questions whether the men can handle the job, but Cheng needs to maintain deniability by using outside forces. Cheng tells Zhou, the leader of the gang, that he wants to attack the “target” in fifteen minutes.

2:13 A.M. – In a CTU lounge area, Marilyn and Josh watch news footage. He is upset that his father was involved in killing twelve thousand people. Josh wishes he was never born into this “sick family.” Marilyn assures him that he is not Graem. She shuts the television and urges him to get some sleep.

2:15 A.M. – Chloe comes to see Marilyn and tells her about what happened with Jack and Audrey.

2:16 A.M. – As Daniels and Lennox listen in, Lisa Miller calls Bishop and tells him that the crisis with the Russians was averted. She suggests coming over so that they can pick up where they left off.

2:17 A.M. – Lennox instructs her to give Bishop time to access her PDA. They have uploaded fake memos stating that a Chinese agent who tried to smuggle Russian weapons was taken out with a military strike. They want Bishop to relay the news to his Russian contact so that President Suvarov will call off his attack. Lisa isn’t sure she can be with Bishop pretending nothing’s wrong. Daniels notes that she spent the last year lying to him with no problem.

2:18 A.M. – Marilyn apologizes to Jack for telling him that Audrey was dead. When she inquires more, Jack becomes upset and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Marilyn asks if she can bring Josh to see him before they leave CTU. She promises to be there for Jack when it’s all over.

Jack asks Chloe about the mission to obtain the component. She guarantees that they’ll get it back.

2:19 A.M. – Zhou questions that there is only one entry point for their target. Cheng confirms that this will allow them to be in the perfect position for a strike. He says their objective is to “obtain the package” and not to cause casualties.

2:20 A.M. – Doyle and his team arrive at the Bloomfield plant and get into position. They quickly raid the premises, but there’s no one there. They come upon a pile of empty crates that held armaments.

2:21 A.M. – Zhou and his men start filing into an underground sewer drain to access their target.

2:22 A.M. – Doyle calls Nadia and tells her that the place is empty. Yet there is evidence that the Chinese have weaponry for a major assault. “Assault on what?” Nadia asks.

2:23 A.M. – Zhou and his men make their way through the sewers. Cheng gives him directions to the entrance point beneath CTU.

2:28 A.M. – Morris asks Chloe a work-related question and she is mean to him. She apologizes because she’s having a hard time with their breakup even though he is trying to be professional. She emphasizes that she doesn’t believe he acted cowardly. Morris didn’t end their relationship because of what she said. He was ashamed of arming that bomb.

2:30 A.M. – Outside Bishop’s apartment, Lisa confesses that she is frightened. Lennox reminds her that if she fails, she will face charges of treason. She takes a bag with a surveillance camera and heads in.

2:32 A.M. – Lennox gives Daniels notice that Lisa has gone into Bishop’s place. Daniels is worried that Lisa won’t be able to pull it off.

2:33 A.M. – Lisa is uncomfortable when she kisses Bishop at his door. She claims that she’s tense because of everything that’s happened at the White House. Lisa lets her purse flop open so that the camera inside can get a view.

2:34 A.M. – Lisa tries to go into the bathroom to freshen up, but Bishop mentions that she recently showered at his apartment. She attempts to leave the room again, and Bishop doesn’t let her go. He begins undressing her and tosses her onto the bed. They make love while the camera watches.

2:39 A.M. – Zhou and his team get to the sewer underneath CTU. He sets off charges, which allows Cheng’s operative to access the CTU security system.

2:40 A.M. – Nadia tells Milo that she knows he was unhappy when she was talking to Doyle. He tells her it’s alright if there’s something going on between them. Nadia admits that she doesn’t know what she feels and asks for time to sort it out.

2:41 A.M. – After back-tracking the satellite, Chloe spots Cheng’s men escaping in cars. Suddenly, Nadia can’t get through to Doyle on the radio and Milo cannot access any outside lines. They don’t know that Cheng has overridden their system.

2:42 A.M. – Zhou and his men set an explosion in the sewer. They begin climbing up.

Everyone at CTU realizes their communication is shut down. Security cameras have lost visual surveillance. Nadia calls for a Code Red emergency lockdown.

2:43 A.M. – Zhou’s men reach the building. They take out the CTU security guards and descend upon the main floor. Nadia instructs her workers to run to their assigned safe rooms. Jack hears gunfire from his holding cell and begs the guard on duty to let him. The guard opens the door, but one of the gunmen shoots him. Jack grabs the guard’s gun and kills the gunman.

2:44 A.M. – Zhou orders the CTU hostages to give him their cell phones. He has one of his men run a headcount, filter all communication coming in and shut off the building alarm.

In the basement, Jack takes out more gunmen. He grabs one of the assault rifles from the bodies and makes his way upstairs.

2:45 A.M. – Zhou asks who is in charge. Before Nadia can say anything, Milo identifies himself as the person in command. Zhou shoots him in the forehead. Milo collapses, dead.

2:50 A.M. – Jack sneaks up to the gangway and witnesses the mayhem on the floor.

Marilyn hears the commotion, but two Chinese gunmen capture her and Josh. The men radio Zhou that they have found Josh. Jack appears and shoots the two men. He is shocked when Marilyn tells him that they were looking for Josh.

2:51 A.M. – Jack leads them through the building to the ventilation room. He jams his gun into the fan to make it stop spinning. Jack has Josh climb into the air duct. He promises that they will follow.

2:52 A.M. – More gunmen enter the ventilation room, capturing Jack and Marilyn. One radios Zhou that the boy escaped. They take Jack and Marilyn down to the main floor.

2:53 A.M. – Josh makes his way into the depths of the air vent tunnels. Zhou has the ventilation system cut. Cheng demands that they find Josh.

2:54 A.M. – After Doyle makes several attempts to call CTU, one of Zhou’s men suggests they respond to deflect attention. Zhou checks the roster and sees that Nadia is really the ranking officer. He has her speak to Doyle and tell him they’ve had problems with their communication system. Zhou threatens to kill her and everyone there if she gives Doyle any warning. Nadia doesn’t say anything out of the ordinary, but Doyle hears the tension in her voice. She hangs up.

2:55 A.M. – Jack is brought to the floor with Marilyn. He demands to know what they want with Josh. Zhou slugs him in the gut with his rifle.

2:56 A.M. – Zhou talks to Josh over the PA system. He says they only want to take him to a safe place. Marilyn tries to scream. Zhou warns Josh that if he doesn’t show himself, they will kill his mother.

2:57 A.M. – Zhou counts to ten. Josh quickly backtracks in the air duct. He reaches one of the gunmen before Zhou shoots Marilyn. Zhou lets Cheng know that they have the boy.

2:58 A.M. – Josh is brought to the main floor.

2:59 A.M. – Cheng calls Phillip Bauer to tell him that his men have secured Josh. Jack and Marilyn are also alive. Cheng thanks him for the codes to access the CTU security system. Phillip is almost done repairing the circuit board for the nuclear trigger. “I’ll return it when you bring me my grandson,” Phillip says. They agree to meet at a rendezvous point.

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