8PM – 9PM

8:00 P.M. – The drone pilot dies at the scene. Vice President Daniels plans to launch a nuclear attack within the hour because of the radioactive spillage at the drone landing.

8:02 P.M. – Gredenko cannot reach his drone pilot, and Fayed knows this is because the Americans have found him. Although they still have two bombs left, Fayed doesn’t trust Gredenko anymore.

8:04 P.M. – Gredenko calls a man named Mark Hauser and demands more of the access he paid for. Hauser will have to download new security protocol to get to CTU. Hauser asks his autistic brother Brady for help retrieving files. Brady happily agrees and gets to work on a laptop.

8:07 P.M. – Nadia is being processed as an enemy combatant for the leaks on her system. Milo still refuses to believe she is a spy.

8:08 P.M. – While tracing Gredenko’s former contacts, Chloe finds a recent scrambled call to a security consultant named Mark Hauser. She locates Hauser’s address.

8:09 P.M. – At the site, a forensic technician named Johnson lets Doyle know that he recovered a remote access module on the drone pilot’s computer. This proves that the pilot had breached CTU’s satellite without Nadia’s knowledge. Doyle will be chastised for his mistreatment of her. Yet Johnson gives Doyle the device, acknowledging a favor Doyle had once done for him in Denver.

8:10 P.M. – Doyle tells Jack he needs to stay back at the site instead of following up on a Gredenko lead.

8:14 P.M. – Karen approaches Sandra Palmer, who is looking in on her brother. Karen asks her to approve reviving Wayne from his coma even though this could risk his life. She wants Wayne to do something about Daniels launching a nuclear strike.

8:17 P.M. – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs updates Daniels. They can bomb the enemy within the hour. Daniels receives a note from Lisa and excuses himself from the briefing.

8:18 P.M. – Daniels learns that Sandra has agreed to take Wayne out of his coma. He is furious and blames Karen.

8:19 P.M. – Daniels calls the doctor and accuses him of risking the life of the President to subvert his policy. Yet the doctor is only respecting the wishes of Sandra.

8:21 P.M. – Jack arrives at the Hauser home with his TAC team. They quickly raid the house and shoot at Hauser, who pulls out his shotgun. Brady whimpers as his brother is apprehended. As the agents try to stabilize Hauser’s wounds, Jack talks to Brady. Hauser had Brady get through a firewall to set up a proxy server port.

8:22 P.M. – Jack tells Hauser that Brady will be prosecuted for helping him get information to Gredenko. Jack will keep Brady out of trouble if Hauser gives up Gredenko. Hauser admits that he was getting security specifications for the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant.

8:23 P.M. – Doyle returns to CTU and inquires after Nadia, who is being transferred to a holding facility. Jack tells Buchanan that he wants to use Brady because Gredenko is coming to see Hauser.

8:28 P.M. – Hauser instructs Brady to listen to Jack.

8:31 P.M. – Hauser calls Gredenko and lies about having to go into work. Hauser says he will leave the protocols with his brother, who will wait for Gredenko at a parking lot across the street. Hauser is taken away in an ambulance.

8:32 P.M. – Johnson approaches Milo on the CTU floor and tells him that he has evidence that clears Nadia. Johnson says he gave it to Doyle, who has not logged it in.

8:33 P.M. – Milo lunges at Doyle and tells Buchanan that Doyle is covering up evidence. Morris says that Doyle gave him the chip ten minutes ago. Doyle explains to Buchanan that he got it from an “unreliable source” and wanted to verify it before bringing it forward. Morris did the scan and found it to be legitimate. Milo apologizes to Doyle, who pats him on the shoulder and tells him to forget about it.

8:34 P.M. – Doyle goes up to Johnson. “You’ve screwed with the wrong guy for the last time, pal,” he says menacingly.

8:38 P.M. – Buchanan has Nadia released from holding. He wouldn’t blame her for quitting and taking legal action, but he asks her to stay because they need her. She agrees to keep working.

8:39 P.M. – Chloe thinks it will be most awkward for Milo when Nadia returns because he hasn’t hidden his feelings for her.

8:40 P.M. – Milo sets up Nadia’s station with full security access. She imparts that whatever would have happened between them is over. “This is not the best place to start a relationship,” she says. Milo grabs her head and kisses her. She lets him.

8:42 P.M. – Wayne suffers more swelling which could cause brain damage. The doctor advises Sandra to re-induce the coma but she refuses. “I know Wayne would want to see this through,” she says. Suddenly, Wayne’s heart crashes. The medical team rushes to save him.

8:44 P.M. – Jack is unsure whether Brady will be able to make the plan work, but he has no other option. He puts an earwig in Brady’s ear so that they can hear each other and carefully instructs him on what to say to Gredenko.

8:45 P.M. – Brady is placed in position at the lot as the teams set up.

8:46 P.M. – Gredenko’s car pulls up to the lot and he gets out. Unfortunately, the snipers don’t have a clear shot of him. Speaking Russian, Gredenko orders his men to shoot Brady. Jack translates this. He then tells Brady to get down on the ground, and the sniper pegs Gredenko in the neck with a tranquilizer dart. A firefight ensues with the henchmen and the agents take them all out.

8:48 P.M. – Jack sprints to the car to retrieve the frightened Brady. The agents carry Gredenko into the house. No bombs are in his car.

8:53 P.M. – Jack puts Brady into a car and thanks him for his help. Brady is sent to the hospital to be with his brother.

8:54 P.M. – Gredenko is placed in handcuffs. He knows who Jack is, and says he will help him find Fayed in return for amnesty and a guarantee that he will not be turned over to Russian President Suvarov. Fayed is waiting for Gredenko to call.

8:56 P.M. – Lennox interrupts the Joint Chiefs meeting with news that CTU has apprehended Gredenko. Daniels gives the go-ahead for the nuclear strike anyway. Lennox tries to stop him, but the Vice President refuses. “A reminder to the world there are consequences to attacking our country,” Daniels boldly asserts. Lennox is in shock.

8:58 P.M. – The submarine that was ready to launch the nuclear attack has been given orders to stand down from President Palmer. Wayne calls Daniels from his hospital bed to explain that he called off the strike. “I’m resuming my duties as Commander in Chief,” he says, warning Daniels not to plan any hostile action without his authorization.

8:59 P.M. – Daniels hangs up. He tells the Joint Chiefs that Wayne is not thinking clearly, a result of the attacks on his life. Daniels declares that the President is able to continue his duties. He calls for the Attorney General to relieve Wayne of his command.

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