10PM – 11PM

10:00 P.M. – As Jack drives away from the oil field, Andre Drazen calls him on the cell phone and instructs him to head for Palmer’s hotel. Andre wants the Senator to unfreeze $200 million of the Drazens’ assets, and he will call again to speak to Palmer. Once the transfer of the money is complete, Jack will have to kill the candidate.10:04 P.M. – Palmer is sitting alone in his hotel suite when Patty Brooks enters. After she admits to being attracted to him, Palmer gives her a key card to another hotel room. He asks her to meet him there in 20 minutes. Sherry comes in to tell her husband that she, Keith and Nicole will be campaigning separately from him. Palmer agrees, saying that he can use a few days alone.

10:06 P.M. – At CTU, Mason has Nina attempt to locate Alexis Drazen with satellite simulators since the tracking device was destroyed. Jack calls, and Mason and Nina listen as he says that he can’t come in. Jack doesn’t accept any of their help and won’t tell them what he is doing. They deduce that Drazen ultimately wants Palmer dead, and Mason quickly contacts the Secret Service detail at Palmer’s hotel.

10:07 P.M. – The red van pulls up to a warehouse at the Port of Los Angeles where Kim is being held. Andre and Victor rush to Alexis’ side as a doctor treats him. Alexis sees his father one last time and dies. Andre is furious, and wants Jack to hear Kimberly’s screams as he kills her. Victor intercedes and stops his son.

10:14 P.M. – Patty tells Sherry that Palmer wants to meet later that evening and that she still feels uncomfortable about the whole ordeal. Since she no longer has her husband’s confidence, Sherry wants Patty to obtain it and then report back to her. Although Sherry is not happy with what has to be done, she accepts the situation because it is necessary to win the White House.

10:16 P.M. – Tony discovers that the schematics of the detention facility where Victor was held had been tampered with. Nina instructs him to secretly find out who had seen these reports because she suspects another dirty agent. When Mason asks what Tony wanted, Nina brushes him off.

10:17 P.M. – Nina informs Teri that, although Jack is safe, they don’t know where he is. She is forced to confess that Kim is in danger again and that Jack is only trying to protect their daughter.

10:18 P.M. – Kim asks whether she will be released when Jack performs the task assigned to him. “We’ll see,” Victor replies.

10:19 P.M. – Jack phones Palmer and asks to see him. He has a message from Victor Drazen. Palmer knows that Drazen is holding Kimberly and wants him dead. The Secret Service has warned him about Jack as a potential threat. Jack promises that he will not harm him, and begs the Senator to let him through.

10:25 P.M. – Patty joins Palmer in the second hotel room. Palmer fires her for conspiring with his wife against him. Patty asks for forgiveness, but Palmer orders her to pack up and leave the hotel immediately.

10:26 P.M. – Tony learns that Mason had looked at the detention facility’s schematics. Nina wonders if he is the mole, and she orders Tony to shut down Mason’s security access.

10:27 P.M. – Palmer confronts Sherry about her scheming with Patty. He is disgusted that she would send another woman to his bed. Sherry insists that she must look out for him. She believes that if he cuts her out of his inner circle, Palmer will fail to obtain the Presidency. Their conversation is interrupted, and Palmer goes out to meet Jack.

10:29 P.M. – Jack asks the Senator to cooperate with Victor Drazen’s demands in order to save Kimberly. Palmer tells Jack that Drazen is well aware that the money cannot be obtained. Palmer questions Drazen’s intent for the call. The cell phone Jack has been carrying rings, and Palmer answers it. Victor is on the other line, but when Palmer asks his intentions, Victor doesn’t answer. Jack suddenly realizes this is a trap, and he tosses the cell phone out the window. It explodes, and Kimberly hears the detonation from the other end of the phone at the warehouse. She cries, fearing the worst. The Drazens are satisfied. Meanwhile, Jack and Palmer get up from under the debris. They are unhurt.

10:37 P.M. – After hearing the explosion, Sherry runs in to the suite and finds her husband is alive. Jack asks the Palmers to pretend that the Senator was killed. Although Sherry does not want to go along with the charade, Palmer agrees to help Jack save Kimberly. He has Sherry get their children from downstairs. Jack instructs a Secret Service agent to bring in Mike Novick, and quarantine both Palmer and any agents who have witnessed him alive.

10:40 P.M. – Mason realizes that his network access does not work. Nina watches as Mason goes to Tony’s computer to check Palmer’s itinerary. Mason querulously demands that they get his computer back up and running. Tony finds it suspicious that Mason is suddenly interested in where Palmer is headed after Los Angeles. Suddenly, everyone at CTU sees a news report that Palmer has been killed in an explosion at the hotel.

10:42 P.M. – Andre and Victor happily watch the news report. Victor refuses to kill Kimberly until they have confirmation that Jack is dead. Andre phones the Palmer suite and speaks to Jack. Jack asks that he be traded for his daughter’s life. Andre tells Jack to meet at the Port of Los Angeles. Andre also warns him against informing CTU.

10:44 P.M. – Jack phones Nina, and despite her pleas, he does not disclose his location. She puts him on with Teri. Jack assures his wife that they will all be reunited. Teri reveals to him that she is pregnant. Jack is overcome with emotion, knowing that he may never see his wife again.

10:51 P.M. – Andre tells Kim that he once had a sister, but Jack had killed her. Kim doesn’t believe that her father would murder innocent people because he is a good man. Andre tries to convince her otherwise.

10:53 P.M. – Mason summons Nina and Tony to Jack’s office. He informs them that Palmer actually survived the bombing and is still alive. Both Nina and Tony are stunned. Mason believes that having the public think the opposite is the best defensive strategy against the assassins. When Mason asks whether either of them have spoken to Jack, both deny it. Outside the office, Nina admits to Tony that she did speak to Jack, but that Jack won’t allow them to help.

10:54 P.M. – At the warehouse, Kimberly formulates a plan. She reaches for a brewing coffeepot, and, with her bound hands, throws the scalding liquid onto the guard who is watching her. Kim makes a run for it, as the guard calls for Andre. The men chase Kim as she ducks in between the docks of the port. She loosens the ropes around her wrists and jumps into the water. The men train their flashlights over the dark harbor, but they do not see Kim free herself from the rope under the water. She emerges unnoticed and hides underneath the dock.

10:59 P.M. – Andre wonders how they will succeed without Kimberly, but Victor knows that Jack has no choice but to trust them. Andre’s cell phone rings. It is a woman named Yelena. Speaking in Serbian, she tells Andre that Palmer is still alive. They were fooled in order to save Kimberly. Yelena’s face is revealed — it is Nina.

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