8PM – 9PM

8:00 P.M. – Melanie is brought into Kim’s holding cell. She tries to pick a fight with her, but Kim avoids a confrontation.8:03 P.M. – Palmer wins the Super Tuesday Primary election, sweeping California and all eleven other states. Mike Novick is pleased that eighty-three percent of the voters approved of the way Palmer handled the Ferragamo situation.

8:06 P.M. – When Jack phones Nina, Mason takes the call. Jack explains that the wildlife preserve they were in actually hides an underground detention facility where Victor Drazen is being held. Jack begs for him to send backup because Victor’s son Andre is in the midst of a rescue mission. Mason sidesteps approval from Division and orders a field unit there. When Nina asks Mason about Jack, he doesn’t give her an answer. Tony brings Teri into CTU. Teri demands to speak to Jack, but Nina fends her off. She won’t reveal anything about Jack’s current situation.

8:08 P.M. – Jack and DeSalvo lead Victor Drazen down one of the underground hallways. Suddenly, an explosion blasts an entrance. Jack and DeSalvo retreat back into the facility with their prisoner.

8:14 P.M. – Mason is engaged in a bureaucratic phone battle on Jack’s behalf when Teri comes into his office. Although he has no news about Kim, he believes that she is safe. The assassin at the safe house asked for her whereabouts. This means that they are looking for her as well. This somewhat eases Teri’s concerns.

8:17 P.M. – Campaign manager Patty Brooks puts the finishing touches on Palmer’s victory speech. She tells the Senator that she admires him for standing by his principles. Patty is sure that the country will be a better place with him leading it. He is touched by her compliment.

8:19 P.M. – Andre Drazen’s team enters the detention hallway to find Jack with his gun trained on Victor. Jack orders them to drop their weapons. They in turn hold DeSalvo at gunpoint, and Jack relents in the standoff. As he releases Victor, Andre shoots DeSalvo anyway. Andre greets his father and tells him that there has been no word from his brother, Alexis. Victor holds Jack accountable for Alexis, and he takes him hostage. He plans to use Jack as a bargaining tool against the CTU units to ensure his escape.

8:22 P.M. – Melanie tries to rattle Kim as the other girls in the holding cell watch. She says that Kim gets everything handed to her. Kim turns on Melanie with such sudden ferocity that Melanie is taken aback. Kim threatens that she can handle herself.

8:29 P.M. – Victor confronts Jack about his seeking revenge, but Jack questions where it will end after Victor has killed all his enemies. Andre brings a cell phone with George Mason on the line. Mason tells Victor that he refuses to negotiate with him because he is a terrorist. To prove that Jack is alive, Victor puts him on the phone. Jack quickly tells Mason that there are six men with assault weapons there, and Victor jerks the phone away. Mason says that he will have to talk to his superiors. Mason orders Tony to alert the field unit about what Jack revealed. He then has Nina pull up the layout of the detention facility.

8:31 P.M. – Mason asks Nina if she is too emotionally involved to handle the case. She assures him that she can do her job.

8:32 P.M. – After witnessing the near-fight, another girl in the holding cell named Lucy flicks a joint into Melanie’s lap. When the officer asks who is smoking pot, Lucy points the finger at Melanie. Kim, however, defends Melanie to the officer. Lucy pushes Kim, and the officer breaks up the tussle. As the officer is removing Lucy from the cell, Melanie tells the woman that she wants to speak to the policeman who arrested her because she is ready to talk about what happened. Melanie is lead out of the cell.

8:34 P.M. – Jack realizes that Victor sent a decoy into the blown up building in Kosovo. Since Victor knew he was a target, he put his own family at risk. Victor is full of anguish, and admits that he did not know his family would be there. With Victor’s guard down, Jack knocks him to the floor. Yet Andre quickly cold-cocks Jack. Victor tells Jack that on this day he will have to accept his share of the responsibility for the Drazen family’s deaths. He orders his son to keep Jack alive. Andre beats Jack senseless.

8:40 P.M. – Patty watches as Palmer memorizes his speech. He feels her looking at him and she becomes embarrassed. She says that he worries about everybody else but no one takes care of him. Patty begins to gently massage his shoulders, but Palmer stops her.

8:43 P.M. – Mason finally gets a hold of CTU Director Ryan Chapelle. Chapelle is angry that Mason didn’t rein in Jack. Mason insists that Jack was actually effective, because Victor Drazen’s escape would have embarrassed the government. Chapelle, however, asserts that since Victor wasn’t officially acknowledged as either being alive or a prisoner, his release would have gone unnoticed. Chapelle demands that Mason immediately end the situation at the facility. Mason reluctantly passes on his marching orders to Nina.

8:46 P.M. – Tony lets Teri know that Kim was found at a local police station. She is being brought to CTU. Teri delivers the good news to Nina, but Nina responds with unhappy information. Jack is being held prisoner by the same group that captured her and Kimberly. Nina consoles the distraught Teri.

8:47 P.M. – Nina listens in as Mason gives orders to the CTU troops descending upon the detention facility. She is alarmed when Mason tells them to apprehend Victor Drazen even if it is at the risk of losing Jack.

8:53 P.M. – The policeman releases Kimberly and offers to drive her to CTU to meet her mother.

8:54 P.M. – Mike Novick urges Palmer to enjoy the spoils of his victory, but Palmer can not let go of his problems with Keith and Sherry. Novick explains that once he is in the White House, anything he wants will be fulfilled so that he can do his job.

8:55 P.M. – The CTU commandos find the bodies of DeSalvo and the facility workers. There is no sign of Jack or Drazen. They may have escaped into an old sewer system, but the tunnel is trapped with laser mines. They will need a half-hour to disarm them. Meanwhile, far from the detention facility, Drazen’s troops emerge from underground with Jack in tow. Victor is about to kill Jack, when Jack offers up Alexis in return for his release. Once believing Alexis to be dead, Andre confirms that Jack may be telling the truth. Victor hesitates, but can not take a chance at his son’s expense. They allow Jack to live, and load him into the waiting car at the escape point.

8:59 P.M. – The policeman drives Kimberly to CTU. She calls her mother, and they are happy to speak to each other. Kim tells her that she is on her way and they hang up. Suddenly, the squad car is smashed by a van. Three masked men speaking Serbian and brandishing assault weapons ambush the car. They grab Kimberly.

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