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4:02 A.M. – Teri and Alan York barge into the operating room of St. Mark’s Hospital to find Janet on the operating table. Jack, following the sqaud car carrying Penticoff, gets the news about Janet from Teri. He too is on the hunt for Kimberly, and will report back to Teri when he knows more. Meanwhile, Dan and Rick stash the tied-up Kim into Gaines’ car. Gaines orders them to pick up their money at his compound. Although Rick doesn’t trust Gaines, Dan convinces his friend to finish the job.4:07 A.M. – With hours to go before the California Primary, no one in Palmer’s hotel suite campaign headquarters is able to sleep. Palmer’s intention of telling Nicole about the network’s allegations against Keith bothers Sherry. Yet when Nicole is brimming with excitement over the upcoming day, Palmer doesn’t have the heart to ruin his daughter’s current happiness.

4:09 A.M. – Jack asks Nina to contact the CTU’s police liason for help in getting to Penticoff. With her online access denied, she must ask Tony for the number. Tony, still suspicious of Jack, questions why Nina hasn’t lost faith in their boss.

4:11 A.M. – At the Van Nuys police station, Jack persuades the Desk Seargant to let him talk to Penticoff. Mason cuts him off at the pass, hoping to rein in what he thinks is a rogue agent.

4:16 A.M. – Dan and Rick argue about handing off Kim to Gaines. Rick is worried for Kim’s welfare, but Dan believes she may already have been killed.

Jack tells Mason that Walsh lead him to Penticoff. He thinks the suspect may be vital to the Palmer assassination attempt. If something does happen to Palmer, Mason could be implicated for impeding the investigation. Mason agrees to interrogate Penticoff himself.

As Gaines drives, Kim tries to send a help signal to a driver stopped next to the car. Gaines threatens her with a gun and locks her in the trunk.

4:19 A.M. – Palmer phones network anchor Maureen Kingsley to arrange a meeting in a private hotel conference room.

4:21 A.M. – Teri and York are being questioned by a police officer in the hospital waiting room when Jack phones. He tells her that a man being held might have seen Kim, and he urges Teri to talk to Janet as soon as she’s out of surgery. Then Mason tells Jack that Penticoff is asking for him. As Mason and the other agents watch from the observation room, Jack mumbles something to Penticoff that can’t be heard by Mason. Penticoff flies off the handle, and tells Jack to go to hell. Jack grabs Penticoff by the hair and sticks his hand into the suspect’s mouth. The agents pull Jack off, and Penticoff demands his right to a phone call.

4:23 A.M. – Jack leaves the interrogation room and darts into an empty corridor. Penticoff is led to a phone bay, where he removes a tiny slip of paper from his mouth. He dials the number written on it, getting Jack’s cell phone. Penticoff says that some “guys” who have Kimberly will be calling at a phone on San Fernando Road. If he is not there to answer, it will be too late to save her. He tells Jack he’d better get him out.

4:25 A.M. – Jack phones Nina to search for phone lines at the 18166 San Fernando Road address. She finds a nearby pay phone that is in service, and Jack asks her to set up an illegal trace.

4:29 A.M. – In the station hallway, Jack approaches Phillips, the officer partnered with Jessie Hampton before she was killed. Phillips agrees to let Jack talk to Penticoff, opening up the cell with his access card. Penticoff and Jack exchange angry words, and Phillips lunges at Jack to restrain him. As other officers subdue Jack, Penticoff is left holding Phillips’ cell access card. When the coast is clear, Penticoff lets himself out.

4:36 A.M. – Maureen Kingsley meets with Palmer in the hotel. Since they have a friendly history, he asks why she is doing this to him. Not only does she have testimony from the therapist, George Ferragamo, but she produces a document from an emergency room list with a signature of Edward Johnson. The scratches on Lyle Gibson’s body had been blamed on Nicole fighting back against her rapist. However, an African American teenage boy checked into a hospital near the murder site with the same marks. The signature for Edward Johnson matches Keith’s handwriting. Palmer is appalled, telling Maureen to do whatever she has to do. “Just be prepared to accept the consequences,” he threatens.

4:41 A.M. – Palmer wakes his son, Keith, and asks him about the night after Nicole’s rape. Keith refuses to answer, but says that someone had to deal with it since Palmer was out of town. Palmer is enraged, but senses he’s pushed Keith as far as he can. He leaves his son’s room.

4:43 A.M. – At the police station, Officer Phillips realizes his access card is missing. Mason checks the security camera, which shows Jack and Penticoff leaving the building together. He has his team track Jack on the satellite.

Teri bares her soul to York, telling him about a fight she had with Kim. He promises to stay with her until they find her daughter.

4:47 A.M. – Jack brings Penticoff to the phone booth on San Fernando Road. Although Nina is tracking the pay phone, a cell phone inside the booth rings instead and Nina can’t trace its frequency. Penticoff takes the call from Gaines, who directs him to dispose of a body in a trunk of a car. There are car keys inside the phone booth. Jack is worried that it may be Kimberly in the trunk.

4:54 A.M. – Jack and Penticoff find the car, but the body inside is an unidentified man. Suddenly, Mason and a group of agents surround them. Jack points out that the body is somehow connected to the hit on Palmer. Jack admits that there may be someone inside CTU involved in that assassination attempt, and he appeals to Mason for help. Mason lets Jack go, taking Penticoff back to prison. Jack drives the car to CTU to identify the body in the trunk.

4:57 A.M. – Teri updates Jack on Janet’s status. He says that he’s on his way to the hospital.

4:59 A.M. Gaines pulls up to his compound, and Rick is relieved to see Kim still alive. Dan admits to not actually killing Janet, and Gaines shoots him. With Dan dead, Gaines tells Rick that he’s been promoted.

At the hospital, Janet’s heart monitor flatlines in surgery. York and Teri watch helplessly from outside.

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