4PM – 5PM

4:00 P.M. – While Kimberly roams the hillside road in search of her mother, Teri is in the car with the motorist who picked her up. Tanya, the woman driving, sees Teri’s wedding band and asks about her husband. Suffering from amnesia, Teri has no recollection of being married.Jack brings Elizabeth Nash back to Palmer’s hotel for her arranged meeting with Alexis Drazen. Secret Service Agent Pierce helps Jack secure the building.

4:05 P.M. – Teri asks Tanya to pull over when she recognizes a restaurant. Teri wants to wait for the manager of the restaurant in case he can help her, so she tells Tanya to leave. Yet Teri takes her number so she can send her something later. Tanya kindly gives Teri ten dollars for cab fare to the hospital.

4:08 P.M. – Although Elizabeth assures Palmer that she has no hesitation in nabbing Alexis Drazen, he is hesitant to put her in any danger. Jack is confident that her doing so is the only way to stop the assassination attempt. Palmer tells Jack that he will be held personally responsible if anything happens to her.

4:15 P.M. – Kim finds a payphone and dials CTU, looking for Jack. Tony answers, and Kim tells him that the agents at the safe house are dead. Mistrustful of anyone except for her father or Nina, Kim hangs up on Tony without revealing her location.

4:17 P.M. – Tony tells Deputy Director Mason, and he sends a team to check out the safe house. Although Tony wants to notify Jack, Mason stops him with the reasoning that Jack needs to focus on Elizabeth Nash. When the situation is under control, Mason will tell Jack the truth about his family.

4:18 P.M. – Nina doubts whether Elizabeth is able to trap Alexis, but Jack is steadfast in his decision. Jack admits to being worried about Teri and Kim, and Nina promises that they are safely unharmed. Jack questions why Nina didn’t finish the debrief, but she gets called away before she can answer.

4:19 P.M. – With nowhere else to turn, Kim calls Rick. She threatens to tell the police about him unless he helps her. He gives her his address in Echo Park, and she calls a taxi.

4:22 P.M. – Keith apologizes to his father because he now knows that Palmer was only protecting him from being accused of George Ferragamo’s murder. Keith plays the tape of his conversation with Carl and offers to bring the tape to the police. Palmer asks for Keith’s trust, and takes the tape from him.

4:27 P.M. – Alexis informs his brother Andre that, according to Elizabeth Nash, Senator Palmer is remaining in Los Angeles. Andre Drazen becomes suspicious, and orders Alexis to kill Elizabeth when he is through getting information from her.

Jack guarantees Elizabeth that she will be secure and watched at all times while she is with Alexis. He instructs her to place the tracking device in Alexis’ wallet. When it is in, Jack will ring her cell phone so that she can make an excuse to leave. If she feels uncomfortable in any way, she is to mutter out loud the phrase, “I hope I’m not getting a cold.”

4:31 P.M. – Henry, the restaurant owner, greets Teri by name and asks if Dr. Parslow will be joining her. When Teri explains her situation, Henry offers to call Parslow for help.

4:32 P.M. – Jack senses that something is wrong with Nina, and she confesses that Teri knows about their affair. Jack is upset and blames himself. But before he can get too emotional, he is alerted to Alexis Drazen’s arrival at the hotel. The plan is in action.

4:39 P.M. – Jack watches Alexis in the hotel room. Elizabeth comes to him, and Alexis comments that she is somewhat tense. Elizabeth shrugs it off as campaign jitters. Yet when he kisses her, she responds. Alexis goes to pour her a drink, and in the bedroom, Elizabeth inserts the transmitter inside his wallet. However, she has no time to replace it in his jacket, and she must put it in her own pocket. Alexis questions her about the campaign, and Elizabeth remarks about his sudden interest in her work. She then manages to place the wallet back in Alexis’ jacket. Alexis then admits that he has fallen in love with her. Jack makes his call to her cell, but Elizabeth ignores it. She coerces Alexis to repeat that he loves her. Jack and Nina watch as Elizabeth goes against their orders and plunges a letter opener into Alexis’s stomach. They storm the room with the SWAT team, and try to prevent Alexis from dying.

4:55 P.M. – Kim arrives at Rick’s house, and is angrily greeted by his girlfriend, Melanie. Kim tells her that she only wants to search Dan’s room to find the people he was with the night before.

4:57 P.M. – Dr. Phil Parslow comes to the restaurant, and Teri remembers his first name. He assures her that everything will be fine.

4:58 P.M. – Mason yells at Jack for mishandling Elizabeth Nash. Their only suspect, Alexis Drazen, has half a chance of surviving. Jack must also explain to Palmer that Elizabeth is now a criminal suspect, and Palmer is angry with Jack for the way the plan unfolded. Suddenly, Alexis’ cell phone rings. Jack answers it. A man on the other end of the call instructs him to bring the money to a place called Connie’s in Mid-Wilshire. The man says that he will be wearing a red baseball cap.

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