5PM – 6PM

5:00 P.M. – After Palmer accuses him of endangering Elizabeth Nash, Jack begs the candidate to keep his security at high alert because two other suspects are still at large. Knowing that Alexis Drazen was going to make a payoff to the intercepted caller, Jack has his CTU agents search the room for money. They find a stack of bearer bonds, and Jack goes to California Plaza to meet with the unidentified man.Tony informs Mason that Teri and Kim are still missing after the CTU agents were killed trying to protect them. Mason again orders Tony not to tell Jack about his family.

Kim and Rick search Dan’s room for information that could help her find Teri. Kim realizes that Rick has not let on to his girlfriend, Melanie, that Dan is dead.

5:06 P.M. – Dr. Phil Parslow fills Teri in on the details of her life that she can’t remember. He had met her when she separated from Jack. Parslow had wanted more of a relationship, but Teri decided to reconcile with her husband. Although Parslow insists on taking Teri to a hospital, she flatly refuses. He agrees to examine her at the restaurant.

Palmer plays the Carl confession tape for Sherry and Mike Novick. Palmer threatens to leak the tape to the media, but Sherry wants him to destroy it. She believes that it will only hurt Palmer’s candidacy. Novick suggests that they keep it under wraps for now. He is certain that Palmer can use it to his advantage once he becomes President. The evidence incriminates some of the most powerful men in the country, and having it over their heads will only prevent them from controlling Palmer.

5:11 P.M. – Jack calls Tony and inquires about his family. Tony quickly hands off the phone to Mason, insisting that he tell Jack the truth. When Jack asks for the number to the safe house, Mason says that the women are sleeping soundly.

5:16 P.M. – In the car on the way to California Plaza, Nina briefs Jack about her conversation with his wife. Because Teri still loves him, Nina encourages Jack to phone her. Jack calls CTU and gets the safe house number.

Mason denies Tony’s request for extra manpower to find Teri and Kim. Since Nina is off with Jack and not at CTU, Mason implies that perhaps they are still having an affair. He wonders whether Nina is actually a distraction because she has been with both Jack and Tony.

5:19 P.M. – Palmer explains to Keith the severity his releasing the confession tape to the authorities. Keith is confident that it is the right thing to do because he was so afraid of coming forward about Lyle Gibson’s murder a few years ago. Had he told the truth then, he would not be in this predicament. Palmer assures his son that he is there for him.

Andre Drazen calls Jovan Myovic looking for his brother, Alexis. Myovic does not know where Alexis is. Since he still can’t find Teri and Kim, Myovic will wait outside the Bauer home.

5:22 P.M. – Kim calls everyone she can think of, but no one has heard from Teri. Melanie insists that Kim leave before Dan’s brother, Frank, comes to the house. Rick gives Kim money so that she can take a cab to a safe place. Kim thanks him for his help in saving her, and they kiss. Suddenly, Frank enters and asks where Dan is. Frank, who is looking for his money from his brother, orders Kim to stay until Dan arrives.

5:30 P.M. – As he and Nina set up security for the meeting, Jack learns that an agent named Teddy Hanlin is assigned to be his backup. Hanlin, who blames Jack for arresting his ex-partner for bribes, remarks that he may be worried about target confusion. “I’d hate to take down one of the ‘good’ guys by mistake,” Hanlin says caustically. Jack warns him not to obscure the mission.

Tony is notified of a police report that a now-missing woman matching Teri’s description was involved in a traffic accident. He posts an agent to the Bauer house.

5:32 P.M. – Dr. Parslow examines Teri and finds that, although someone has roughed her up, there is no evidence of trauma to her head that would cause amnesia. She tells him that she is having pains in her lower abdomen. For some reason, she knows that she is afraid of going to a hospital and Teri begs Parslow to take her home.

5:36 P.M. – Sherry watches as Palmer gives a manila envelope to campaign manager Patty Brooks. Patty locks the envelope into a safe. Sherry discreetly opens up the safe and sees that the envelope addressed to the District Attorney contains Keith’s secret microcassette. When Palmer looks in the safe, Sherry admits to destroying the tape. “It breaks my heart that I was right,” Palmer says to his wife. He had planted a phony tape in the safe to see just how far she would go. Sherry says that she would do anything to protect her family. Palmer is furious, and orders Mike Novick to set up a press conference within the hour.

5:45 P.M. – Jack and Nina set up their agents around California Plaza to guard him. As he targets his rifle in position, Teddy Hanlin taunts Jack about the suicide of his partner’s wife. Nina calls Mason and explains the problem Hanlin is causing. Mason gets conferenced into the radio and warns Hanlin to bury whatever problem he has with Jack.

5:53 P.M. – As shooter Jovan Myovic waits outside the Bauer house, a CTU agent arrives to check out the grounds. Meanwhile, Dr. Parslow drives Teri towards her home.

5:54 P.M. – Kim and Rick grow fearful of Frank’s impending drug deal with the supposed money Dan and Rick would have made from Gaines. Kim tries to plead with Rick to turn his life around. Rick, however, only wants to get through this Frank ordeal without getting caught.

5:55 P.M. – At California Plaza, Jack spots the man in the red baseball cap and acknowledges the briefcase of money he is holding. The man calls Jack “Alexis.” Jack has him spell out that the plan is to shut off the power grid for five minutes at 7:30 p.m. Suddenly, the man becomes suspicious of Jack and bolts. Jack chases him, and Hanlin notifies the team that he has a clear shot to clip the fleeing man. Jack warns Hanlin not to shoot, but Hanlin fires anyway. The man’s body crashes through a glass railing and falls to the ground. Jack yells at Hanlin for disobeying his orders.

5:59 P.M. – Jovan Myovic, who has murdered the CTU agent guarding the Bauer house, sees Dr. Parslow and Teri arrive.

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